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European Commission On Multilingualism

The head of the European Union is seriously concerned by the fact that in hiring British students are no longer competitive: more and more firms and companies want their employees possessed at least two languages. And in the unenviable position of the British are not only overseas but at home – many of them do not speak foreign languages, only native – English. According to Leonard Orban (Leonard Orban), a member of the European Commission Multilingualism, small and medium-sized businesses the UK are constantly increasing the number of employees of other nationalities due to the fact that these workers hold two or more languages. Since 2002 the country launched campaign, which aims to ensure that all citizens of a country other than their native language would also be owned by two foreign languages. The first results of its disappointing: British students today are an outsider among his peers from other EU countries. 'University graduates in Britain are losing the opportunity to take the best positions and jobs abroad, – complains Orban himself, incidentally, an ethnic Romanians, but owning more English, French and Italian. – Monolingvalnye English-speaking candidates are not wanted, at the time, as job seekers who know at least one other foreign language is more competitive. It is not worth forget that the English-speaking population is only 25% of the population around the globe.

And if you're familiar with the local language, culture and customs – this is one of the important components of a successful conclusion of the deal or the signing of contract '. Studies have shown that students who speak foreign languages, have more flexible thinking, better adapted and successfully forge relationships with business partners from other countries. That's why it British companies and hire the employees of other nationalities who have better linguistic skills. 'A generation of employees that existed when Britain became part of the European Union has almost everything goes on retirement, and young people, who should come to their shift, had not yet left the walls of universities. And if you do not take any quick action, a new generation of translators into English will consist mainly of people for whom English is the native language '- says Marco Benedetti (Marco Benedetti), Director-General for Translation of the European Union.

Even the British students who have studied, such as French or German, are not always are able to work in international companies. Often the cause is … is poor knowledge of grammar of the native English. Many slang words are replaced by – young and in a business environment speaks as with pals, which, of course, is not the norm of the modern office.

Bathing Baby

Bathing baby is the most important hygienic procedure. This is not just skin care, but also the first exercise, and the formation of a reflex – a clear distinction of the day and night. Swimming – it is also a complicated procedure for parents, requiring them special abilities. The first bath should be sufficiently small, light plastic. At the bottom may have special reliefs for laying the child. It must be remembered that the smaller size and depth of the bath, the faster will be abandoned. because very soon it will be small. You can bathe the child in the bathroom, if possible, or any other room.

Importantly – to set the tub absolutely stable. In the room where bathe the baby, there should be no draft. Leading in the bath must be at least 2 / 3 of its volume to a child in the bath was completely submerged in water. how to bathe the child. Up to six months , , , . The air temperature in the room for swimming must be at least 20 – 24 degrees and the water – 37. Bathe the child is best at night, before the next feeding on the regime, preferably about 21-22 hours to make him a reflex on the division of day and night.

Previously before swimming to prepare things for the child, such as a warm blanket, that after procedure to quickly cover it, not allowing hypothermia. Things should be warm. Bathe the child better off with an assistant. Baby should be carefully and slowly lower into the water, pre-measured water temperature, slowly put it back in, firmly supporting both his hands and under the buttocks. The baby's head should rest on your arm is bent bathing. Wash the baby on top-down approach. Head washed in a direction from front to back. Perineal region girls washed from the labia to the anus. The boys first washed with the genitals, and then the anus. Ends bathing rinse baby with clean warm water. It can be a bit colder bathing water in the bath, for example 36 degrees (in this case, swimming is considered an important tempering procedures). For all swimming should go about 10-15 minutes, the duration of the procedure depends on how it reacts child. For bathing, you can use running water, boil it in a centralized water supply is not needed. To wash, you can use baby soap and foam. Attention – modern detergents for children have codename soap and do not contain the drying skin irritants. Foam for swimming added to the bath a few drops, rinse with water after it is not required. Recall that the use of conventional, not special soap, dry skin, strengthens the baby, so use it as appropriate, not more than once in 7-10 days.