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New Mexico Governor

The only thing that would tolerate is being bombarded by lightning to Iran (which is almost impossible to happen), but not a similar to the Iraq stalemate. Although his more realistic speech makes you lose the votes of more progressive sectors of society. Barak Obama: it is the second in intention vote of the Democratic Party. An element in favour, within his party, is that the day carried the vote in the Senate on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was absent. Obama focused their proposals on cutting taxes on the middle class and the increase of those citizens who have higher incomes. However, he announced that he would invade Pakistan if President Pervez Musharraf failed to control Islamic militants who sympathize with the Taliban. His strategy in Iraq is to gradually withdraw troops.

Believes that the presence of United States.UU. causes more violence, and promised that it will not use the army on humanitarian issues. Bill Richardson: the New Mexico Governor ventured into a controversial topic: reported that it will lift the embargo to Cuba. Presented, also his education plan, that plan to finance with the cut of funds for weapon systems from the period of the Guerra cold promised that goes to withdraw troops from Iraq because they contribute to ethnic violence. In addition, criticized Hillary, Obama and John Edwards by planning the withdrawal of forces from combat in Iraq, but leaving in place other similar. Only the Marines would remain to protect the Embassy in Baghdad John Edwards: former Senator from North Carolina and former candidate for Vice President in 2004. You don’t have many chances to win his opponents in the primaries.

Like the rest of the candidates, pointing his criticism to Hilary, who is more intention to vote has. The main problem with Republicans Republicans profile is know how peel off of the official discourse and the unpopular invasion of Iraq. All slander President Bush, but do not deny that they would act militarily in Pakistan if the situation of the Islamic militants were extreme, although they criticize Obama by have been encouraged to make this statement public. In general, the Republicans not approaching ethnic minorities, with the exception of Cubans, that Traditionally they choose candidates from this party. Rudolf Giuliani: he heads the Republican party polls. It has for the have reduced 56% the rate of crime while he was Mayor of New York. He is the only Republican who does not consider illegal immigration as a federal crime grave, and brags of having developed a computer system that prevents it. Mitt Romney: the main subject of the former Governor of Massachusetts are the 12 million illegal immigrants, who are mostly Mexican. His greatest fight with Giuliani is based on who best controlled taxes when he touched them to govern their respective districts. Fred Thompson: is the candidate that conservatives they would choose and which closer to the ideology of Bush lies. Mildly criticized the war in Iraq, because if it does not it has no chances to win in the primaries. You have positions very traditional, although on several occasions manifested in an ambiguous manner to the legalization of abortion, what removed you much of their voters. To find out who will be the two candidates end will have to wait until the development of primary elections that begin in New Hampshire in December this year and ending in Montana in June of next year.

French Socialist Party

Tomorrow starts the race of the primary Socialists in France with the opening of term for the nominations. In other words: in the next few days we will know which leaders and barons of the French Socialist Party (PS) struggle to become candidate of the left and rival Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential elections of 2012 very low hours. Moreover: from among the Group of people who give the step forward the French politician, meets today and according to polls, more possibilities to become the year that comes in from the French President. From tomorrow it will start the campaign (and the battle) of applicants and will be a long year full of speculation, dark scores, feints and alliances under rope left behind. Also of planetary scope political cataclysms: Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the Socialist leader favorite to overcome in these primaries, accused of attempted rape, will your boot in his luxury apartment in New York, where he spends the days locked up, preparing your Defense and playing endless games of chess at a distance with its iPad tablet. Source of the news:: Socialists give the battle of primaries to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Macys Parade

In the 1920s, many stores Macys employees were first-generation immigrants. Proud of its new American heritage, they wanted to celebrate the feast of americana with the type of festival that longed for its European lands. Employees marched from 145th Street to 34th dressed as clowns, Cowboys, Knights and sheikhs. Paraded floats, professional bands and 25 live animals by the Zoo in Central Park accompanied by an audience of more than 250,000 people. The parade was a success.

Large balloons appeared for the first time in 1927 with Felix the cat. A tradition that comes from afar is the release of balloons, that ply the sky for days and the lucky one who finds them can claim a prize. During the 1930s, the parade did not stop growing. A village drowned out by the depression exceeded one million attendees in the parade in 1934. New balloons with Walt Disney’s characters became preferred by the masses and radio audiences could hear the ceremonies and the arrival of Santa to 34th Street. 1940S witnessed a suspension of the parade since there was not much to celebrate during the second world war. In addition, it was not the time wasting helium and rubber.

The parade resumed in 1945 and was televised in New York. The parade also began the journey that makes today. With the advent of television, the parade of the Thanksgiving Day acquired a nationwide in the 1950s. He also became an event of celebrities in which Sid Caesar, Danny Kaye, and even Howdy Doody were present. The parade has always been known for its policy of celebration come rain or shine, and by his valiant effort to always acknowledge designers of balloons. The most bittersweet year of the parade took place in 1963 since even a week of the assassination of President Kennedy had not been fulfilled, and the country was still convicted. But it turned out to not to disappoint millions of children. In 1971, the wind was so unbearable that they had to cancel the balloons. Television viewers had to settle for snaps in the parade of 1970. In the decades of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, appeared some of the Globes favorite including Snoopy, Kermit the frog, and Superman. The parade the day of Thanksgiving for Macys is a true New York experience that magic is for children, adults and for those who want to make tourism in New York in this time of year. We want to thank Macys for these photos and wish them many more years of walking down Broadway. It is also worth recalling that Thanksgiving is one of the weekends most crowded month in New York City, many tourists come to see not only the parade but many other attractions. The New York Pass for quick access to the most popular attractions pass can really useful that weekend and save visitors hours of queues to buy tickets.

NFL And The Media

The National football league is driven by their media coverage. For countless fans all over New York Nike Chicago Bears Jerseys Mets Jerseys the world the average is the only method they could interact with their most favorite National football league teams in order to watch all the games which are performed inside the National football league season. The particular number of individuals who physically purchase ticket and go watch an National football league game personally, pales as compared to the number of individuals that watch the games on tv weekly. Whether it weren’t t for half that the game of professional football simply wouldn’t t appear in its current capacity. Lots of people complain concerning the coverage that many National football league games get plus they complain that they re no more in to position to watch these games because they view been gone to live in Cable, or as they do Cheap NFL Jerseys not such as the announcer that s calling the overall game, but the end result is when it weren’t t of these media shops that broadcast the game the fans could be left at nighttime and never have overall the ability to watch their most favorite teams play whatsoever.

The National football league and also the media have experienced a detailed relationship because the sport started. With systems for example ESPN giving night and day coverage towards the National football league it is no wonder the media has had a number one role within the National football league. The media that wrap the National football league are also available in great shape apart from television. You will find entire magazines devoted strictly towards the National football league. You will find websites, newspapers, subscription services, and merchandise shops that have started consequently from the National football league and it is recognition among fans. The media is assigned with spreading the word concerning the National football league and fans are gobbling up every available little bit of information as quickly as the media agencies can place it out. No medium with the National football league will be a black hole. We may learn about a game title from the friend of the friend who attended the overall game but we d not understand what was happening unless of course we resided near to an National football league stadium.

Media makes the planet a great deal more compact and that we can now interact with people from across the nation and become on a single platform by what is going on within the National football league. The media attention that accompany the Super Bowl New Nike NFL Jerseys every year may be the biggest media event each year. The network that broadcasts the large game earns incredible levels of revenue for that commercial spots also it shojuld not be a surprise the teams and also the systems make lots of money too. The National football league and also the media couldn’t t do without one another plus they is going to do something to safeguard one another.