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National Park Administration

Exclusively the DAV Summit Club offers a first ascent of a new tour over the northern ice field in fall 2009 ex-pedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. Special permission of the National Park Administration allows a powerful Steiger group the first ascent of a new route through the Northern Icefield to the roof of Africa, 5895 m expedition leader Thomas Lammle. Altitude physiologist and sports scientist has the rose is explored to the ice during a training event for local mountain guides. It is one of the last ways to reach the roof of Africa above glacial ice. Climate Scientists suspect a total meltdown of the Kibo ice cap up to the year 2020. The difficulties are an Alps mountaineering in the ice. From the edge of the ice in the ice crater wall of ice must be abseiled may have about ten meters high.

The climb to the glacier via the very rarely frequented, but scenic exceptionally sexy Umbwe route. Is to overcome the hardships of the rapid rise in the amount, to the Prior acclimation of the neighboring Mt. Meru climbed 4568 meters second highest mountain in Tanzania. The program is completed because of its unique flora and fauna as the eighth wonder of the world by a Safari in the Ngoron-goro crater,”called. The 15-day company is limited to twelve participants, will be held from 19 October to 02 November 2009 and costs with scheduled flights (Ethiopia airlines) from Frankfurt, VP, luggage transport, national park fees, comprehensive safety equipment (of the CERTEC bag up to the satellite telephone) and expedition lead by the Kilimanjaro specialists Thomas Lammle 4295,-registration/information, booking code TASOLE at the DAV Summit Club in Munich, Tel. 089/64240-117, or on the Internet: Christoph Thoma


As more and more airports adopt one more a stricter norm on the transport of liquids,, a Web of reserve of hotels by Internet specialized in Asia, decided that already it was hour to pay attention to the details of security for the hand luggage. To take liquid substances to the foreigner has become a complicated and confused subject nowadays, mainly considering the discrepancies that have had in the norms of the airports. Nevertheless at present the majority of the countries prefers to sin of cautious and applies the world-wide norm of security. The prohibition to take on board the certain airplanes liquid substances began in 2006 as a result of an important frustrated conspiracy to detonate liquid explosives on board a transatlantic airplane in the United Kingdom. Immediately after the incident strict norms with respect to the transport of liquids and sprays on board the airplanes prevailed. The majority of these norms follows effective nowadays and most of the airports have adopted the protocols of Administration of Security in the Transport of the United States (TSA in its abbreviations in English). According to this norm, the basic restrictions are the following: it is prohibited to transport in cabin any liquid in package superior to 100 ml with the single exception of the liquid infantile food (including milk) and medecines with medical prescription.

The prohibited objects more frequent are as current things as water, burners, gomina, cream of hands, perfume, graze of teeth, hidratante lotion and any other liquid product. Liquids in the cabin in packages will only be able to be transported superiors to 100 ml and will not have to go put in bags of plastic transparency with system of opening and closes and capacity nonsuperior to a liter. The majority of the main airports of Asia has introduced east year the security norms on liquids of the United States, among them the Suvarnabhumi of Thailand, the newest airport of the world. To many passengers of Southeast Asia – particularly of Bangkok – the recent introduction of these norms have taken to them by surprise. Therefore, to avoid that the passengers lose appraised goods, has devised a series of advice with the purpose of to prepare them for the takeoff: Before making the luggage, to make a list emphasizing the objects that cannot be transported in the hand luggage (to consult the useful advice on luggage which they appear in the page Web to travelinsider or the pamphlet of easy reading that will find in the page Web of the TSA). To put all the products of hygiene in the luggage of invoicing instead of the hand luggage. When buying products in duty-free, to ask the personnel of the store how the products have been sealed and what norms are applied after abrir them. If they take to products ” imprescindibles” in the hand luggage, to make sure that it does not surpass each the 100 ml and that are put in a stock market ziplock. It comes very well to buy products of trip hygiene to save the nuisance to take products separately. In order to travel to the great thing, nothing better than packs of Khiels trip for O-Man packs of beauty of Ren or Cr? To lick to me for woman.

Hollywood Latina

Jennifer Lopez numbed the spectators at the New York fashion week on Tuesday, when she held a surprise – ‘JustSweet Show’ and it presented her latest fashion line. Her new collection “JustSweet” presented the typical “J.Lo look” with clothes in the style of the sixties. The fashion itself, however, came in the background, when rumors of an alleged pregnancy of the actress appeared. The Hollywood Latina had presented during the fashion week with a little tummy. The actress / singer poured green mini suit by her new fashion collection and a poppy lime bearing, “I love to create things and I loved the clothes, because I was a little girl.” Picture: AP Lopez named their new line of “Fantasy, classic inspiration but with a new, mistaken twist,” adding, “girls who are young, will wear it to feel cultured, because it transmits a chic kind of feeling, but also people who are older, it shall, if is” young, flirty and funky feel. It really has a nice mix”so the Latino multi talent.

Monday Heiko

Heiko Thieme! “Information directly out of New York for more than 20 years since December 2008 Thieme daily stock market letter” by one of the most popular German stock market experts, Heiko H. Thieme, has this week also the related website in cooperation with StockKiosk GmbH implemented since. Under can obtain all information about Heiko Thieme new stock market letter. In addition, the homepage offers lots of useful information related to Heiko Thieme, as well as a daily published blog about the current stock market and economic situation. The stock market letter “Thieme-Daily” is based on the Thieme-phone hotline, which discusses Heiko Thieme daily for over 20 years.

He reported directly from Wall Street in New York City and therefore has his ear directly on the largest and most important financial centre in the world. Heiko Thieme is an internationally recognized investment strategist and Portfolio Manager, which operates in the exchange business since 1972, over 25 years of experience in the financial metropolis living New York, and works. With the Thieme daily”the latest and most important information the investor will receive from Wall Street and Europe from Monday to Friday for only 1.98 per issue. The stock market letter you can pay-per-view via the new homepage without Aboverpflichtung easily buy and download as a PDF. The investor can take advantage the concentrated expertise of Heiko Thieme, by he experienced with his current market assessments of every morning in his stock market letter”. Not for nothing, Thieme wrote over more than 15 years for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as expert regular columns on the situation in the American stock market. His gift to pull out any market situation positive impulses for his investment strategies, has made his trademark optimism. Like he is in interviews and the pessimist is the only crap, nothing grows on the documentation with the phrase”quotes. That he should be right with many of his assertions, many critics was later silenced and Jules Verne earned him the nickname among friends and admirers a the stock exchange”.

Act Name

de “,. tv”. Whether the naming is more than a gimmick, is ultimately Depending on the content. If you do not agree, a nice WWW address is useless, as the example demonstrated the reality-TV series girl camp ( What is however still very little observed and implemented mostly by large, internationally active company in the Act, is the register of related names. Aim of this action is to occupy more domain names in anticipation of potential freeloaders of the emerging brand or any future crisis situations. Other domain names include both misspellings by letter permutations, similar sounding names, corruptions and post-nominals, providing the original domain name with a bad image. Just the latter requests should have proactive PR at a glance and advise accordingly.

How hard the reputational risk for false, misleading or even abusive domain name is misjudged, shows an example from the United States. The media entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg bought after researching the New York Times hundreds of Web addresses like”or”. The reason: The billionaire and owner of the eponymous business service and a TV station planned his candidacy for the Office of the new mayor in the spring of 2001. Wanted to not publicly discredited Bloomberg on the Internet as they have done with Hillary Clinton, who is insulted at the Web address. Of course, such preventive measures designed offers some protection against attacks and image damage.

Nevertheless you should be aware, that not every name in advance can be occupied. The imagination of resourceful people is too big and for the possibilities of a living language are too diverse, not always to find loopholes. However, it is recommended as a prophylactic behavior to protect the own company or product name. The registration of a domain name is easy. Mostly, the own provider offers to carry out the registration. Otherwise you should leave it to the consultative Internet Agency. Important is only that the registration in the name of the company or an authorized representative, so that the rights are actually in the House.

Money World Disaster

The question is entitled impressions of a financial crisis, keeping the world in suspense. Because, as once the eBay away rolled wave across the world, makes it something that economic crisis could be described as a financial crisis or but world, the round and put the whole world on terror. But a little back. In the past year, US banks were ominous shops. “Looking back it’s called the dubious goings-on, that there once gang and give was, the real estate crisis”.

“Where citizens was awarded funds, to buy a home, which away from the reputation of the borrower” was. This triggered a chain reaction, which messed up dice the entire money and finance, or rather still the economy and stock markets was roughly summarized crash”left. And alone in the United States more than a dozen U.S. banks insolvency had to sign. Most major banks under the rescue package, the Government will be in Germany back. Among other things, made himself in recent months, as well as still, a Crisis of confidence, the respective credit companies themselves wide. Meanwhile, all major banks bailouts fueled to bring the battered banks, or the entire economy and economy back to life.

But the question which arises is, was all that now? Everything can be made and must, to the desolate world economic front man get on to. The European Central Bank in recent months, interest rates several times, reduced to just the economy again running to get, and the consumer mood, the EU citizens may once again increase and partly the conditions at the banks (not in the money system, but rather with loans) to improve. Governments have allowed your lifeboats in the water and stoked billion heavy packages. Was thinking about a bad Bank that buys rotten securities off the banks, as well. Also in the Federal Government. In the United States of the new President, a trillion dollars to (ultimately soon established) package into action, where just this American bad Bank comes to fruition. What also stock exchanges reacted positively. The question is now, how fast alkimatisieren is all of the money and financial markets again, and when you rehabilitate himself. According to forecasts, 20 million people to lose world up to the year 2010 worldwide work. Other experts believe that the ECB will cut interest rates again, and that in this summer. The banks have plant reduced products often just the interest on money, but not reduced for the all-important mid-market lending rates. And last but not least the Exchange, not quite know whether in Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo but, where you currently stand between good or evil. Where ever. .. where you once were, you are no longer. Sebastian Brodbeck article writers at web.