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Before Antonio

Antonio was a young (and not so young 25 years) a little amorous. After his experiences in his youth, was very disturbed with This whole infatuation. In that city he met a singer of his same age, and of the town, who also sang in the nights of spectacle in the premises, named Maria. An attractive young woman and that captive to Antonio, both for her voice and for her physical beauty. Each time that Antonio was returning to the town to work, had a chance to see again, and the most unexpectedly began this attraction, and on each trip, the thing was already be putting far more approaching, she and week to week if they were knowing more. And at the end happened what had to happen. Antonio fell in love with this girl; He stated their attraction, she accepted it.

But there was a small inconvenience which she rebelled before accepting it and as for the also accept this relationship with this small inconvenience: was the single mother of a little girl’s year and a half old. The matter was already a bit complicated for Antonio, but little by little, believed that given the circumstances and the affection that he was feeling for her, you could overlook this situation. He then accepted it with his daughter. But the matter was a bit more complicated than it appeared. Before Antonio travel to that city to work every week with the musical group, previously had another musical group the capital which also accompanies performers, and she also. It turns out that the father of the creature was one of the guitarists who had already worked in the local name Esteban, but the curious thing about this guitar is that it was 20 years older than she, and had his family in the capital with children and everything. But curious and complicated of all this, is that he was still seeing the girl, and visiting his daughter.

Family Cohesion

When they reached the door of his home Alex felt that many memories of his life returned to pile into his memory. I greet your neighbor and his wife, curious and probably knowing of their arrival, they were on the sidewalk. They responded with the same smile as always. I made a gesture to let them know what would happen later to say hello. He remembered the cookies cooked perfectly Helen. Always found an excuse to go to his house to invite him with them.

They were chocolate, crunchy and tender at once. He wondered if the continue to do now that their children had grown and had left town. Probably not. He thought it would be a wonderful surprise that when he went to say hello again to smell the scent of them. Opening the door immediately recognized the smell emanating from the kitchen of his mother.

Kelly had prepared his favorite food: lamb with cauliflower gratin and fresh vegetables. He hugged his mother with affection, enjoying in advance by the aroma of the food that her mother had prepared. She always hoped so. When I saw his eyes filled with tears. No had been so sure that her son was doing the right thing but he did not want to listen to reason. And now he was in front of it and everything was in order and his joy knew no bounds. It was more than a year since I saw him and found him so poised and mature!.