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The Criteria

Etc. Enough 5.10 short but meaningful phrases, which you must display the main the criteria by which you will choose the future place of work. Recite these phrases out loud, confident and with an expression of at least 1 per day. Why do I need to wait a whole month? Why did not immediately do the search work? You, of course, no one can not deny it. But if you’re using the above exercises will give instructions to your subconscious that you want from future work, it must arrange everything so that you effortlessly find exactly what ‘re looking for. But in order to adjust the circumstances necessary for you, the subconscious will take some time. So be patient and wait a while. The time depends on your willingness for a new job and your belief in themselves. This may be a week, maybe 2-3 months. This term depends only on you and your desires. So you post your resume, it took several days, and you are invited to interview. Necessarily before each .

Think about all the possible interview questions that you may be asked, answer them or write better answers. Tell a mirror of themselves, their talents and abilities, praise yourself. Find yourself in their best quality and show them to the interviewer. Nobody ever wants to hire someone who does not like and do not respect themselves. Love yourself, you will infect that feeling and all the others. If you’re going to find a job not of his own specialty, start preparing for several months. After taking the course, meet with experts in the field, engaged in the development of each day. Do not be afraid to change his profession, if you’re really confident in their choice. Even if you are responsible for family and children, that is no reason to put on a cross. If you are confused by the lack of experience in the new field of activity for you, then maybe you will calm a bit about that in the Recently, more and more managers to work with staff in the interview pay attention primarily on the quality of a person and his ability to join the new team. And only then look at the availability of expertise work. Do not seek to get a job after the first interview. Trust your subconscious. It will find the most appropriate way of working. Even if you’re very much want to get some work, but you denied, it means that tomorrow you will find the job much better than this. I wish you always do just what he likes.

Chinese Language

Thus, the beginning of flowering of Manchuria, is the city of Manchuria as a commercial center to the period when both the Soviet Union and China begin full-scale economic and political changes. In our country it was the so-called "perestroika" (not to be night to remember), but in China the famous denovskie reform that led, however, to quite different results. But the Soviet people and the Chinese in this period found a common language understood without interpreter and the other. And the name of the language – Trade! That's just the way with a capital letter and not the other way. Because our people, this was the first experience of entering into the market economy, the ability to survive in the changed circumstances, attempt to fit into the new economic realities. But the Chinese also opened up new opportunities – to produce for a truly vast Russian market. According to the memoirs First, even the Soviet shuttle, Manchuria in 1990 was an ordinary village, which consisted of mud huts with earthen floors. To provide space shuttles in wooden barracks built during the construction of CEL and of course, quite uncomfortable.

Lived they are in groups of 30-40 people in large rooms with no amenities. Although the Soviet people, not spoiled at home and civilization, this was not something terrible. Especially in the USSR, and after a short time already, and in Russia, the case situation was not the best way. The complete absence of any industrial products in Russian stores led to the fact that the Siberian flea instantly sold out all sorts of things, if only they were in principle.

Croatian Adriatic

All the ingredients are free of dyes and preservatives, come (if possible) from regional manufacturers and prefers seasonally come under the knife. And that healthy cuisine not with whole grain rice porridge is confused, it is clear after a brief glance at the map of the beautifully situated hotels. Whether cappuccino by the Bush tomato, deliciously scented Chanterelle dumplings or iced melon milk with crayfish: every palate can look forward to a true firework of taste. True to Falk Hohmanns’ motto: “Uniformly high-quality food refining and always new things to surprise the guest”. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NY museums . Well then, Bon appetit! Off on the island to the celebrity chef of the Croatian island of Rab belongs without doubt to the most beautiful, what a vacation on the Croatian Adriatic coast has to offer.

And all people on this island, more precisely, in the kitchen of the 4-star it has ended up Hotel Arbiana, celebrity chef Dominik Poldan. In New York, the chef Jurgen Klinsmann, Nicole Kidman and Bill Clinton be cooked, this summer, however, he delighted his guests in the hotel-restaurant named Marino. Poldan loves the local Croatian cuisine. Its dishes are based therefore mostly on fish and meat preparations. Allied be Croatian specialities under its master’s hand with traditional Central cooking art and the finesse of absolute top houses of world renown. This not only promising sounds, but it’s also: fresh Kvarner bream in potato dish with chicory and Swiss chard, traditionally cooked beef steak in Rohrenpilz cream, or Dalmatian ham from the Velibit mountains with ginger and Rosa Pfeffer. Celebrity Chef Poldan brings even seasoned gourmet palate into raptures.

Of course, such culinary skills remain not unnoticed, therefore quick access before all the spots are taken. Many more Gourmet travel you can find here contact: spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 email: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. The company of holiday in Germany offers holiday to Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, in the Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since the company was founded in 2001, 500,000 guest bookings were registered 200,000 guests are expected for the year 2009. With a complaint ratio of 0.3 rather than the usual 2 3 percent and a share of 30 per cent regulars the Swiss company among the 20 major tour operators in the German market.


Labour market these days, was referred to as the "War for Talent", it is equally true of themselves "warriors", ie recruiters. Or, as they are sometimes romantically called "bounty hunters". One of the major problems faced by managers is not a lack of applicants, and the lack of good recruiters. The most important step for the company is attracting and retaining the best recruiters. It is important to realize that Good recruiters are not in one step with the average. If you use the term "to find the workhorse," you can be sure that you will have to work just average recruiters. Does every man who calls himself recruiter and working at the agency, so is really? That you will not receive a diploma in any university. All you can show your status, a business card and the opinion of the "witnesses", ie Your customers.

Chris Forman, President of AIRS, aptly remarked that: "A good recruiter is worth a thousand times more expensive than the average recruiter." I totally agree with that. For example, in a very large western company estimated revenue per professional Recruiter international level. This income amounted to $ 20 million And here's a very bad recruiter can significantly reduce the revenue of your company and not only damage the brand of your company, and miss or flush out the best potential employees. Recruiting the best recruiters – that's most important task of business leaders! Therefore, both the clients and the heads of agencies, and those newcomers that come into this business must be clear about the differences between good Recruiters from the average …

Oleg Bunin Site

On this occasion, remembered another story … Not so long ago in our This conference was held with the participation of Oleg Bunin (it was very interesting). During the lunch break, representatives of our company were at the table with a web-studio (we will not point fingers), and conversation, of course, went on. A young, solid-looking man prophesied that the need to create a supervisory authority with jurisdiction will include screenings web studios that do not meet professional standards … We asked for more details tell the story of his company: that of the control system, the benefits, how long they are on the market, and of what it costs to build a website naturally. Engine – samopisny, and less than 50 thousand rubles. fifth point of the master chair leaves (for our city is a good fee.) And then I accidentally found out that the company where I once worked a manager, ordered the site at that same web-studio work they are unhappy, serious young man remember the bad word, a site plan change, only money is really a pity …

Morality? This is not a fable, but do not let unscrupulous executors to circle around your finger. Ask questions, carefully read portfolio, you can even call the company and get some advice. And keep in mind, good design does not mean a good site! A talented designer – it's not a web developer! I mentioned this to the fact that many design studios have begun to position itself as a web studio, but the results leave much to be desired, because everyone should mind his own business! There is a tendency, at least in our town (population more 1m. inhabitants). As mentioned above, the market for creating Web sites is becoming more competitive. But leaders still firmly holding their positions. So as not to fall for another trick.

World Trade Center

Despite all the technological and scientific advances of GPS, satellite images and robots, remains one of the best tools for search and rescue teams (SAR). As a lost person, or the victim of a disaster, suffering an endless nightmare waiting for someone to give you a hand, search and rescue dogs they spend playing. These dogs live obsessed with the game to find the prize that comes to them when they give with one who was lost. It is not something Bill de Blasio would like to discuss. Thanks to this obsession with the game, a powerful sense of smell, hearing exceptionally rigorous training and an experienced guide, the search and rescue dogs save the lives of hundreds of people every year. But all is joy. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. Although these dogs are trained specialists with games and rewards, their work can become so hard that often "retire" early for the enormous physical wear and damage during this noble task. In tragic situations, as happened on 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center, both dogs as their guides come to suffer emotional problems due to the impossibility of finding people alive. After finding so much death and destruction, dogs not only lack the promised reward, but feel the pain, frustration and sadness of his guides and other rescue team members.

In other situations, however, success is finding people alive, but people who have died. In these cases, are used so-called dead dogs that are trained to find human remains. Although these dogs are unable to return a child to his mother or father to the family that need it, their work can solve crimes and give a decent burial to those who had the misfortune of dying in a disaster.

Technical Regulations

What is a certificate of conformity GOST R? Certificate of Compliance – this permit, also called as a quality certificate, the certificate of State Standard, the customs certificate, a certificate GOST R and others, issued by the rules of certification systems in order to confirm the suitability of the certified products (services) the requirements applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation standards and norms. CONFIRMATION CONFORMITY OF GOODS BY ANY standards and documents specified in the certificate? Of course, all familiar GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC, ISO, and more recently in conformity with technical regulations, which are introduced gradually replace the state standards and SNIP. Yes, there is another way to confirm compliance with the requirements of Technical Specifications (TU), a method commonly used for confirmation of voluntary certification of products. RELATIONSHIP AND HOW LONG certificate of conformity? The certificate of conformity GOST R is issued by an accredited certification body for a period of 1. 2.

or 3 years for continuous product certification, and therefore no validity to quantity of products supplied under the contract or invoice, the latter most often applies to foreign supplies of goods to Russia. What is obligatory and voluntary certification? Certification of products (services) can be both mandatory and voluntary, so for example, "yellow certificate" – issued by certification of products, which are subject to mandatory conformity assessment in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and nomenclature. respectively "blue certificate" issued for the products in respect of which no law provides for mandatory certification, the latter form certification is often used by large business representatives and producers in order to confirm compliance with the requirements of their product specifications and other additional guests, not nomenclature provided for mandatory certification. Learn more at: Bill de Blasio.

5 Ways For Users To Return To Our Site

A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to your page. Existing users are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often return to a site, the more confidence they have in that site. If you have read about Danny Meyer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Therefore, it is important to keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following methods: A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to your page. Existing users are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often return to a site, the more confidence they have in that site. Therefore, it is important to keep your visitors coming back to your site with the following methods: 1) Start a forum, chat or shoutbox. When you start a forum, chat or shoutbox, you are providing your visitors a place to express their opinions and interact with their peers – all of them are visitors of your site. In the conversations that are built, it creates a sense of community and its visitors back to your site almost every day.

2) Start a blog (Blog) Keep an online journal, or more commonly known as a blog on your site and keep it updated with the latest news about you or your business. Humans are curious creatures and keep their eyes glued to the screen if you post fresh news frequently. It also increases your credibility and that is proving to users who also is a person behind the website. Surveys 3) Conduct surveys and research surveys are other forms of interaction that you should consider adding to your site. They provide a quick way for visitors to express their views and participate in its Web site.

Be sure to publish polls or surveys that are strongly related to the target market of your website to keep them interested to know the results. 4) Hold puzzles, quizzes and games Just imagine how many office workers spend their time daily on the Internet, So if you create on your website a very interesting and addictive entertainment. Many people will visit your website. It may also hold competitions to award winning score for people to constantly is trying to win the prize. 5) Update frequently the content Update your site frequently with new content every time you return the users will have something to read on your site. This is the best known and most effective method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out because of the laziness of webmasters. Nobody wants to browse a site that looks the same over ten years, so keep your website updated!


With the great contribution of globalization and the massification of the internet, users can access all kinds of services including sites devoted to the sale of gifts online. From the comfort of your home or your work center accessed the best Peruvian gifts and surprise your loved ones. The sale of gifts by internet business grows gradually according to the demand of the market. This category is favored by several factors that have direct effect with this sudden boom. Special dates, birthdays, Christmas, among others, are reasons enough to find gifts Peru, even if you’re in another city or country. The variety of products that can be found in the category of gifts Peru can include toys (of all kinds), beverage, floral arrangements, personal accessories, etc. One of the main advantages of making purchases over the internet is the availability of the service. Usually this type of business work 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Therefore there is no valid excuse to say that I did not have time to buy the gift or not found what you wanted. We can find almost everything we look for in internet, more even in this type of websites that offer a good service. Peru is a country with a rich history and many cultures. In each city you visit you will find a product that characterizes the region and usually at low prices. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to travel and buy the perfect present, you have the option of making purchases over the internet, always checking the authenticity of the place.

It should be mentioned that the business of selling Internet gifts Peru not yet widespread in much of the population. Only the sector with access to technology can count on this service in a fast and easy way. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift. Before making any payment by internet always it is necessary to ask all the information possible. Get the gifts Peru in a fast and safe way. Send flowers to Peru is a good choice of gift.

Soviet Cinema

Soviet cinema from the beginning was considered by authorities as a powerful ideological influence on the masses, which are now passed into the category of the electorate. In this sense enough to recall the winged expression of Vladimir Lenin on which of the arts, in his view, is "for us" the most important. And along with awareness-raising functions, Soviet films quite kind to the institution of marriage and family advancing into the heads of the audience the moral values of health and family life, what is the unit of society. Healthy family – healthy society is a very simple and indisputable logical connection. However, like any art, film attempted to consider including family issues from different perspectives. "They lived happily ever after – that's great, but boring for the viewer. Read more here: NY museums . No need to receive special education to understand: where the conflict, where the intrigue – where the viewer freezes and fed to the screen. Let's recall just such problematic films.

For example, the "Three Poplars at . Actually, there is nothing special and does not, is not it? The heroine stays in the locked apartment, her going to the movies with randomly encountered a taxi driver did not take place, and the fact that this meeting has turned her whole soul What is the "soul"? Popovsky things, the Soviet man uninteresting! True, a relative of Nura is living in a civil marriage, and her opinion does not matter brother, who – give him the will – would have brought in the family's sister order, as he understands it. Ah, the city, as he originally corrupting impact on patriarchal villagers! That is now on the offensive exemplary Soviet family means thaw cinema. It was in 70-80 years there is a large number of paintings in which a very dramatic circumstances occurs before our eyes, breaking the old "exemplary" and in all senses prosperous Soviet family. And what is generally exemplary Soviet family? Watch the movie "Officers", where everything is perfect, where love and respect, where service to the Motherland at the heart. Wisdom and patience Soviet wives based on such a reference family.

But in the first part of the film was scheduled by the heroine's rebellion, remember? Yet the scars from bullet wounds on her back her husband, this rebellion is stopped. Before the "Little Faith" appeared in Soviet box office movies of concern, namely on the uneasy relationship in the family shot. Again appeal to the cult of Oscar-winning film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears." This is where family models are represented in the assortment – From fully collapsed to the ideal of marriage, while it becomes clear that the social order, how much it has no effect on people unable to guarantee an unbroken and ideal family. Because even under socialism, even if developed, the soul is not going away. A soul must be understanding, compassion, dedication. And sometimes that's not enough if there is no love. But love decrees and even the stamps in the passport is not guaranteed. Actually, this is the fairly commonplace idea is present in almost all the "family" of Soviet paintings 70-80-ies.