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Johns Hopkins University Hospital

An article in the Colombian magazine COLOMBIA MEDICA 2005 touches the issue of patient safety with a good introduction to understand the problem. clinical safety of patients: understanding the problem Astolfo medical bills Franco, MD Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, Faculty of Health, Universidad del Valle, Cali. publication March 15, 2005 unexpected deaths of patients in hospitals across the United States of hospital America (USA) in the mid-1990s, as the Libby Zion case a girl of 18 years who died some hours after his admission to one of the assistance centers in New York, as a result of drug interactions that were taking an antidepressant and a narcotic analgesic that he was given at the hospital, or that of Betsy Lehman who died in 1994 at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute from an overdose of cyclophosphamide for bone marrow transplantation led to the government of the Clinton administration ordered the creation of a committee to investigate the quality of medical care in that pais1. This mandate has continued during the Bush administration and its need has been reinforced with the latest report of cases like those of Josie King, a 2-year-old who died in the Johns Hopkins University Hospital from an overdose of morphine when was in a convalescent phase of burns and Jessica Santillan, a 17 years who, during a double heart-lung transplant, he transfused the wrong blood type which caused acute rejection and secondary brain dead this Committee and many others has the following objectives that are worth highlighting: Establish a national fund to create national leadership in patient safety and prospective research agenda in the relevant areas. Identify and learn from mistakes in clinical care occurred through a mandatory reporting system. NY museums has much experience in this field. Create safe systems in health institutions and implement safe practices. Create standards expected consensus among professionals, insurers and providers. The first major product of this Committee appeared at the beginning of 2000 when the Institute of Medicine of the United States reported the final results of an investigation conducted on medical errors in 30.195 patients in hospitalaria4 form. The report called “To err Health is human ‘concluded that between 44,000 to 98,000 people die each year in hospitals in this country as a result of errors that occur in the processes of care. a company that Recognizes the financial challenge for people who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance plans strives to offer affordable health insurance Of these deaths, 7,000 occur specifically as a result of errors in the medication administration process. These numbers placed immediately to mortality in the U.S. medical errors as the eighth leading cause, even over mortality caused health insurance by traffic accidents, breast cancer or AIDS. These figures have been questioned by some authors who report that the report did not conclude that all deaths are by medical error, but the clinical status of patients was so severe that just going to die. In March 2002 the World Health Organization (WHO) at its 55th World Assembly reported very high rates of adverse events for various developed countries of between 3.2 and 16.6 6 corroborating the major problem existing in the field globally.

Success Of The Barbie Dolls

Nobody would have never found out who the Elliot and Ruth Handler, if not created by them, the doll. Danny Meyer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It all began 60 years ago in California in Hawthorne in the company of Mattel Creations, a producer of toys. Paper dolls for children, are used in those days a considerable popularity, it was necessary to dress up, carrying them out of cardboard. This doll adored daughter to play the handler. Peering at her game, her mom had the idea to create a humanoid doll with a huge number of dresses and it will look like a young girl. The doll was supposed to be not just a toy, and assist young women of fashion, how to properly and elegantly dressed, monitor themselves and develop social attitudes and behaviors.

In 1958 they patented dolls, calling her Barbie doll. Since then the Barbie doll ever was leggy, very charming and graceful. In early 1959 at the fair, devoted to children's toys, which was held in New York, she took her first steps. More info: NY museums . Here she became a sensation, and praised it as an absolutely perfect doll. Hence the beginning to conquer the U.S.. Newspapers vied reported unusual doll that looked like a young girl, not the child.

Newly creature was so to the liking of people, many shops simply stormed. Say about the best-selling Barbie "- to say nothing. It has become an absolutely new phenomenon in the U.S. market. After several years this doll was sold in large quantities. In Europe, the great popularity enjoyed Lily Doll – Barbie doll prototype. The heroine of comic books was an example of Aryan race. For the first time heard about it July 24, 1952, and soon appeared on the market as a real doll. Since its emergence has been a revolution in the world of dolls – the arms and legs bent like the real thing, and the dolls were really feminine forms. In the early 60s Barby has appeared in Europe, and trice ousted from the market a doll Lily. For the fundamental similarity of their creations with a European beauty manufacturers Lily received a refund from the handler. Since biography Barbie doll began to develop actively. Barbie world so rapidly growing that after a while came to one Ken Barbie, she became the heroine of the program Barbie Fashion Show, Barbie appeared favorites. Soon Barbie wins Hollywood. Barbi has got houses all sorts of vehicles, as well as cats and dogs. Top fashion houses are putting the doll. In the 90s, for example, "Givenchy" was made a special collection of doll clothes and accessories. Also created sets of lacy lingerie. Thus was challenged age-old practices of a society in which little girls should play. Barbie has been written about is not a monograph, a doll began to research every possible topic and thesis. Onastala U.S. cultural icon. Barbie industry continually moves forward. There are new series of dolls, for example, one of the last dolls Maysin. There is a doll Barbie Mermaid realized possible sets: Salon barbershop for Barbie Makeup Barbie. For singular admirers releasing collectible dolls Barbie. Today throughout globe realized over million dolls Barbie behind week this approximately fifteen dolls every second but buy doll Barbie possibly almost any store. Each year, are as much 100 new dolls, including "friends" of different nationalities. All clones engaged sports, beautiful, they succeed, and they are well provided for financially. Barbie teaches millions of children throughout the world the brightest and peculiar story that resembles reality and serves as a kind of simulator of the future prosperous life.

The National Cheese Festival

The Argentine Northwest brings us closer to our ancient culture, the native, the folcklore, to the roots, although mine are in Italy, I’m identifying more with the NOA to the Piedmont countryside. Maybe it’s the passing of many heroes in these parts, so many years of culture, cities with much history, rooted traditions and conservative societies. We have been traveling 2 days ago from Buenos Aires. It crossed the warm Santiago del Estero and we spent the night in San Miguel de Tucuman, we began to move into what will be the Calchaquies Valleys, the road is very winding and very thick vegetation. We are climbing up to the 2000 mts. a The landscape is changing significantly, we went from a lush forest, where stands the Monument to the Indian sculptor Calchaqui tucumano Enrique Prat Gay, clear and colorful meadows. The first stop we made in Moll, a small village on the south bank of the La Angostura dam that highlights the Archaeological Reserve The menhirs. There are hundreds of these Stone exponents Tafi culture, each worked with different expressions and sizes.

The Mollar: ancient stone structures crossing the dam we’re almost to Tafi del Valle, our home for a few days, we sat in the cabin we rented and went out to enjoy this beautiful summer villa. The climate of this region is a special guest, and that is stable and pleasant throughout the year. Tafi del Valle Sunset in just a few days The National Cheese Festival, held each February in Tafi, so we can see and taste the typical food pascanas selling as soup, humitas, homemade sausages and desserts like cayote , alfajores of capital and, of course, the famous cheese tafinisto. This soup: unable to pass through this region without We enjoy a tour of the picturesque town center and the exhibition of Tafi, where they excel, and throughout the Northwest, the crafts of the area. A ride through the landscapes that surround the area guided by a cowboy, it is imperative to discover the beautiful surroundings natural. At night there is always some pain, to share and enjoy the music and the typical food of this region. The next day we visited the Jesuit Museum of the Band, which operates a historical museum, archaeological and religious art, the richness of its heritage and the building is one of the largest in the NOA. Stay In The Rooms are the only cheese that is still produced using the original recipe left by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century.

As of this town despedidaa us energized and dazzles us with its landscapes, in the afternoon, we went to the Angostura Dam, where you can enjoy water sports and relax with a breathtaking sunset. The next morning we journey to the Valley Calchaquies and stopped at The Exchange, an archaeological site, which contains the presence of indigenous architectural forms, made of stone, built between 300 BC and 800 of the current era. We’re getting to Amaicha Valley, to follow to the ruins of Quilmes and Cafayate in Salta, but that is another trip recommend to stay in Tafi del Valle, and.

Cleansing Tea

Based on medicinal plants Holy Thorn, which use for 2000 years. Danny Meyer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This amazing cleansing tea has been used successfully for over 20 years, "Dr. For other opinions and approaches, find out what best bars in New York has to say. Miller's Tea Introduction – by Dr. Bill Miller (Ph.D. in Science supply) in Jackson in Tennessee – a unique blend of safe herbs that contains only natural substances made to purify digestion and the body. The title comes from one of the components of the widely used by the plant, which is known as the Holy Thorn, but not emphasized or any religious significance.

Although her customers often thank God for this healing gift. Dr. Miller's tea can be used in any program for weight loss, and it is much more efficient green Chinese tea. Regular use of Dr. Miller's tea, lost fat mass, reduced volume of the abdomen and thighs. Some weight is lost very quickly, but results may vary. If the excess weight accumulates on the wall of the small intestine and large intestine, there is no one diet, fat loss or exercise can not help get rid of it, but Dr.

Miller's tea can be. If you present swelling, bulging or "beer belly" then Dr. Miller's tea can help you lose weight and reduce waist circumference. Dr. Miller's tea has a good taste, safe and cleanses the body. At the clinics, Dr. Miller has over 24 years achieve good results. Its successful use people who have suffered from: – Heartburn stomach-digestive disorders / pain in the stomach-intestinal disorders -Zaporov/ / Crohn 's disease-abdominal pain / inflammation gut-enterospasm / Colitis-Bad breath / bad body odor -/-Zoom-abdominal fat loss and weight / obesity-Junk skin / itching, sensitive skin / skin inflammation / dermatitis / psoriasis -Allergy-Sciatica-Pain Joint / Arthritis / Migraine / headache Good quality tea Dr.

What is important and to consider if your goal is to be an Internet entrepreneur, to obtain financial freedom, work at home internet business create or enter an affiliate program is that you must have a certain order and a certain way of thinking. Point 1: Your idea, goal or objective must be accompanied by the emotion, you must burn. Item 2: Learn to let your anxiety aside before you start this, it is a good companion. Point 3: You must be methodical and organized in everything you do for the project. Item 4: Please be aware that there will always be a financial investment on your part to the project. Point 5: Choose one or two mentors, otherwise you can not assimilate all learned. Item 6: If you really want to reach your goal and strive to get those hours maximum. Item 7: Use all possible resources to advertise and / or generate traffic to your sites.

Item 8: Do not give more importance to the design and the content relevant and seller. Item 9: Nobody has or will become rich in the overnight. Item 10: You must learn to lose quickly, because that way you can start again quickly. Now if you really want to start in the world of Internet business and do not know where to start I invite you to walk through the following link and you will see that much easier, because it is all in one tool that will facilitate whole lot of learning curve and rhinestone supported by members of the program and the computer technician.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Introduction: The general objective of this work is to inside verify the importance of the empreendedorismo with maximum efficiency of the organization, associated with the analysis of the characteristics of an entrepreneur and as they improve its enterprising abilities and techniques. The specific objectives to be boarded are: to identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur, to compare and to analyze the importance of being an entrepreneur in the economic present time. The problematic one to be investigated in this project is to identify and to enable an enterprising potential? We can define the empreendedorismo as a market trend, that revolutionized all a society, joining the art to undertake and to innovate with the objective to reach the prosperity and success of the business. The evolution in the administrative theories demonstrates that the paper of the empreendedorismo substitutes and/or improves all the classic economic structures (where they were excellent in the old process of rationalization of the procedural work, human broken up). Thus the empreendedorismo has for objective the generation of wealth, increasing the number of companies and jobs, joining people and processes. The empreendedorismo has as characteristic to little amount of external resources and high to be able of knowledge and dynamism. Determined for new efficient business-oriented models that do not need high investments and yes operating intellectual resources and that predominates in the market.

The entrepreneur has the following domnios: capacity to innovate, always with a strategical planning enough to reach its objectives, ability of remanejar and if adjusting the new technologies and trends in the market, always glimpsing the success of its business. He is a visionary, always one precedes the facts, it has domain of the knowledge and ample capacity to generate profits in the economic market. Chance is highly percipient to the one, always with a strategy of efficient business that produces effect positive.

Juan Carranza Webmaster Alone

Find out all the necessary procedures to access the country you wish to visit, prepare visas where necessary, check that you have your Passport in force ah! And don’t forget your credit cards; check that they do not expire you in the middle of the trip. NYC Marathon is likely to agree. Happened to me once, and the experience was not pleasant. Te allows you to save some of the money: is one of the advantages you can get being farsighted. Whether you do your bookings by Internet, as in the traditional agency, you can get significant discounts if you prepare your trip in advance. AND that, at least to me, always interests me.

It prevents risks: If the journey you want to make you some exotic area, it is very important to know whether there were risks of diseases, and vaccines are necessary to travel safely. It is very necessary to ask information about medications more advisable to avoid risks, and also very interesting hire any assistance service, always is not included in the travel package. These are some of the advantages that can bring you the anticipation of your next trip. Believe me if I tell you that follow these small tips won’t get you much time and prevent you sometimes complicated and unpleasant surprises. In my next article I will try to give you more ideas, more tips about different aspects to consider when traveling.

Most fruit of my (bad) personal experience, and I hope you help it to really enjoy from a more than deserved rest. Until then it tries to be as happy as possible. A cordial greeting to Juan Carranza Webmaster Alone and alone.

Managing Medical Center

The event, held at the Expocentre, presented medical furniture, vehicles, equipment and supplies, and innovative solutions for medicine, dentistry, cosmetology, information systems for consumers Health and much more. The exhibition “Health 2010” – this international event, which was attended by the major manufacturers of equipment and medicines, as well as companies providing various services to the medical sphere. This year the project was implemented with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Moscow Government, the Public Chamber, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce RF.Kompaniya “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) showcased the complete solution for automation of healthcare companies. Learn more at this site: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. BIT specialists have developed specialized software for the successful management of health centers, clinics, beauty salons and pharmacies. On the stand companies were represented by BIT systems to manage medical facility with the technology bar coding. It uses a certain set of contemporary programs and oborudovaniya.Hochetsya noted that in the West, most clinics and laboratories use automated systems and technology, bar coding to keep track of card customers, their histories, samples in the laboratory, etc. It greatly facilitates the work of staff and virtually eliminates the possibility of errors in prescribing or test results. The exhibition of 1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE) presented: Product “ICE: Managing Medical Center 8” is designed to automate the managerial and operational records of the health centers, specialized medical care (dental and Ophthalmic Hospital), beauty salons, clinics and other healthcare industry organizations.

The solution helps to organize the automated system by connecting it to the modern equipment that will effectively keep track of materials, equipment, tools, case histories of patients, etc. The system of “ICE: Beauty 8” helps keep a single information space management, regimented and operative accounting. Program “BIT: Drugstore 8 automates retails medicines. Solution designed as integrated addition typical system 1C: Retail 8. Modern equipment for medical institutions in technology-based bar-coding, which allows faster customer service, reduce staff time and avoid mistakes caused by human factor.


I credit it consolidated has tried an increase of considerable search in the last times in our parents, but it will be that who search this solution knows it investigated deeply its disadvantages? I credit it consolidated could be a solution effectively advantageous for who it is in a difficult complicated financial situation, but it agrees to have in mind that also causes the following upheavals: To pay much money in interests. Recently NY museums sought to clarify these questions. To to congregate its credits of short term to one of long stated period (as of the habitation) of course it will go to pay much less monthly, but one remembers that it will go to walk to pay its credit of the vacations and the automobile until daqui to many years, probably 20, 30 or more years, as the stated period of its credit the habitation. In the end it will go to pay to some times the money that asked for so loaned due to the stated period extending that it chose. Penalizao for anticipation. As in almost all the credits if to want in given height of its life to amortize part of divide could be penalizado therefore. If in a credit of short duration this can little be more than flat and, not being penalizado, to wait that the loan it arrives at the end, in a consolidated credit, that usually if it extends for sets of ten of years, could be a situation sufficient ominous, therefore we will have that to live with it divides until the o end, not to be that let us be made use to pay one undeserved penalizao. Reduction little expressive case not if it withholds mortgage. If it will not have a house to give as guarantee, its reduction in the installment could little be expressive uninteresting, only transforming its situation of worse indebtedness. Conclusion: But it will have to opt to a solution of this type in case that it exactly does not obtain to pay its actuais installments. This solution although to become its current situation much more easy, it will make with that he is become indebted much more time, and the more time will be become indebted, more interests will have that to reimburse and more hypotheses will have not to obtain to pay installment to ruin everything what already it paid.

Master Audio

It is important to read the reviews of cheap receivers home theater that you are investing in cheap can mean two things. Firstly, you can cheap mean it is cheaper than the normal home theater receivers that are available in the market today. Secondly, you can cheap mean that it is of poor quality. Whether to put cheap home theatre receivers, get the one with the first definition. You don’t want a bad quality of home theater receiver.

If you are going to get one, then it is best that you just saved your money. A signal that cheap it home theatre receivers are still at the top of its line is when you are given the sound system you’re looking for. Music lovers and lovers of free cinema invest in home theater receivers as they consider the system as if it were a subwoofer. Critics and users find cheap flights home theater receivers that combine performance and value. The sound quality should be excellent and the video processing must undoubtedly be impeccable. There is much competition in the market today and each manufacturer of home theater receivers makes a point that their models stand out among the rest.

Sometimes, a form of model stand out from its competitors is going at a slower pace. Recipients of theatre, which can also accommodate your iPod and iPhone as built ins are not a cheap home. Boats require cable system already has. The graphical user interface or GUI allows you to go through your music collection via the remote control of the receiver. It depends on your system and your iPod if the remote control also allows you to pass your videos and photos. Some models can give this access, while others can not. You have to check the price receivers Home Theatre audio support. Make sure that the system comes with decoders for truly Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio quality. Audio formats of high definition used in Blu-ray discs can accommodate easily by price free theater receivers at home and is like watching a movie in the comfort of your own House. Discover where to buy cheap online home theater receivers. Learn what are the best on my site home theater receivers.