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Moreno Villa

In 1913, he published his first book Garba, dedicated to Antonio Machado, Juan Ramon Jimenez and Ruben Dario. On his articles published in the Sun, Azorin sends an encouraging card. Continue to learn more with: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You have arrived to the sumun, simplicity. Alberto Jimenez Fraud tells us in 1917 Moreno Villa – said to me: come to the Residencia de Estudiantes, and remains there until 29 November 1937 when the civil war ended with her. In 1921, leaves the residence for one year, to approve some oppositions to the body of archives, libraries and museums; It is destined to Gijon, the library of the Instituto Jovellanos. He returned to Madrid where accepts the address of the archive of the National Palace. In 1924 it forms part of the jury of the national prize for literature, resulting in award-winning Rafael Alberti with his book Marinero en tierra. It frequents the tertulia of the Cafe Regina, which belong, among other contertulianos, Azana, Negrin and Araquistain, Luis Bello.

Moreno Villa said in his life in clear, autobiography published in Mexico, poets, in recent times, had appeared by couples, Machado and Juan Ramon, Salinas and Guillen, Lorca and Alberti, Prados and Altolaguirre, but that he, as also, Leon Felipe, had come only. In House of Jimenez Fraud, director of the Residencia de Estudiantes, known Moreno Villa Florence, New York girl that falls in love to the point of thinking about marriage. On February 16, 1927, the day of his birthday, March with his American girlfriend to New York with the intention of getting married. Florence parents are opposed to the wedding. Moreno Villa only returns to Madrid: the people Yes, but with you, Jacinta. / Bordering the railroad tracks and the River. / Skirting all the flowers road…. It was by the year 1929, when Moreno Villa Jacinta the redhead, subsequently issued, published a series of heck (1931), bridges that do not just (1933) and classroom without walls (1936).

Central American

The ancient Maya realized that the Sun at the winter solstice is slowly moving towards milky way. Two big points in the sky moving to each other, to commit a rare celestial Association. The Mayan calendar has pointed out accurately, when this event will take place and it means more than the birth of a new solar year. It means the beginning of a new great cycle of the time newly putting the great heavenly star watch and, perhaps, a new level in the nature of human consciousness and civilization. The Maya had a highly developed culture. Outstanding mathematicians and astronomers were part of this Central American nation. To broaden your perception, visit best bars in New York. The more than 5000 years, fearful look of Maya on the sky can be just the reaction to an event that came out of the cosmos. Scientists from the exact methods used to compute the Solstice and the planet raceways of the Maya today are fascinated.

Almost all of the Maya writings were destroyed. The Dresden Codex is one of the four preserved Manuscripts of the Maya. It is located in the possession of the State Library of Saxony in Dresden. The other three codices are located in Paris, Madrid and Mexico. Due to the rarity of the Maya manuscript is an important cultural treasure.

In the Codex Dresden dominate astronomical content: panels relating to the circulation of Venus, as well as predictions for solar and lunar eclipses, the Maya considered especially ominous. Certain deities were with each day of the tzolkin, brought the ritual calendar of 260 days. The purpose probably served as a kind of horoscope prediction. For example, the first 9 leaves have an almanac, were used to determine good and bad days. The content of the preserved codices are different. The Paris Codex (11 double-sided painted leaves in poor condition) is a ritual calendar, getting calendar and astrological prophecies. Gods are represented in connection with certain events. The Madrid Codex, the largest with 112 pages served for astrological Prophecies for good days and bad, has even no calendar content. Also, scenes from everyday life are shown here. Crystal skulls are another puzzle, the Maya left us… Form an opinion and tell yourself you are. Maria Garcia

In our block, we report our Spahr. Usually we write why in Livebrichten daily about our journey again a new blog? During the preparations for our past trips I have abided always’s blog. There was personally reported and thus it could not fall for inflated advertising promises. For this reason we thought, that we can help with our blog a little, to return just this assistance, which we ourselves have experienced. And thus the idea emerged to open a personal blog.

We were in the last time idly. Unfortunately, we have published our recent travel reports on free content. Rudy Giuliani has plenty of information regarding this issue. This proved in hindsight not really happy. Gradually disappear the images from the articles and post processing of the reports on various pages infinite trouble and takes a very long time. That’s why we are just to cover all reports on a page together. We can only any advise, should he pursue this idea, right a little money to invest and are looking for an own hoster to then build the page on their own. What awaits you on our page? We report on our trips in fun and informal texts. Since we’re usually longer (approximately 6-7 weeks), we report our experience in a daily liveblog. So far our reports arrived very well, so us already suggestions have been made that we should simply create an E-book. Well let’s see! Soon it goes to the Gambia. Unfortunately found not many travel reports on the net, so that we will write our report more detail than until now! Stephan new

Northern Capital

The efficiency of delivery of housing for rent in St. Petersburg is located below the depreciation of money. However, for the inhabitants and these rates are very high, for this reason they are hiring more and more residential properties in clubbing. NYC Marathon usually is spot on. The future market is uncertain. June 2007, the most affordable price for single-room apartment in a prestigious area of the repair is 12 000. In affluent areas – 14 thousand rubles.

When the house nice and renovated – in area of 18 000 rubles. For example, "odnushka" in the heart of the Northern Capital will tenant in a tidy sum of 20,000 to 40,000 rubles per month, depending on quality. Although the prices begin to rise, still remarkably quiet summer in terms of demand. Always in August intensified seasonal rise, but now it is not visible. It is predicted that increasing the number of tenants will happen in August. Experts agree that in September, prices increased at least than 20%. During the same period of 2006, they grew up in the same proportion: at the beginning of last summer in "Peter" is quite realistic to find a version for 9000 rubles per month. In the early fall below 12,000 rubles per odnushku was not found.

In early December, the number of Tenants fell, slightly decreased and average rates. As a result, they fluctuate up and down, depending on the season. This is despite the fact that the average annual price considerably from year to year increase. Gap increases, however, recent market situation has changed dramatically.

Government Central

Paseo de La Republica, as you would expect strolling across the Avenue bliss without success, agency after agency us refregada the same answer: we are on holiday, gentlemen, hardly has passages, will have to go by plane (if they knew what is travel by plane), fortunately perseverance has been one of my notable virtues and today once more helpedyou got to 8 pm I was arriving at Trujillo, and I could taste a dinner with my family, which at the end was undone, was a great INESPERADOHoy day, a few days after the event, I reflect on the problem caused, I think that the Government Central, and to the CORPAC should worry more by these issues, albeit the mist is an irreversible, able to descend to Trujillo natural phenomenon or another city by descent with high-powered lights, it is possible, we are in a country that is opening to the tourism with remarkable results, but we must be present in this detail, every traveler expects to reach their happy destiny and not with an ironic phrase (Lo Siento(, Gentlemen passengers will not have landing is impossible). I hope that with this reading is reached the reflection not only of the Government, if not of the population to be always attentive to unforeseen events. Miguel Palacios Quito original author and source of the article.

Austrian Libraries

“Libraries for the future future for the libraries ‘ Berlin, May 9, 2011. “If from 7 to 10 June 2011 under the motto libraries for the future future for libraries” in the Berlin Estrel Convention Center the 100th German Librarian day takes place, then the PDF/A competence center is with part of the game. At a joint booth (booth. 14B) inform representatives of member companies callas software GmbH, LurTech Europe GmbH and set data center to the ISO-standard PDF / A General and specific topics such as metadata and the upcoming new part of PDF/A-2. Since its ISO certification 2005 PDF/A has become successively as the preferred archive format. More and more companies and Government agencies take advantage of standardized format and profit among other things from layout fidelity and full text searchability of PDF/A documents. Filed under: Danny Meyer. The new part of PDF/A-2 includes features such as the inclusion of powerful compression of JPEG 2000, merging PDF/A files via collections, layer E.g. for Multilingual Books and advanced object-level XMP metadata.

PDF/A is used in the field of libraries increasingly both retro-digitization and digital documents. As the German National Library prefers PDF/A all other file formats when it comes to the delivery of content in digital form. Only on rank two is a conventional”PDF. The Austrian national library sets that supplied files preferred format should exist in the PDF/A. PDF/A is used in the area of the University libraries already very often for providing diploma – and doctoral theses on Web servers, for example, at the University of Potsdam. This seeks, that in future all documents that are stored on the publication server, should be in PDF/A. In addition, there are also international recommendations, inter alia by the library of Congress in the United States and the Centre for long term digital preservation in Sweden. Thus the PDF/A contributes competence center requests the German Librarian day invoice, the more than 3000 librarians from all federal States training, exchange experiences and learn about new trends and developments in the library itself.