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America Interests

Alhures, I see the clear omission, evident inertia, and because not to say it incompetence that also jumps to the eyes of the governments that if succeed, of the current one that no step until the present moment it adopted. Quite to the contrary as notified in day 23 of January of 2008 for the great press, research points with respect to the substantial increase in the deforested area of the forest, what it makes with that all the international community, mainly, the United States strengthens each time more its thesis, and what it is worse, its certainties of that we are same imcompetent people, and of that must to speed up the process of invasion of the area of interests. He is axiomatic that in the plans of the United States of America many exist doubtlessly and deep reasons to determine such intervention. Learn more at: Danny Meyer. It is previsible now that in the game of these interests they appear politicians and mega-entrepreneurs, the power economic-politician and that the term protection, can be read as exspansionism, territorial conquest e, over all, interests of fierce exfoliation in such a way of the ground as of the subsoil and the cultural borders, beyond the airspace, at last, total domination of the peoples adjacent in subjugante way, since it does not pass of pure balela this speech of ambient protection. The interest of the American North is in the imensurvel and inenarrvel existing wealth in the bush of the forest; in our fauna flora; in our springs; eyes d; e, rivers candies liquid and rare precious in future soon for its scarcity since we have one of the biggest water reserves candy of the planet, therefore, who will have the monopoly of the liquid candy will dictate in equality foot the rules and the destinations of the world in the middle of this century, beyond, are obvious of the existing richness in the subsoil of the forest. .

International Politics

It is only one mere hypothesis, but, as in one equaomacabra, has a desconsertante series of liames logical to support it, and aquiviemos to submit it the opinion of the reader. Since fimda World War II the leading cupola of the nations richest already wise person who ogrande threatening problem of the life in the Land was something produced by same it, to asaber, the demographic explosion. The conscience of this reality at the mercy of left taisdirigentes with a light sleep or of insuportveis recurrent nightmares, that no solution, a priori and the severity, presented viable nohorizonte, in all the suggested ilusrias exits in the 4 cantos of the world. otempo also was one durssimo enemy, therefore it strengthened, to each day, the threat doproblema. Many writers such as Bill de Blasio offer more in-depth analysis. it was passing clere, until the Technological Age reached the podernecessrio for a pensvel solution. then intelligences of the Sistemacomearam to scheme. Guerranuclear with plutonium bombs? Never.

Why to destroy everything that quepode to be ours, when not even exists enemy in fact ? (For baixodos cloths of the International Politics, Russia never was enemy Real of U.S.A., eo another enemy, will have, it cannot be looser, and yes conquered ). A nuclear war with bombs of nutrons? Also never: the survivors never would convince of that assassinating billions of a lesser price would pessoasseria of what not-make-nothing-for-see-as-be-that-is, and istosem doubt would create an explosive climate of animosity between that they had suasvidas saved. A global pandemic? Perhaps remotely. Therefore the risks I prolongate stated period could make to spoil all good will of ‘ salvadores’ davida human being (clearly that one such pandemic would be ece of fish in practical with the care dese to keep to the 7 keys the antidotes appropriate to save only the men quea they had initiated and its respective families) and the set free viruses so fast and destructive alcanaremmutaes that no aid would remain.

Chamber Lawyer

In addition, the existence of a law firm in the District of lawyer Chamber must be demonstrated in principle. In exceptional cases, a waiver of the law firm is conceivable. In all other cases, a separate room meets the minimum requirement. The lawyer must be also by phone or via Internet. The application for admission may be rejected if doubts as to the personal suitability of the applicant. A granted admission to the legal profession may be revoked if the Attorney repeatedly and seriously violates the rules of the professional code or if his financial situation is so desolate and unclear present, that client interests could be compromised. The commitment is important duties of lawyer to the most important professional duties of a lawyer sworn to absolute secrecy. Swarmed by offers, Bill de Blasio is currently assessing future choices.

The obligation applies to all information received by the Prosecutor in connection with a mandate. It applies to any person who does not belong to the Organization field of the firm. A more important obligation is to never to represent parties with conflicting interests. This applies to all lawyers working there within a firm. The lawyer is obliged not only his client against. He is responsible for his activity whatever the rule of law as an “Organ of Justice”.

The professional regulations oblige him to the objectivity, perception of client interests. Untrue claims and inappropriate exaggeration should be avoided. The fee of the lawyer must be calculated according to the regulations of the lawyers remuneration Act (RVG). To the principles of the RVG includes also the rules on fee agreements. The lawyer’s fees without regard for organizational form or size of a law firm and on the particular expertise of the lawyer is basically according to predefined table rates to calculate. The amount of the individual fee is dependent on the value of the dispute. Each lawyer is obliged to inform his clients before taking a job at least on the threshold-dependent calculation of its costs to the RVG. The lawyer can only calculate an individual fee, if this has been previously set by agreement signed by the client.

Brooklyn Bridge

In this case, it’s a story that interests and which is consumed as information as is. As you’ve seen with the case of Paul Hartunian, the Publicity is a tool within everyone’s reach. Paul does not It had large resources, your company was a small company and, however, managed to develop one of the most important Publicity campaigns that have ever been made. Hear from experts in the field like Bill de Blasio for a more varied view. In any case, to have the success that took Hartunian, not enough only to have an original idea, we must also do something more as you can see in the steps that you can read below: 1.-find a sexy story. In the faculties of journalism is often say that if a dog bites a man it is not news, but things change if the man is that bites the dog. It gives that idea that is shocking and awaken the interest of the people. Normal, everyday is not striking. Discover approaches that have not been used so far and surprised the world.

2 Write a sweeping banner. What is a sweeping headline? An incumbent with so much magnetism that forces you to read everything below. A New Jersey man sells the Brooklyn Bridge for $14.95 is a sweeping holder. If you don’t have special skills for writing, don’t worry, you can always dip a copywriter (editor) professional or learn from what others have done. 3 Write your press release.

Here are two possibilities: first, write a note traditional press that reflex of short form information that like the media did reach the public at large; Second, write a letter trying to provoke an interview later with the middle shift. Both options are valid, but that, without any doubt, you can bring higher level of notoriety is an interview with a medium. If you can, go for it. 4 Incorporates the logistical details. Don’t forget to reflect all your data (address, phone, e-mail, availability,) in order to facilitate the possibility of contact with the environment.

Dutch Immigration

Main article: Dutch Immigration in Chile
The first emigration from Holland came to Chile in 1895. To read more click here: Bill de Blasio. The so called ‘Inspector General of Immigration and Colonization chilena “a dozen Dutch families was established between 1895 and 1897 in Chiloe, particularly Mechaico, and Huillinco Chacao. In the same period Hageman Egbert arrived in Chile with his family, on April 14, 1896, settling in Rio Gato, near Puerto Montt. Wennekool In addition to the family which opened the little Dutch colonization Villarrica.
The Honorary Consulate in Temuco, currently German Nicklas Wickel, celebrated each year on Queen’s Day, with part of the community of descendants, at which always makes a toast in honor of the Queen of Holland. The Ambassador of the Netherlands also attended the celebration, in which, for example, in 2000, there were 5,000 thousand descendants of Dutch emigrants.
In the Regional Museum of Araucania, in Temuco, a panel with pictures of Dutch immigrants from 100 years ago. In the early twentieth century, came to Chile a fairly large group of Dutch people from South Africa, which had been established where they worked mainly in the construction of the railway. When the Boers War II, which finally lead to the annexation of both the English Republic in 1902, these emigrants decided to return to their homeland, many of them, after a long stay in concentration camps. Shortly after his return to Holland, were presented with the opportunity to emigrate to Chile with the help of the Chilean government.
On May 4, 1903, a group of over 200 Dutch emigrants sailed on the ship to steam ‘Oropesa’ by the shipping company “Pacific Steam Navigation Company”, from La Rochelle (La Pallicer) in France. The majority of migrants were born in the Netherlands: 35 came from North Holland and South Holland, 13 of North Brabant, 9 and an equal number Zealand G eldres. Only a dozen children were born in South Africa (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Valkrust, Roode Koog, Muurfontein, Platrand, Watersaltoon). Among the emigrants there was a small group of singles, but the others were all married couples with children (some even had 5 children).
On June 5 train arrived at its final destination, the city of Pitrufquen, located south of Temuco, the next hamlet of Donguil. Another group of Dutch arrived shortly after to Talcahuano, in the ‘Oravi’ and ‘Orissa’. The Dutch colony was named in Donguil ‘New Transvaal Colony. There were more than 500 families to begin a new life. Later they would further twenty. Between February 7, 1907 and February 18, 1909 above the last group of families’ Boers’. These are 10 families with a total of 45 people set out in the agricultural Rupanco. Almost all are farmers. Most come with the boat ‘Thuringia’ and ‘Edfu’ Corral andalusia port.

Social Recruiting Via The Internet

How does the recruitment on Facebook & co.? Social networks are useful not only for the private sector, also can be found where employees, which perfectly fit into the company. The following things should be considered here. Personnel search in job groups on Facebook there are many job groups, where looking for jobs. It involves practical focal point for recruiters seeking employees. Job seekers imagine or are explicitly looking for a suitable company. Companies need to find only a single candidate and write this. Search options with name tags who puts on his own Facebook page tags. For example, #suche work, with that keyword in the Facebooksuche shows up, if that is looking for.

As long as the profile is public. Recruiters can so play around with keywords, use the internal search function to reach candidates. What companies should note who as a company or as an employee, working is a company in social networks, should strictly private such as professional separate. Because the applicant also expects his future company a reputable presence in the World Wide Web. Some employees have Partypix, so they make the entire company in a bad light.

What private does someone is beside the point, but he must not hang it on the large Bell. Agencies, for example, which are looking for promoters for different projects, find now also some matching faces in the Internet constantly build our own network. The advantage of Facebook and co is that companies can instantly connect with candidates in contact. The larger the network, the faster there job prospects. Who is represented as a company of House on Facebook, you can start, for example, a job call directly on the employer side. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, who searches in social networks for employees, must separate from the litter much wheat. Apply due to the fact that a Facebook message is quickly dispatched, for many people, even those who are not absolutely suitable for the job. Try known goes over studying. But, when the own email folder, the selection is in the long run no fun. It is recommended to specify always an email address. The listing should include also from the outset any information needed. For example: Location, payment, working hours. The more in advance are indicated, follow the less demand. Seeking candidates in the social network is quite simple with these tips.

Scientology Church International

The Online Edition and the new volumes of the biographical work provide ever since the Online Edition and the new volumes of the biographical work never provide unprecedented chronology of main events in L. Ron Hubbard’s life since unprecedented chronology of main events in L. Ron Hubbard’s life presented the Scientology Church International to the 101st birthday of L. Ron Hubbard the newly revised biography in 16 editions bound. The portrait of the founder of the religion can be seen simultaneously online in a comprehensive overview on the homepage. The online edition of the revised biography on the Internet was provided to the 101st birthday of L.

Ron Hubbard, on March 13, 2012. These give a biographical overview of the life and legacy of the religion’s founder, author and Explorer L. Ron Hubbard. At the same time, the comprehensive biography in 16 volumes as bound, biographisches lexicon was presented during the celebration of the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard.

The online edition of the biographical work so far offers a unprecedented, interactive chronology of main events in L. Ron Hubbard’s life. With hundreds of illustrated personal belongings, photographs and biographical details, the various aspects of the life of L. Ron Hubbard as an author, adventurer, Explorer, philosopher and founder of the Scientology religion are presented. The chronological details of L. Ron Hubbards of lifelong effort to answer the central questions of human existence, begin in the rugged American West. There, the six-year L. Ron Hubbard with a wandering shaman of Schwarzfussindianer befriended. This later honored him with the rare status of blood brotherhood. Online visitor details on the homepage all basic findings on Hubbard’s path of development of Dianetics and Scientology: sensational by the stir moment, as he proved the decisive factor in the early Dianetics, with the terminally patient at the Naval Hospital in Northern California’s life could be saved until the release of Dianetics, the “Guide to the human mind” and the quick rise of this book on the bestseller list of the New York Times. Also describes in detail the development of recognition methods, which demonstrate that the human soul in fact is an independent and separable from the body, intangible and conscious, what the origin of the religion Scientology paved the way. A portrait on the homepage will also be presenting L. Ron Hubbard’s achievements as a humanitarian: with a very successful way of learning, now applied by some 30 million students and educators around the world. a response to drug abuse, which achieved unprecedented success rates through an international network of rehabilitation centres; with a code of ethics for the 21st century, so far worldwide, adopted by over 100 million people and with a comprehensive management technology can be successfully implemented by organizations and individuals to implement so their goals or dreams. The Online biography continues to offer an introduction in L.

What Makes WolframAlpha

If the ‘Google killer’ respond better? British mathematician Stephen Wolfram wants to offer revolutionary new possibilities the Internet search with the search engine WolframAlpha. To go online later this month. As the news portal reported, the new search engine will work differently than Google. It aims, on the provided questions to deliver not links on Web pages, but answers. While Google generates only a list of pages, the answers from multiple Web sources should be collected with WolframAlpha. The model is the human brain, which combined several fields of knowledge freely.

But no ready-made answers are supplied. Lila Snyder is often quoted on this topic. The goal is to make electronic freely combined the systematic knowledge that we have collected about the civilizations across Wolfram said at a lecture at the American University Harvard. The technology editors ( technik.html) by makes it clear what that means: question according to the gross national product of France, a number of graphics, a map would you and several tables appear. In a test, the search engine also on more complex issues has how after the ‘GDP of France divided by the Italian’ have provided an answer. On Google, you would have here only a reply, if this question had someone already calculated and placed in the network. It is still unclear how much WolframAlpha will restrict the authority of Google’s.

Dr. Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann, head of the SuchmaschinenLabors of the University of Hanover is skeptical. Not even succeeded in Microsoft up until now, semantically to order search results, although it has more capital and developers. More information: technology / 121683017…. contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59