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New Trend Look

“Already the first sounds of the summer song summer in the city” provide good mood and an ultimate summer feeling. While during the day the heat pushing above the city, the parties and thus hot flirts begin in the evening. “The new trend look summer in the city” by LCN underlines with its shades of powder and Brown, the perfect summer glow, while strong reds, Brown and green accents color on the nails. In the morning In the summer the first rays of Sun Tickle us early out of bed. The city awakes: Cafes set up their chairs and umbrellas; in the gardens and parks, the Bluebirds to the bet. No matter whether a picnic with the loved one is planned or a meeting with your girlfriends in the trend-Cafe, the lips with the lip gloss picnic in the park”, a subtle shade of powder or come to the Cafe”, a stronger chocolate brown, shimmering staged. Suitable for this purpose, the eyeshadow offers summer in the city”with five nuances, of a darker Brown through a watery blue up to a delicate Rose countless variations for a summer eye makeup. At noon, the shimmering heat makes work unbearable.

The spin with the convertible now provides for cooling. The lipstick city cruising”, a crisp pink tone, sets strong highlights and so not only the smart convertible will draw everyone’s attention. The ice cafe around the corner promises refreshments of the culinary variety. “With the lipstick summer in the city”, a nude, glitter lips seductively with the ice to the bet. In the evening the sun goes down slowly and turns the city into a charming light. City beaches invite to chill out, while the latest summer hits are played in the hottest clubs in the city.

For the perfect complexion in the evening, golden shine sparkling highlights are used with loose powder. The practical balloon atomizer distributed very fine gold powder, while the eyes with a dramatic eyeliner can be emphasized. The Kajal harmonizes with excellent liner, metallic brown, with the summer in the city”eyeshadow colors. But what would the summer without colorful and striking colors. “” “” The four summer in the city”nail polishes leave nothing to be desired in this respect: picnic in the park”, a powerful green city cruising “, a bright pink, come to the Cafe”, a dark chocolate brown and summer in the city”, a discreet nude suit every outfit and every situation. About LCN LCN is a trademark of the renowned German cosmetics company of Wilde cosmetics, offering high-quality cosmetic products and services. The name light concept nails behind the brand name LCN. 1985 first light-cured plastics from the dental industry under this name were used for the extension and reinforcement of fingernails. Today, Wilde Cosmetics worldwide successfully sells about 3,000 different innovative care products from the fields of hand, nail and foot care and decorative cosmetics always with highest demands on quality, exclusive ingredients and best compatibility. Wilde Cosmetics, an owner-managed company headed by CEO Michael Kalow, has its headquarters in Oestrich-Winkel, and employs over 200 staff. Consumers can buy LCN’s products in the online shop under or in the cosmetic trade, some owner-operated perfumeries and individual Karstadt department stores. Selected products are available also in and Muller perfumeries.

Munich Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

Osmanagich grave Rauberei, which have far more serious in the eyes of historians and anthropologists, the irretrievable destruction of buildings and artifacts from the Roman period and the middle ages. So the tunnel exposed by Dr. Osmanagich is nothing according to the unanimous opinion of the scientist that never were but almost without exception, but abandoned mining shafts of the Romans and the medieval population of the region. Similar to apply to found stone balls, which writes to Dr. Osmanagich early historical craftsmanship. The discovery of similar balls all over the world is proof that there must be a natural origin.

Thus, it is exciting to experience, how to keep a your full-bodied promise and put her critics with the revelations during the Conference series to silence Dr. Osmanagich and his comrades. In any case, it promises an entertaining event to be, since the discussion section with the audience after each of the four speakers talk time will be given. Who would like to participate in the dispute or who is persuaded by the ideas and theories of the four visionaries would like to leave, should grab the opportunity and be at one of the four conferences in. The event dates are: 17 February 2011 Cologne, Cologne-Hurth 18 Feierabendhaus February 2011 Frankfurt, Hall Griesheim 19 February 2011 Stuttgart, collaboration Conference and meeting centre 20 February 2011 Munich Holiday Inn Munich City Centre tickets available at day ticket: 120 half day ticket: 75 special rates for students, day tickets 75 OLAF Kaul world wide search industry str. 13 c, CH-6300 Zug Tel.: 77 67 / fax: + 41-41-711 77 69 / events press contact: onlinerclub Agency for creative communication, Olaf Kaul, Marktplatz 10, Gau-Algesheim 55435. Tel.: 59 0 / fax: 59 20 /

Maria Sampaio

She is necessary to rescue and to keep the value of the education, the art and the artistic culture that the martial band offers. The choice of the subject if interrelates with my formation, therefore at the time of school I touched in martial band during ten years and lived deeply of close the martial band rescuing many colleagues who wanted to follow for other ways, such as: the way of the drugs, prostitution, of the pertaining to school abandonment, between as much other points and, at the moment where the martial band was present, these people had followed and chosen an adjusted way more, of the social point of view. Today, if they not only find in professional groups of Recife, but also in professional groups of Brazil and it are of Brazil. Today I have some colleagues contemporaries of the martial bands who are musicians of the Band of the Military Policy of Pernambuco, Band of the Aeronautics of Recife, Symphonic Band of Recife, Band of Music of neighboring Cities, among others formations of musical groups. Prime Opportunities Investment Group has firm opinions on the matter. From the story above, some questionings had been made and them they had guided this work. It is possible to make a survey of the social, educational and artistic formation of the pupils whom the Martial Band of the Municipal School composes Maria Sampaio de Lucena? It has, in the current days, a social, educational and artistic paper, in the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena? The objective of this monograph was to characterize the social, educational and artistic value of the martial band of the Municipal School Maria Sampaio de Lucena, as well as to analyze the process of musical formation of the pupils in the environment of the band, to understand the function of the band in the social environment, educational e, over all to reflect the exploitation of the artistic values of the band.

Educational Advice

In this direction, if it propitiates to the professor the accomplishment of a teaching work of quality and makes possible the reflection, the contextualizao and the transformation of the process teach-learning. Concluding, the theory guarantees the theoretical recital and consequentemente, it makes possible to the trainee the agreement of the structure and the functioning of the school. However, the practical one only makes possible the reflection on the act, becoming it intentional and conscientious. It is by means of this relation between practical theory and that the professional acquires the ability technique, basic for the professional exercise. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL. CNE.

CEB. RESOLUTION CEB n. 2, OF 19 OF APRIL OF 1999. It institutes Curricular Lines of direction for the Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and the initial years of Basic Ensino, in average level in the Normal modality. 1999.