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Project Wins Catalog Forum

LAPP cable will catalogue ‘ best of the best at Inca. With all the hype about digital media, the print catalog has not lost its importance. On the contrary, despite competition from digital to print catalogues in good manufacturing and trading demand remains. However, it is becoming increasingly important to provide the Internet with the same information here. Against this background, it is a great honour to have been rbeteiligt in the creation of a genuine winner catalogue for print and Web Katalogie Wehl man: the LAPP cable catalog. In a tough competition with competitors such as Festool, Wiha, Siemens, Leitz ACO Passavant Katalogie Wehl man prevailed the project and became the best of the best at the catalog Forum Inca”named so as the best comprehensive catalog for print and Web. In the development of the catalogue, the print check was first impulses for changes particularly in the area of product presentation. Danny Meyer: the source for more info.

The scholar Web check caused a greater homogenization both channels. Both analyses were the trigger for a holistic process of change through print and Web publications. A graphical and conceptual revision has accompanied the editorial treatment of the product information. As a result, the Lapp Group brought a catalog in the market, which is full acceptance in the target group. A process of change, which has already paid off for LAPP cable. Find Wehl man Katalogie. Find LAPP cable.

And finds the independent jury of the catalog Forum Inca. Wehl man Katalogie is already since 1999 for strategic marketing and print and online marketing. With services from consulting, advertising agency, and cross-media, the Katalogie combines strategic, creative and technological expertise under one roof. The close link between of these three areas makes it possible to ensure a holistic network of different information to a highly efficient communication.


Creation and development of an online forum today online forums – one of the most visited places by people. And it is not about attendance solely on the network, but about life in general. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harold Ford. Until recently, such a phrase may seem odd or just be completely misunderstood, but the realities of present day such that it is mostly on the forums on the Web people can discuss any topic, ask for advice, to find like-minded people. How to make Online there were new visitors, so to speak, "from outside", that he attracted people, and they want to look here every day and chat with other forum users? First of all, before the creation of the forum should give clear answers to three key questions: 1) Do you have an internal readiness to work with him? 2) Why is your forum will be attractive, and it will call people? 3) How many online forums on topics you planned and if you will try to do my original, totally different from others? Only to identify with each of these items that only you will understand, first, whether it is necessary to undertake this business, and secondly, in what direction you need to move. If you do decide to create a forum, as a first step, very clear, not only with its thematic focus, but with the tone in which, according to your estimates, should communication will take place on it. After registration, the forum is not in a hurry to advertise it on other sites and entice people. Coming to you on the ground, they do not find anything interesting, will not register and leave, but you raised questions Forum has a reputation in the early stages of its development. So to start work with the design. There is no need to do something incredible and amazing, but the appearance of the forum should be pleasant, attracting to themselves and the spirit appropriately selected subjects.

Contemporary Shop Building

Fashion trend in today’s Shop building is equipment made of wood and chipboard. Experts say its high efficiency and excellent demonstration features: furniture environmentally friendly natural materials underlines the freshness and beneficial properties for products such as bread, fruit, vegetables and wine. Bakery department at this time traced the development of an active range bakery products. Increased their share in the consumer basket. This is especially true of hot baking: fresh bread aroma creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth on the trading floor, as well as the appetite. Specialists Department design of TAS Retail recommend placing wooden shelves with hot pastries, or in the center of the room, or away from the shop entrance, on the path of customers through offices in the wine, dairy and cheese products. Source: NY Museums . As In practice, it encourages impulse buying related products (wine, cheese, fruit).

To effectively demonstrate the bakery products company TAS Retail furniture offers an array of pine, beech and chipboard under brand Molinari. The range includes a standard set of bread racks for supermarkets and hypermarkets with large-area calculations of wall and detached. Possible development and manufacture of commercial equipment wood or chipboard to order in full accordance with the spatial capabilities, product line policy, format and trade dress shop. “In developing the grain of natural wood shelving for minimarkets, for example, can be used shelves and storage of alternative materials: chipboard, MDF, metal, plastic, wire mesh, – the head of the design and concept stores of the company TAS Retail Ivan Murzenko – Supermarkets and convenience stores are usually bought wooden shelves on the basis of universal models, but with the use of decorative or unusual poloknakopiteley. The optimal solution for hypermarkets and shopping cash & carry format is the wooden furniture with no back wall: a design facilitates rapid supply of products from production facilities. ” The company also offers TAS Retail Chain baskets used for the most effective demonstration of small sized products (cakes, muffins, croissants), as well as natural stands of vines. This product is indispensable when you need to create a unique style bakery department of supermarkets and hypermarkets, or a boutique.

Bread racks Molinari used in networks such as “Food Market” (Arkhangelsk) and “Magnet”. Also among the company’s customers Bakery “Cheryomushki.” Fruit and vegetable department of a fruit and vegetable department has an important place in the equipment store. The best places to put it in front of the supermarket. It is an aesthetic appearance of fresh vegetables and fruit sets the mood of visitors and stimulates buying. The range includes shelving Molinari and collapse of pine or chipboard array coated with a water-based varnish. This standard solutions designed specifically for display and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables