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The laborers if judged in the obligation to produce more when the illumination intensity increased e, the opposite, when diminua. It proved superiority of the psychological factor on the physiological factor: the efficiency of the laborers is affected by psychological conditions. Recognizing the psychological factor only how much its negative influence, the researchers had intended to eliminate it of the experience, for considering it inopportune. The conclusion (that she was known as experience of Hawthorne) is that the productivity goes up when it has the perception of the workers who the direction of the company of the attention they. Recently the Experience of Hawthorne has been reviewed and criticized in its metodolgico aspect. In 1998 an article of New York Times pointed that five employees had only participated of the experience and two had been substituted.

Moreover, two economists of the University of Chicago, Steven Levitt and John List, had remade an analysis using econometry and they had not found linking between the productivity and the luminosity. 3.MUDANA CULTURAL 3.1.Pode or must be changed the Culture of an Organization? According to Kissil (1998), so that the organization can survive and if develop, so that revitalizao and innovation exist, must be changed the organizacional culture. This concept answers this question fully, where the Author suggests that the revitalizao and the innovation are important factors for the companies, and in certain way alone if it obtains this changing the culture of the organization. The effort of mutual agreement inside of the company is a way to guarantee a consistent structure and to keep the rhythm of productivity of the organization. To mount the teams with a varied profile she is necessary of a cultural approach and to choose the people who are different. What it makes a strong company is the internal mutual respect, is it who will be able to generate fast and efficient answers.

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With a range of news from Europe in the morning, the euro continued to rise, while Wall Street there was some fear; crude rose $ 2.00 in the morning, which benefited the EURO, and apparently the correction of the commodity ended. To my mind, U.S. data injected a dose of certainty, despite the recent strength of DOALR observed, and the American economy at the moment shows no signs of a full recovery. The real estate industry data might cause greater tension in the USD, and I think the dollar weakened somewhat by the announcement of AIG, as he called widespread attention. It is estimated that the majors will continue to rise over the next 24 hours.

GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.8200/10 Resistance 2: 1.8130 Resistance 1: 1.8080 New York: 1.7904 Support 1: 1.7730 Support 2: 1.7620/30 Support 3: 1.7580 Comments The pair remained within established ranges. Despite the news, and measures of the Fed, the pair remained within expected ranges, after a slight fall. In my opinion, the LIBRA beat the storm quite well, and apparently will not lower. I recommend buying a pair for the next 24 hours, and specifically in the area of 1.7830. Many traders took profits. Apparently the cap is being reached. The pair closed in the 1.7780 area. Data due Thursday: All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 4:00 a.m.

GBP MPC Member Dale 4:30 a.m. talk GBP Retail Sales m / m 4:30 a.m. GBP M4 Money Supply m / m 4:30 a.m. GBP Public Sector Net Borrowing EURO / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.4550 Resistance 2: 1.4380 Resistance 1: 1.4300 New York: 1.4232 Support 1: 1.4080 Support 2: 1.4000/10 Support 3: 1.3940/50 Comments may be that the pair reached the 1.4100 area. Apparently the minimum will be stopped. The volumes were low as expected. We found great volatility. For now dominates a technical trade. The pair continues after the Cable and vice versa. Rotation may happen. U.S. data may be unfriendly, so expect more volatility. No publications for Thursday Written by Jason Alan Jankovsky for more information visit the foreign currency trading (FOREX) involves the existence of losses due to the risk inherent in any transaction. It is likely that FOREX trading is not suitable for all investors. You should determine whether trading is suitable in your case and should take into account your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more than your initial investment. The opinions, financial information or on markets, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. The information contained in this bulletin does not constitute or states that you should buy or sell through FOREX Core Financial Group Inc., and / or its affiliates, and should not be available to individuals in a jurisdiction where the making available of the above would be contrary to local regulations.

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The concept of the next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR developed further by the Leipzig technology companies presented Leipzig at safety fairs in Nuremberg, Dubai and Utrecht, September 30, 2011. There is not a week where no news about cyberattacks and threats from the Internet are reported. Public and private institutions are increasingly easy targets of hacker attacks. The thicket of measures to protect against the threats of the World Wide Web is more complex. Finally, the user has the choice to find the optimal security solution.

Adyton is committed system aimed, easy-to-make network security and to provide the highest possible level of protection. Adyton has perfected the concept of the next-generation firewall with its solution NETWORK PROTECTOR system. It connects full positive validation of data connections, which essentially blocks any unknown network traffic, application whitelisting if no exception rule is created was. Thus, NETWORK PROTECTOR also protects the most zero-day attacks. It combines firewall, intrusion prevention system, application, Web filtering, malware protection and many other functions in a single device. Intelligent wizards and automatic detection of network infrastructure enable the reliable protection of the network also IT lay. Adyton system presents its safety technology of NETWORK PROTECTOR this year for the first time to a wide audience. From October 9-13 the company on the international technology fair GITEX technology week in Dubai presents itself.

TA-G16 of the Exhibitor area of the German Pavilion, Booth interested parties did consult a week personally the opportunity to leave and to get an insight into the technology. Parallel another team of Adyton turns system on the security fair in Nuremberg it sat by the 11 13.10 in Hall 12, booth 227 questions by potential users, distributors, and journalists. The 12.10 at 16 h 15 will Adyton’s co-founder Klaus Mochalski about next-generation firewall redefined by Adyton system”on blue forum talk. Furthermore, the company with its network security solution on the Dutch exhibition Infosecurity NL, 2-3 November in Utrecht on the D155 stand is in Hall 1. Interested companies, press representatives and distributors are also here cordially invited. About Adyton systems AG Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig and has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability using the novel technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton system uses for this the latest deep packet inspection (DPI)-technology.