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Strength / weakness analyses according to sales staff, products, regions, and periods through targeted analyses can be initiated short-term measures to enhance sales Horst / 03.06.2009 – for sales is more important than ever in the face of the current economic downturn a success control. With their Commission payroll system staff C / S therefore offers a solution the Nord-soft GmbH, which, can be used on its own purpose as a tool of efficient and timely distribution control. STAFF providing evaluations for specific C / S at any time to provide a current and accurate insight into the sales situation. So, quite easily differentiated analyses can be made through access to Commission data stored according to sales staff, products, regions and time periods. This creates the advantage for sales management, that are based on these evaluations short-term targeted measures of the Commission initiate, to the commitment of the sales staff, for example, for sales weak products In addition to increase. Such sales management methodologies are so naturally, so difficult is often in practice to implement, because lacking often for relatively prompt reactions to the conditions for the provision of appropriate information”, says the sales manager of Nord-soft, Peter Hohns.

On the CRM and accounting systems, such data not in the desired degree of differentiation may be made available. Through the historical data of the Commission accounts we know, however, always very exactly who sold product to what extent. This data can be netted then across the entire sales resources.” Control aspects C/S but significantly more helpful analyses are possible with the Commission system staff. So can be evaluation features relatively quickly, by the employees, who are the top performers. Just as the individual target agreements for certain periods of time can in this way or products be specifically tracked. Such analyses are not so easily be realised via other sales solutions”, judge Hanna. Even less such Commission solutions can meet this requirement, which are only part of a comprehensive software system. About broker solutions or insurance inventory systems include an integrated module to the Verprovisionierung.

There is also sometimes a trade representative accounting in ERP or accounting systems such functionalities. Rod can be used in all industries to the structured calculation and distribution of broker claims C / S. It offers the possibility to manage free and tenured employees, agents, franchisees, distributors, third party distributors and tipsters in unlimited tree depth and width. In addition, this Commission system through an integrated multi-client capability and optional separate billing option of individual structures within a client characterized. About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. Its customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers such as IBM and Fujitsu-Siemens is Nord-soft able, even complex projects from analysis, design, software development and hardware sales, financing, installation, professional training and the run-on side support. Agency think tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Standards ISO

Blocking site is located on the locker, complete with a special tag, which is specified time limit, type of work and attendance. Tag and lock element is fixed to be blocked by individual participants locks work. Each participant has an individual lock and key, which allows you to block your site works before proceeding he fixes his castle on a common tag / blocker. In blocking equipment, collecting locks of all participants at a special tag in a pair of blocker, you can be sure that work safety is guaranteed, the site is blocked by all participants in the work. Running the system is not possible without uninstalling (destruction) blocker. Not involved employees can not “accidentally” turn on the equipment or intervene in the repair process. Now you can safely violate the guaranteed to perform work.

Upon completion of the work release procedure is possible only after, when all the employees after work come together, and each participant will unlock your door. Only after this lock can be removed, that will indicate the equipment is ready for launch. LOTO system allows you to control the entire process, eliminating the possibility of accidental start-up equipment. The result of the exclusion factor controlling human error in mind, or lack of coordination disorders. Security formula – in control of every responsibility for the safety of all. The use of blockers can not be a party sad statistic preserving life and health personnel. The use of interlocks is especially true in industries in which particular process, the extent of repair of large area and require increased security controls. This is especially metallurgy petroleum and chemical industry.

Different types of blockers designed to limit and control access to various types of energy – mechanical, electrical dynamic, pressure energy. I should add that the use of LOTO forming additional circuit protection human error, can help improve the safety and effectiveness of the equipment due to the increase in service activity to achieve maximum performance and reducing downtime. Already, for Many companies have hazardous production sites binding norm of its own security, insurance was the risk of accidents and potential damage. Blockers to minimize risks accidents, and when business requires insurance of industrial risks (survey), allow the insurance program on more favorable terms. The important fact is the use of interlocks in complex with professionally organized procedure block is an integral part of the culture of safety for companies involving past or certification in accordance with Standards ISO. Brady Corporation – an international manufacturer of devices for the identification and protection of people and equipment. Such products can help improve safety, productivity and efficiency of the equipment.

Foam Material

Many people have such terms as cement, waterproofing, insulation, plaster, insulation, dry mixes, foam sealant, foam board floors, plaster, putty + plunge in horror, others injected into the stopper of an unfamiliar terms such as But many people do this, make the light conditions of your existence. These words do not need to know everything, they should simply be replaced by a more understandable words, but what can they determine what material should we choose that better for floors, for walls, for warmth and comfort? These issues we throws professionals who from a professional viewpoint we recommend. Cement. Styrofoam – it's insulating material consisting of foam polystyrene. The foam clean and healthy building material that can be effectively used in construction and other industries.

The foam used in the manufacture of multilayer panels used for the device heated sidewalks, access platforms, parking area, heat-sealing of communications, for pipe insulation and insulation of the foundations. Styrofoam plates also very well-behaved shown in the form of packaging for storage or to move. If you have no idea what it is, remember your ceilings, it is an example of a design approach. The foam has a high resistance to water, salt solutions, lime, alkalis, and much more, it almost does not absorb liquid. The foam has low thermal conductivity, so in some cases, the foam is used as insulating material. Why do you should choose this material? Because the use of foam in the repair work will reduce the cost of materials and reduce the cost of installation and adjustment boards.

HVAC Temperature

Recommendations for choosing a thermal When faced with the task before you select the model thermal imager should first identify the areas in which this device will be used. The following recommendations are designed to help you understand the thermal characteristics of a key role in some areas of application, and which may, however, in your case, do not have a significant importance. 1. The upper limit of the range of measured temperatures If you plan to use a thermal imager for: thermal imaging surveys of buildings for defects enclosures and HVAC systems, electrical and thermal imaging survey power facilities, any other purposes that do not require shooting objects of high (above 250 C) temperature, you will be sufficient standard model with an upper limit of 250 C. The main tasks for which insufficient such temperature range, are testing thermal insulation of boilers, furnaces, steam and other high-temperature engineering systems.

In this case, you should choose the imager with an upper limit of measurement temperature 600 … 1000 S.zadachi associated with heat treatment, metallurgy, glass, ceramics, coke, cement, etc. For these objectives, a device with a high limit of measurements – up to 1500 … 2000 C. 2. Resolution bandwidth temperature if you do not plan to use thermal imaging to scientific research, will suit any modern model with a resolution of 80 …

100 mK. 3. Operating conditions in the event that the instrument will be used exclusively in the premises, will be sufficient temperature range 0 … 40 C and humidity limit of 80%. If the planned thermal imaging survey on the street, therefore, one should choose the instrument with a large range Operating temperature range (-20 … 50 C) moisture resistant and more (up to 90 … 95%). It should be noted that surveys of buildings for leaks more convenient to heat at low temperatures for easier detection of thermal bridges and other problem areas. 4. Angular field of view and optical resolution. These characteristics should be selected based on the estimated size of the objects thermal imaging survey and the minimum defects that you plan to register. Angular field of view allows us to estimate with a minimum distance can be shooting objects of any size (the entire survey of the building height H can range from not less than L = H / tgx, where x – the angular field of view). Optical resolution sposobnostopredelyaet minimum observed during the thermal capture of defects by the formula D = L * d, where D – the minimum detectable defect, L – distance to the examined object, and d – optical resolution, measured in radians. 5. Optional are used in situations that require shooting small objects at large distance (the upper floors of tall buildings, power line insulators, etc.), allowing a high-resolution images over large distances. When using telephoto lenses working distance increases inversely angular field of view. Wide angle lenses are used, if you want to conduct a survey of an extended object, but shooting from a distance is excluded for various reasons. In contrast, telescopic lenses, reduce the working distance, increasing the field of view. 6. The size of the matrix number of sensitive elements of the matrix determines the sharpness of the resulting thermal image. Besides functional value, the minimum size of the matrix of the thermal imager used in solving various problems, often controlled by the regulations in this area (on the energy audit – see guidelines documents).

Costa Brava Tourism

Cadaques (named porecede of the toponym Quers Cap or Cap d Aques in Spanish out of rocks) is the easternmost village in Spain. Its municipal area occupies a large part of the territory of the cabo de Creus massif. It is a village which, since its origins, has been isolated from the rest of the Emporda owing to its situation geog? afica, which lasted until the end of the 19th century. This has meant that this small village has a special charm, with its white houses, its church which stands out from all the roofs and its port and incomparable beaches. Traditionally this striking village has been meeting point of intellectuals, object and inspiration of many painters and summer resort of several families of Barcelona, Figueras, Girona and other cities near Cadaques for many years, approximately from 1905.

Beginning in 1958, Marcel Duchamp, the probably most influential artist of the 20th century, set in Cadaques his summer residence. Likewise, the family of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali had a summer home, where he had been visiting in his time as student Federico Garcia Lorca in the village. Dali returned from New York in 1948 and settled in Port Lligat, one of the coves of the term. It also attracted celebrities so prominent as Eugenio D Ors, who wrote about their stay in the village, Pablo Picasso, Rafael Durancamps or Joan Miro. Cadaques has also seduced to other younger painters like Antoni Pitxot, Gustavo Carbo Berthold or Maurice Boitel. But without a doubt, the painter who has been tied to this beautiful town has been bran Dali, which you can visit his house, also a Museum, which is located in the town. In Barcelona you can also see an exhibition by the artist at the Museum of the Royal artistic circle of Barcelona, on Arcs Street, number 5, which contains 44 sculptures Dali.

Digitalization Of Archives

As a provider of services to the main media and production companies, ADS is known for its operational excellence and outstanding customer service said Andy McIntyre, President of ADS. That is a homage to the talent, vision and motivation of our staff, who have helped move listings from a regional provider to a national leader in traditional and new media. But media industry is rapidly evolving, and so are we. That is why I am delighted to welcome Tom Engdahl as our guide in taking advantage of the many opportunities ahead of us. This is an exciting time to join the ADS, Engdahl said. ADS has a reputation without equal for the customer satisfaction, driven by the simple principle of fulfilling our promises. With opportunities for innovation in its highest point of all times, we recognize that innovation is key to our continued growth and leadership in the industry. Article recommended by digitization of files.

ec4u-tool comparison with the average results of all other participating companies in Karlsruhe, offers simple and pragmatic approach to the identification of strengths and weaknesses in the CRM landscape in addition helpful 17.03.2011 – the CRM specialist ec4u expert consulting ag supports companies with an online check in, to analyze the effectiveness of their CRM systems. For this, participants to navigate through four categories with a total of 50 questions covering the entire relevant aspects of existing architecture for customer management. The topic categories include strategy & BI-management, CRM processes, technology & performance and staff & skills area. Starting from the individual answers of the participant, the tool determines then the trend action in the undertaking concerned. The results represented in a tripartite system of traffic light, where the red color indicates a high and urgent need for optimization. The other two colors indicate that at present either only medium (yellow) or no urgent (green) Improvement initiatives are needed.

The user can then print out the results of the entire CRM efficiency check to use them for designing concrete measures or further discussion in the internal teams. Benchmarking is also the user, the individual results are compared with the average of all other companies, who have participated in the SelfCheck. This differentiated analysis companies receive a comparatively simple and pragmatic approach, to identify potential problem areas and action requirements in just a few minutes in the different levels of performance for the practice”, David D. Laux, Chairman of the ec4u Board describes the benefits. To the free CRM efficiency check: info-corner/selfcheck-to the crm efficiency / about ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich and Pfaffikon is one of the leading companies for services in the areas of Customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) in the German economy. The targeted combination of business and IT expertise ec4u supports customers in all industries in establishing sustainable, an individual competition superior customer relationship management holistically, pragmatic, from a single source. ec4u offers its customers best practices in the areas of on-premise CRM, business intelligence (BI) and real time decisions (RTD), CRM on demand, application integration architecture (AIA) and service oriented architecture (SOA) and master data management (MDM) with a focus on Oracle and Microsoft as the most powerful software partner.

The services are complemented by the strategic and professional CRM Consulting (strategies for marketing, sales and service). Among the customers are E.g. Arcor, Bosch ST, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Integralis, MEWA, RWE, Swisscom and ZKB. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

New York City

The very fact of buying air tickets and prepare itineraries that allow you to travel to new york without having disadvantages with other activities is achievable without difficulties older feat. The intention of this article is to give you some practical advice that will help enough to that you can in advance not only plan well your trips, but besides this have the facilities to get cheap flights to new york no matter the time of year. Below I will present you some important things you should know about this important decision. 1. Visit the web portals that sell airline tickets: web portals that sell airline tickets generally are in a constant competition all the time, and therefore this benefits a lot of consumers and people who are looking for cheap flights to new york in one way or another.

It is very important that you can visit web portals that offer these services and always maintain good plans and offers to its consumers in getting cheap flights to new york. This is the most economical and practical way because not only you can get economic tickets but it also makes him saving time and without disturbing from the comfort of your home, Office or from your mobile device. 2 Ask for information at your city’s tourism agencies: tourism agencies are a very important source for information about packages of flights to new york since tourism is a form of currency input to countries. 3 Ask about rides hotels packages: also the hotels are preparing these packages in combination with travel agencies and airlines. This is an excellent way to achieve this.

4. Do not allow any promotion: promotions are one of the tools by which we ourselves realize How to get cheap flights to new york. There are many ways to achieve them and the promotion in its various forms is and always will be 5. Identify online ads: many banner ads appear when we be conducting searches. It is very important that you identify these offers or ads and take advantage of them. 6 See travel agencies specializing in airline tickets: travel agencies which are specialized in air ticket will be an excellent solution for you. 7 Participate in competitions in shops and supermarkets: in his city many competitions give rise in commercial establishments where you buy clothes, food or check fuel. Cheap flights to new york are not just a matter of going to a travel agency and buy an airline ticket; but that besides this, it is absolutely possible to get a stroke of luck and be graceful in the result of any contest you pay for any item entering the raffle automatically.