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Flat Rate Services

Health aspects and risks of flat rate group fitness offers as an example the current ZUMBA fitness – flat Council in principle: sport is good and keeps the joints mobile. But only if we run him moderately and not too intense. This applies equally to all group fitness programs, among them such as ZUMBA fitness. “After recent drink in analogy to the advertising” – the offer by including ZUMBA fitness flat rates – flat rates explodes, it is necessary to draw attention to say the risks of overuse of the musculoskeletal system through such fitness lock offers to the health effects. Finally everyone least comprehensible reasons prior to the conclusion of a flat rate in be informed that something intense and repeated cardio training per week means for the bio-mechanics of the body. But as always it goes primarily to the business, after all is the sole goal with these offers to fill the hours.

That way the care for the (short but particularly long-term) health well-being of participants on the track remains, is mostly approvingly accepted. The invention are E.g. ZUMBA – flatrates”the provider/instructors and ZUMBA LLC does not support. Reputable group fitness provider, that the problem and therefore your responsibility are aware, do not have flat rates on offer. Applies deals to the most coupon, because these are leader like that flat rates with respect to the balance of fitness success and injury prevention target. The fact is that the developers of group fitness programs shift any responsibility of a health impairment of the participants through your programs on the instructors and they turn on the participants themselves. This is common and legal practice.

Good Service

The diversity of destinations that you can visit in Peru is really surprising. As the first destination we have to the capital Lima, the largest city of Peru. Since Lima has the only international airport in the country, all flights arrive at the capital becoming the gateway to Peru. Lima is a modern city with all that this implies, shopping malls, luxury hotels and a heavy traffic, especially during rush hours. The next destination tourists prefer is the impressive city of Cusco.

With less than an hour’s flight from Lima you can reach the city of the Incas and reserved a Hotel Cusco. The archaeological Capital of America, also known as Cusco is recognized in the whole world because these lands lies the famous Citadel of Machu Picchu. This impressive creation of the Incas is considered to be one of the new seven wonders of the world. Visit the city involves at least 5-6 days to enjoy everything the city has to offer as a Cusco Hotel. The Peruvian Sierra is characterized by presenting the best landscapes Peru, we therefore recommend that travel by bus to appreciate the colorful landscapes. Near Cusco, Arequipa and Puno is located. In Arequipa you can visit the amazing Colca Valley, home of the largest bird, the condor.

Arequipa is a modern city, the second most populous in Peru. This city is located within walking distance of el Misti volcano. If you prefer to travel with direction to Puno, you should travel directly to Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. That Lake consisting of small islands, which are inhabited by direct descendants of the Aymara culture. He meets Peru and Cuzco Hotel reservation. There is a tourist calendar about Peru that may be useful. Cusco Hotel in the Highlands of Peru, or Hotel Mancora in the hot North are two good choices. Peru has much to offer as well as Sara Martinez. Sara writes informative articles about their travel experiences and other issues of public interest.

DropGifts OnlineFotoservice

Social gifting 2012 is the most significant Internet trend. For many Internet users, sending is impossible to imagine receiving and redeeming gift cards. Oldenburg/Berlin, 23 April 2012: Social gifting 2012 is the most significant Internet trend. For many Internet users, sending is already impossible to imagine receiving and redeeming gift cards via mobile devices or the Internet. Through the cooperation with DropGifts ( now also OnlineFotoservice in the social gifting rises “a business. The OnlineFotoservice today announced the collaboration with the OnlineGeschenkkarten Portal DropGifts. The Berlin Start-Up allows only to give what you really like and that several together with friends”, as Cornelius von Rantzau, sales manager at DropGifts.

No matter, whether for your best friend or family photo gifts and photo books are always a very special gift idea, which the personal moments in life hold. Once but not quite clear what the favorite photos of your friend or a Family member are, sending an OnlineFotoservice gift card offers. These can be redeemed for the entire range of OnlineFotoservice and CEWE photo books. Orders can be made online and then delivered by post. For every taste something is in wide assortment? ND, because at OnlineFotoservice individual gift ideas such as E.g. CEWE photo books, photo on canvas or acrylic glass, can be ordered photo gifts, calendars, greeting cards, and much more. For those who have more than one favorite photo, the numerous design and offered collage templates. Of course, the idea of a gift card is nothing new.

The really special thing about the gift card service by DropGifts is that mutual Facebook friends quickly and easily can participate in a gift. The collection of money for group gifts now belongs to the past: mutual friends about the award a cards will be informed on the Facebook newsfeed. You then have the option, the value of the Gift card to increase. Along with a personal message, this is then either immediately, or if you wish only to the birthday, at the lucky recipient. Easier the baton could not really be! Contact: Meike Maryska PR Manager Tel: + 49 (0) 172 6896595 E-Mail: presse(at) Dropgifts GmbH Johannisstrasse 20 10117 Berlin OnlineFotoservice OnlineFotoservice offers see more than 1,000 photo products to design yourself. In addition to many innovative product ideas from the categories of gifts, posters & canvases, greeting cards and photo calendars, the multi-award-winning CEWE photo book is one of the top sellers. It was awarded most popular photo book of Europe’s 2009-2010 for the best photo book, including the plus X award 2011 for the best photo book order software and the EISA award. The editors of the MACup magazine awarded 3/2011 also the ordering software as test winner and Stiftung Warentest test winner (2009, with partner Saturn) chose the CEWE photo book. At the OnlineFotoservice exclusively offers its photo products and services many well-known online partners such as and RTL. About DropGifts the Berlin Start-Up DropGifts was founded in February 2012. DropGifts is a SocialGifting platform, which enables friends to send each other personal gift cards. You have the choice between free and purchasable cards of trendy shops and brands. The cards are displayed after allocation to the Facebook wall of the recipient and can be redeemed immediately. It is this mutual friends possible, in addition to increase the value of the card.

Food Home Delivery Service Food

Cooking post: No more Fast Food and frozen food as the first recipe and food home delivery service of Switzerland launched the single box kochpost and supplies also singles with refined recipes and the ingredients needed for the Cook at home now. These are most precisely matched on the single household and include three meals and fruit for the whole week. This one not only discarding surplus food of the past, but also tiresome shopping for singles after a strenuous working day. The number of singles is rising slowly but steadily in the Switzerland. About 1.5 million people live in this country alone, and the proportion of one-person households in the cities is partially over 50 percent.

Reason to call enough for kochpost, the single box in life and to provide the recipe and grocery home delivery service for lonely hearts: new come singles enjoy varied recipes and portions suitable pre-packaged food for after cooking, delivered weekly directly to the front door. Ready meals, frozen pizza and tedious planning and shopping after work are disused with all single persons ends it and be replaced with varied menus with fresh and healthy ingredients. In addition, the single box contains also a weekly ration of seasonal fruits, which supplied the single vitamins with an extra portion. Responsible approach to food Marc Pallioppi, founder and CEO of kochpost AG, is pleased about the extension of the offer: just for singles who are employed in most cases and not with a partner can share on the shopping, is the single box optimally. Not like the packaging units from the supermarket, which are often much too large for singles, the amounts we are precisely matched to the needs of a single person.” So, kochpost ensures a responsible handling with food and prevents that they spoiled land in the trash. Incidentally the recipes to cook at home promotes the culinary skills of the singles may’s helps Yes Seduction of a new partner.

Further information and photographs Marc Pallioppi kochpost AG Tel. + 41 43 299 31 60 Jessica free Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 44 515 65 00 kochpost was founded in 2011 via kochpost by Marc Pallioppi, David Brudo, and Christian Ersing. The concept of the recipe and food home delivery service comes from Sweden and is there successfully for years. Once a week the service supplying households in the German Switzerland with recipes and all its ingredients to cook simple. The recipes are developed by experienced chefs, with much emphasis on seasonal and fresh ingredients, as well as a balanced diet. The menus include meat, poultry, fish, or vegetarian ingredients alternately. kochpost eliminates tedious planning and shopping after work and makes it easy so everyday. The delivery service includes ingredients for three or four meals a week and is available for one, two or four persons. Depending on the delivery area is true the kochpost box a on the Monday or Tuesday evening between 17 and 21: 00 or in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The trial package with three meals for two people there from Sfr. 69.90. kochpost can be subscribed under in the one or two weeks and at any time is paused or cancelled.

Prospectus Of ISC BT AG

The securities prospectus created over the last few weeks was approved by BFin on the 08.11.2011. Also the conversion of the reporting on IFRS was connected with the building. In the future will be the reporting standards IFRS and are created each half-yearly accounts on the basis of IFRS. The full prospectus is published on the company’s website at. This is a great milestone and important step for the ISC BT AG to increase their attractiveness for investors, because now we have to operate the legal possibility of investor relationship work effectively”, explain Walter Andres and Peter Heinold, and boards of Directors of ISC BT AG, in unison.

The ISC business technology AG share continues to be traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt and on the XETRA under the following securities identification number WKN A0JM1B or ISIN CH0024733161. In addition to reaching this milestone in the company’s history, that has requires a lot of commitment, but also the operative business was not neglected. The positive trend in the ISC business technology AG (ISC BT AG) could be continued 2011 also in the third quarter with a clearly positive result. In the first nine months of the year 2011, the ISC BT achieved a total sales amounting to T 8.458 with an EBITDA of T 547 group. This is an increase of 17% in the total sales and 35% EBITDA compared to the same period last year.

Note: The today published results are unaudited figures HGB. The ISC business technology AG is a Swiss group of companies, which has active investments in innovative IT consulting companies in German-speaking countries. It is a quality-oriented company with a comprehensive range of services. The products include consulting services for hardware and software, own IT platforms, Internet platforms and the development of software solutions. The ERP and CRM software solutions by SAP in Walldorf are based. ISC BT AG has a wide Customer base includes large corporations, medium-sized and small businesses especially in German-speaking countries.

LED Lighting Systems

Fiber optic lighting by bedea akzent allow the separation of light and light emission. Light produced in a light projector is distributed through glass or PMMA fibre – on up to 500 light apertures per projector! This technology offers significant technical advantages over competing systems such as low-voltage halogen – or LED technology booming in the swimming pool and the sauna light. High-quality materials, the spotlight on the one hand, as well as high-tech light sources on the other hand our products secure a high importance for designers, lighting designers and architects. The advantages of fiber optic technology managed to make the way with light. The available light projectors with halogen, metal halide or LED bulbs cover the requirements of a swimming pool or sauna lighting. A very good colour rendering index and the variable adjustment of the color temperature from 2,000 to 5.200 Kelvin solve all the illumination requirements. The fibre-optic filter out harmful heat and UV radiation and ensure longevity.

The high quality, also focusable bedea accent UWS underwater spotlight in V4A or PVC can be used up to the swimming pond and fountain lighting from the Jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna and steam bath. The starry sky in the sauna or steam bath area and the bedea star floors as accent lighting in the basin boundary in the indoor and outdoor offer an attractive effect lighting. The coupling of bedea accent light projectors to on-site controllers such as KNX/EIB-bus or DMX is possible without any problems. Convenient control options are also about an optional web interface that enables the remote control via the Internet. Depending on the usage, very low energy consumption provides users a future-proof investment. Light projectors provide technology for example, 26 watt LED up to 500 fiber optic light points as Star points in the floor or the ceiling. A 150 Watt metal halide lamp provides up to 12 underwater spotlights in the swimming pool.

Managing Director

Dealing with documents more cumbersome than necessary according to survey ‘Scanning or race?’ Wetzlar, 08 November 2011 the handling of documents in German companies is more complicated than necessary, revealed a recent user survey of notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) about the practice in the collection of paper documents. Although modern multi-function devices (MFPs) are today in almost all offices, but their scope is not nearly exhausted: as a result of the study is scanning or race? “, which the software manufacturer NSi recently carried out.” Because although over 90% of respondents to the MFP scan daily important documents such as invoices, delivery notes and logs, only a third of their intelligent features uses for capture and workflow. With the consequence that the processing and forwarding of data, complicated runs as needed. Up to 80 minutes a day spend most with digitizing. Send for example a scanned image in the own workplace and all further steps for processing and File manually from instead of to streamline repetitive processes. Wasted resources more effectively, you can use this “, Enno Luckel, Managing Director of the German subsidiary NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar said.

NSi is one of the leading providers of solutions for the collection of information and their automated processing workflows. Function as an app can be activated that employees get unnecessarily heavy Office life, depends on less to lack technology or more complicated operation: because classical tasks like OCR capture, indexing, conversion and data transfer is similar to how an app via activated icons directly on the MFP LCD initiate and run then automatically in the background drain. Instead have implemented two-thirds of the companies so far purely and simply not such processes. That surprised us very, because one can define workflows without narrowing the scope of an employee. And you don’t need special knowledge”, Enno Luckel says. Da are we asked to alert users to the untapped potential of their MFPs as a software manufacturer of such functions but also the retailers.” Free download

European Commission

By prudsys receives trusted shop certification recommendation system trusted shops stands for safety and confidence. The trusted shops trustmark applies throughout Europe as the quality seal number one in online trading by the European Commission for effective consumer protection and support for SMEs. Not only online stores, guaranteeing a safe handling of ordering and payment processes, but also e-commerce solutions that meet a wide variety of high safety and quality standards will be awarded. Trusted shop now awarded this seal of approval to prudsys AG, whose recommendation engine is considered the recommendation system most widely used in German-speaking countries. The realtime analytics specialist thus becomes the official shop software partner by trusted shops.

The recommendation engine by prudsys allows a dynamic recommendation of products across all customer interaction systems. While the recommendations focus on the actual preferences of the buyer. The system is self-learning and in real time. By constant interaction with the buyer meets its individual purchase behavior optimally the system, and recommends products that his actual needs. Such individual recommendations to increase not only the shopping frequency and the number of spontaneous purchases.

They also extend the length of stay in the shop, promote customer loyalty and eventually lead to a maximization of profits. Also IREUS customers benefit from this new quality seal. Under the prudsys AG provides its engine of recommendation SaS / ASP solution, so that small and medium-sized online shop operator in the future profitably can employ this recommendation technology. Low investment cost, no investment risk, fast and possible without specialized IT skills to set up an individual recommendation engine and uncomplicated incorporating of the recommendations of the own web shop make interesting and affordable for the first time the use of recommendation technologies for smaller companies. Catalogers, in their Shop product recommendations with a very high personal preference for the customers supply, show a high level of customer orientation.

High Commission

Before graduating from a motor vehicle insurance insurance comparison always car make was introduced in 1939, several months after the start of the second world war. The number of accidents where people had died and there was significant damage, was already at that time namely staggeringly high. CAR insurance provided from this time at least, that financial compensation was paid the victims of an accident with the car even if your vehicle had suffered a total loss what was at that time not so unusual, because at that time were of course still not so high security comfort equipped with, such as today’s vehicles. Even today, insurance the vehicle has the same task. The rates of contributions were at that time still less diverse, it’s a real confusing, waiting for the consumer if they play with the idea to create a vehicle and hence a car insurance today. There was at the beginning only a few insurance companies, even a car Insurance offered today are several dozen.

The only way that the consumer comes on a possible cheap car insurance leads him to an insurance comparison. Earlier, an insurance comparison was performed by insurance brokers. However, such insurance comparison was not very great transparency. The reason was that the insurance broker asked mostly the companies for prices, egg which he could assume, that they paid him a High Commission. However you were previously paid insurance premium contributions for such insurance comparison below the post. Since the 1990s an insurance comparison for a consumer over the Internet is still quickly with the possibility of a direct statements on the website of the provider can of course also completely free of charge and not binding.

European Commission

At the possible effects of elderberry it go according to the presented information Moreover especially around the elderberries and the leaves of the black elderberry Bush; Then only a sweat-inducing effect is attributed to elderberry flowers. With regard to article 5, par. 1 lit. (b) HCVO must be above all so that the advertised substance in the product in a quantity exists that is suitable according to generally accepted scientific evidence, to achieve the advertised physiological effect. In this respect it would use the company also nothing that fresh plant juice from echinacea will used in doses from 100 mg as a remedy to increase the body’s defenses by stimulating the immune system. The advertised effect, which must exist at the time of advertising can, not only demonstrate according to the judge by a still-too-sweeping opinion anyway, if so far still no study with an appropriate statement to the operation Liege before in such a dose. The advertiser can rely not only on already present at the time of advertising findings, expected only to findings by a review by a court appointed expert. An effectiveness could be said therefore in particular on “good luck”.

Finally, the judges point out that the registration process not completed after the HCVO of health-related statements of the Court’s own decision and a ban not to stand here present not scientifically proven health-related advertising. Also reported claims are likely to be used para 5 HCVO prior to a decision of the European Commission according to article 28, if the action statements meet the requirements of article 5 HCVO. Just the there demanded general scientific substantiation is in the approval process to prove how no 353 / 2008 is clear from article 15 of the HCVO with the VO to adopted. The company nothing will demands like the other companies with scientific evidence, what not at an authorisation already checked will. A disadvantage of small and medium-sized enterprises by their failure to decide the Commission cannot therefore recognize the Court. As a result, the decision is defensible. The courts consistently apply the strict legal requirements for health-related advertising and the watchdog clubs know that.

Whether they are however even empowered to pronounce such warnings if its own members themselves do not comply with the strict requirements, is rather questionable. Soon some trend-setting are judgments on this very important issue. Until then, the company with creative alternative strategies should be prepared. Without precise knowledge of the legal situation and such court decisions that should however hardly be possible.Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see