To our full-service is currently that we mount the solar power plants around the clock.” See also: ja30 not all solar companies can the serious changes accordingly respond and first companies retire already. What does the Ministry of the environment to do so? A spokesman said the photovoltaic magazine”that infringed, since the solar subsidies continue to this period not with the confidence and investor protection. No end in sight: solar industry without predictability the draft law goes a step further and suggests the so-called Verordungsermachtigung. This is a backdoor that allows by mutual agreement with the Federal Ministry of economics the Federal Ministry of the environment to make more changes to the solar promotion. The annex would exceed the parameters or below, the feed-in tariff would adjusted in the short term.

That could expire without consent of the Bundestag and Bundesrat. These customizations provided in Vista were hardly predictable and economic uncertainties for solar companies. As in any other industry reliable framework conditions are necessary, investment incentives and hence innovation to create. Industry, environmental organisations and consumers are not behind the EEG cut in 2012 without the Sun is not to create the future full supply with renewables. Also the German citizens seem to know. More than 90 percent are in favour of the rapid expansion of solar energy in a latest TNS Emnid poll.

Nearly 60 percent think that the policy too little do. Now, the impression is reinforced by the draft law apparently protecting the profits of conventional energy suppliers rather than cheap electricity prices for consumers. According to a study of the Federal Association for solar industry (BSW), solar power can stock prices on average drop by ten percent. Therefore, a kilowatt-hour of 0.4 to 0.6 cents of less cost. Thus could be saved in the last year between 520 to 840 million euros. Nevertheless, rose and rising electricity prices continue to primarily because the network charges and not because promoting solar. NYC marathon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Photovoltaic system pays in the future also with lower yield although the return in the future for Photovoltaic systems declines, still worth the investment. In the next few years, electricity prices will rise strongly, so that domestic consumption will pay more and more. The energy self-sufficiency free the plant owners of high electricity bills and that for the next 25 years. During this time, the one-time investment pays off after. Photovoltaikexperten are in demand to build economic solar power systems, from March 9, 2012. They should well versed not only in the consulting, planning, and installation, but be versed in finance and tax advice. This solar concept providers offer himself, whose service covers all areas. The Berlin ever energy group provides a such full-service, more profitable than 800 photovoltaic systems installed to date. The solar energy company builds plants, with which the owner can consume up to 15 percent of the solar energy itself since last year. The new draft of the law should enter into force, we are well prepared,”said Dominik Modrach. We can use our Software already calculate whether a solar power system with the planned solar promotion is worth. Interested can contact like non-binding us for a consultation.