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MAG Process

The gas connections are connected by hoses to the respective gas bottles. The flammable gas is due to the higher pressure of the escaping oxygen through the mixing tube of the handle piece and sucked into the burner nozzle. There held combustion takes place through the ignition by means of an ignition device and produces a flame. The oxygen supplied by the heating flame in addition results in the editing interface there during heat-related melting of oxidation to slag. The hoses of the gases are safety differences, different colors so the tubing of the fuel gas are generally coloured red, the tubes carrying oxygen blue. Additional measures are for example the different large connecting pieces with the same outside diameter, as well as clearly recognizable difference in size of the thread and their contrasting thread direction.

Exactly the gas connection has a 3/8 “-left hand thread with notched nut, the oxygen a “-right hand thread. Arc welding machine with arc welding generates the needed heat by creating an arc by means of electric current. There are three generally used methods which use this method of welding that MAG process, the MIG procedure and the TIG process. MAY process the metal active gas process creates an arc between the workpiece and a wire electrode is fed from the machine. In this process, protective gas through the gas nozzle to the current contact tube runs to prevent harming the air atmosphere on the melt. The shielding gas is made up of argon and oxygen and CO2 used as part of each active. There used ratio ultimately determines the form and depth of the single fire, as well as the transfer of additional material.

The MAG process allows for welding high-alloy steels, and in these cases more than 5% is injected CO2 as active gas to prevent corrosion-promoting carbon capture in the melt. MIG process that resembles metal inert gas process however, is different the MAG process, in its functioning in the role of the shielding gas, usually argon or a mixture of argon helium, which is embedded here inactive in the welding process, but only the oxidation protection is used. Also using the MIG process, it can weld high-alloy steels, also non-ferrous metals. MIG welding machines have special requirements for the supplying power source. This should ideally a curve point with slightly falling voltage curve of approximately 2-4Volt / 100 amps exhibit and assign a voltage of 16 v at minimum the welding current of approx. 60 amps. Another feature of the power source should be a certain circuit inductance of this to as splash poor welding to enable. Typically a flow control function is used for this, which limits the current in cyclic contact between wire electrode and the work piece in the short-arc range and stores excess energy for the subsequent phases of the arc. In the other, namely the spray-arc range, exists except at the start, no mechanical contact between the workpiece and electrode wire. TIG procedure used mostly as shielding gases the tungsten-inert gas procedure argon, helium, hydrogen and mixtures thereof. These form an inert protective gas atmosphere, in which burns the arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece. More welding techniques to highlight short are the tungsten-plasma welding, laser beam welding and induction welding.

Alvaro Villela

The photograph, then, is the communication channel between the gift and the past (SAINTS, 2004), and is in such a way that Alvaro Villela intends, from the look of the artist, to portray the life of the Quilombolas, playing thus, important acess environment and a contact to this reality. ‘ ‘ Photographer curioso’ ‘ , as he calls yourself, ‘ ‘ man of mundo’ ‘ , moved for the curiosity and fidget, the necessity to tame life ways. When photographing, he goes in the direction of he instigates what it, goes of heart if to search in what he makes. This is Alvaro Villela, documentarista of images, that comes developing next to this people a work of rescue of history and the soul human being. According to Ribeiro, ‘ ‘ photos rescue memories, recoup chronological and existenciais passages.

we can also go reflecting on the line of the life and restoring some connections (2007. P. 38). Ahead of the chance that me was offered, steal it could not me to the right and hinder my therapeutic look while that I am. Inside of the context presented me, everything intently was observed, however the photographer, however the photographed one, if showing ‘ to me; ‘ as an inclusion possibility perceptiva’ ‘ (RIBEIRO, 2006, P. 123). In such a way, I can bring the totality of the things, choosing to each moment that it would be of importance as figure and as deep, alternating them in a significant process, where ‘ ‘ the eyes see the parts and the conscience apprehends the totality. (RIBEIRO, J., 2006, P.

176). The photograph comes being object of work of the psychologists and arteteraputas, being used as access instrument the unconscious emotions and memories. Then why not to join psychology and photograph in one same scene, extending, in this way, the perception of that the one that if it intended.