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Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron

Tomas Eloy Martinez, La meditation is the eye of the soul. Bossuet, Jacques Benigne us has physically left a prestigious journalist, writer and screenwriter of cinema and Argentine essayist (Tucuman, on July 16, 1934, January 31, 2010) author of novels such as Santa Evita, translated into more than 30 languages, and as not noted by Ezequiel Martinez, Peron novel, based on the lives of Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron (1946-1955 and 1973-1974) and his second wifeEva Peron, which combined elements of fiction and reality. He also was the author of many novels as El cantor de tango, the hand of the master, the flight of the Queen and Purgatory, the collection of stories common place death and the journalistic narrative the passion according to Trelew, in addition to writing scripts for film and television. It was also columnist of the daily newspapers El Pais, Spain and The New York Times. He died at age 75 after a long fight against cancer died of a brain tumor. Wikipedia gives us about his personal life, which was had married Lilian von Ziegler with whom he had four children: Gonzalo, Thomas, Ezekiel and Paula. He had two sons – Blas and Javier – with Blanca Goncalves. His other daughter is Sol-Ana, of his relationship with the film critic and Venezuelan Professor Susana Rotker met whom in Caracas in 1979 and who died run over by a car in 2000.

His last partner was Gabriela Esquivada, former twenty-three magazine journalist, and writer.

Greece Crisis

Then the ignominy has raised a degree: the Greek exploded ones and of other affected countries have been presented/displayed as vague and profiteers and the crisis of Greece has been circumscribed exclusively to this country, of the same form that had been limited Iceland when this country was affected and since it took control of Ireland months later. On the screens of the television and in the microphones of the radio, the leaders interchanged all class of small killer phrases. Its explanation was always the same: the people spent too much, the exploded ones live like pachs over their possibilities. Nevertheless, and once again, before the legitimate indignation that matured in the different countries, the speeches evolved. In Italy, for example, inexpressible Berlusconi was designated like the unique person in charge of an economic and political crisis totally irresponsible! But he was difficult to do the same with Zapatero, presented/displayed during long time like responsible politician. In the end, the bourgeoisie has seated in the prisoners’ dock to a part of itself. The cause of the crisis falls on the world of the finances, bandits eager for always increasing gains. In the United States, in December of 2008, Madoff, old leader of the Nasdaq 2 and one of the advisors of investments of more well-known New York and respected, one has become overnight the worse swindler of the planet.

In the same way, the qualification agencies are used like expiatorios chivos. At the end of 2007 it was accused to underestimate the risks to them of the sovereign debt of the States. Today they are accused otherwise when they alert of the untenable situation of the sovereign debts in the zone Euro (Moody s) or in the United States (the case of Standard and Poors). That the crisis has been abiertamente world-wide was necessary to find one more a lie more credible, now nearer the reality.


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Harlem Stage Theatre

Attractions in the neighborhood They include the Apollo Theater, Sylvia’s Soul Food and Rao restaurants s and Harlem Stage Theatre, headquarters of film and music events. Many of the skyscrapers of the city are concentrated in Midtown. In the Midtown West area are the District of theatre and Times Square, besides the neighborhood known as Hell s Kitchen, headquarters of many restaurants frequented by visitors to Broadway plays and musicals. The Empire State Building is located at the border between Midtown East and Midtown West 34th Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Midtown East at Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, and the headquarters of the United Nations, currently under restoration. To the South of the area west of Midtwon is the Chelsea neighborhood, known for its boutiques, restaurants, and mainly, by the concentration of art galleries in its streets. In addition to exploring the scene of contemporary art in New York, visitors to Chelsea can visit the linear Park High Line, built on old elevated train tracks, Chelsea Market center with various restaurants and fast food places, and the Chelsea Hotel, which was the residence of literary and musical figures such as Dylan Thomas, Thomas Wolfe, Patti Smith and Sid Vicious. Continuing the journey southward, the Meatpacking District is distinguished by its restaurants, boutiques and nightlife, especially in the hotels boutiques Gansevoort and The Standard, favorite places of celebrities who visit New York.Las attractions in the Flatiron District include the distinctive triangular building that gives it its name, Madison Square Park, where you can enjoy one of the best burgers in New York at the Shake Shack, and a new Mecca for lovers of Italian food, Eataly, a market with several restaurants and variety of products from this country. To the South is Union Square, with variety of restaurants and a market of natural and organic products on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Cheap Flights

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Eurovision Song Contest

Dance Club sensation Oscar Loya (OL) speaks in an exclusive interview about Lena Meyer-Landrut, the Eurovision Song Contest, and his personal fitness secret MWAZ: what memories connect to your participation at the song contest 2009 in Moscow? OL: It was a profound experience for me. I did my best for Germany and had a lot of fun! MWAZ: When your songs and performances, make your body perfectly defined in scene before large audiences. How do you manage to keep your body in shape? OL: Training in the gym many hours were required to be fit for an appearance. Now I found a new way to happiness, to keep my body fit and in much less time to achieve my goals. MWAZ: How is this possible: save time and yet ambitious goals to achieve? OL: with the EMS fitness experts of the fitbox in Pasing (Bodenseestrasse 15).

The fitbox works with the innovative EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) training method. So I reach in only 20 Minutes training per week already results, which I otherwise would have many hours to spend. The result is my firm and fit body. I forgive Twelve Points”for the training system and the team the fitbox. MWAZ: How do you spend your newfound free time? OL: Me leaving more time for the important things in life: my music, my appearances and travel with friends around the world. In addition, I have composed 12 songs in the last few months, recorded and plan to release a new album. MWAZ: Lena Meyer-Landrut will represent next Saturday for the second time in Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. How do you think your chances? OL: Lena is a charismatic personality.

I’m rooting for you of course and wish her a lot of luck! Oscar Loya: Oscar Loya is an American singer from California. In the summer of 2009, he rushed for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest and the national music channels. Since then, he jets between the Houseclubs in New York and Berlin back and forth. And so great diversity marks the style of his performances. Pop, disco and House. The dance floor is guaranteed under its direction to a hot thing.

Isaac Asimov

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-from the man opened his eyes to the awareness of their environment in the prinicpio of time, has been immersed in a maelstrom of questions that over thousands of years has been responding to rendezvous with other more complex and exciting questions. The first men on the face of the Earth looked towards the sky and marveled of the infinite and the immensity of the sea while searching for answers to their illnesses, dietary needs and challenges of the environment. So still: Spanish scientists have discovered a luminous star 33 thousand times more resplendent than the Sun. Japanese men of science have just send a rocket to the Sun with advanced measuring instruments and soon, like Mars, we previously unpublished photographs that amazed us and make progress our imagination to answer some questions that give rise to other more complicated. What to do to achieve a clean and cheap, similar to the Sun’s energy source? Chinese scientists claim that they are about to do so, while the Renaissance of nuclear energy is a fact given the natural and geopolitical scenarios that recovered the price of a barrel of oil at more than $80. The construction of nuclear power plants will trip and they will be added to the 441 factories of nuclear energy on the planet. And although the present frightens us in energy, man still facing heaven, as the Neanderthals did amid fear that produces the ignorance, the how and the why of a hostile environment and wonderful capacity that has man to dominate it. Days ago ended the space mission to Mars that sent us wonderful photographs of the planet that boosted the imagination of Isaac Asimov which reflected in his fiction novels other worlds, cultures and cities; the so-called red planet marveled to the endearing Carl Sagal and terrorized the people of New York with the mythical narration of Orson Wels through primitive radio announcing the invasion of Martians to the Earth.

Universal Declaration

Young: Study, work or embarks but decides. Indignant should feel young people according to Stephane Hessel. This French of 93 years has managed with a few pages (attached link for download at the end of the article) book wake up to 1.2 million of young French people. Hessel, anti-Nazi fighter and co-author of the Universal Declaration of human rights, encourages youth to rebel against the policy and the system. In France the mobilization has been pretty immediate. It will be by the fact that they have always defended their rights with the French Revolution or that numerous or sometimes noisy and violent, groups have managed to revolutionize the country areas, how the riots around Paris.

Without doubt, whatever, the young French begin to assess not only their present as such but the future that holds for them and obviously don’t like what they see. And in Spain? Well, here the situation may be quite more complicated that in France, more than anything for young people but of course the solution is quite more irresponsible. Few voices are made note against the social cuts, the delay in retirement age, new labor contracts, unemployment, the bankers, the liberal capitalist system. As indicates the article outrage or death published in the newspaper on March 27: at the same time which is called a manifestation against the Government for the measures mentioned above, Granada sweepers, cleaned the enclosure in which 25,000 young people had gathered to celebrate a macrobotellon, started spontaneously by the University in the middle of the last decade. In this manifestation if many cries were heard but none were clear political slogans, there was agitation, there were no banners.

Only agglomeration, music at full blast and debris on the ground. Much, but much talk of the future of young university students. Tagged on many occasions as Mayoria, conformists and happy-go-lucky unable to see that his future is not that he is black, is that not It exists if they do not change.

New York Silence

One decade later, " still it seems that he was &quot yesterday; , according to it said another one of the relatives of the victims. Minutes of East silence Sunday, silence flooded New York to 8,46 local time (14,46 Spanish peninsular hour), the moment exact in that one crashed first of the airplanes against the North Tower of the Twin Towers. And other five times the large city was in silence, to commemorate the moment at which the second of the airplanes crashed against the South Tower, the collapse of both skyscraper, the attack to the Pentagon and the fall of the third airplane, the one that was turned aside by the passengers when knowing the plans the assassins, in Pensilvania. The act of this tenth anniversary of the 11 of September was the one of greater ceremony, with the presence of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, who went accompanied of his wife, Michelle, and, in a unit act, next to its predecessor, George W. Bush and its wife, Laura. The unit of the American around the tragedy of 11-S was clear in its interventions, since instead of to deliver a speech, Obama recited Psalm 46 of Biblia and Bush a fragment of a letter that Abraham Lincoln sent to the mother of a soldier died in the Civil War in the USA. " God is our shelter and strength, ours soon aid in the tribulations. Therefore, no we will fear, although the Earth is removed, and the mounts to the heart of mar&quot are transferred; , Obama in the tribute said to the victims. Also many personalities participated in the ceremony, among others, the then mayor of the city, Rudy Giuliani, as well as the present edile, Michael Bloomberg, who said that " we will never be able to forget what passed aqu" , a destruction that turned " bluest the mornings in darkest of noches".


INITIATORS of the Andean SHAMANISM by: Carmen R. Castillo Raynold according to publication of Okulta, the Qero are the last incas, this being a tribe close to 600 people who took refuge beyond the 4 thousand metres high in the Peruvian Andes to escape the scourge of the Spanish colonizer. Five centuries this Q tribe ero, has lived almost isolated from the rest of the world, preserving a prophecy sacred about a big change, or Pachacuti, in which the world would return, harmony and order restore and the chaos and disorder would come to an end. The Chronicles indicate that they were discovered in 1949 by anthropologist Oscar Nunez del Prado South of the Peru. The first expedition West to the villages of Q ero was held in 1955, and in 1959 on the occasion of the annual feast of the return of the Pleiades, which takes place in the Andes was attended by thousands of people, including many shamans, who watched with amazement as the Q ero, dressed in the Inca of the Sun emblem approached the Summit the mountain to announce the time of prophecies was near. In November 1996 a small group of Q eros, including the leader of the tribe and the shaman Chief, visited several cities in United States in fulfilment of their prophecies. In New York, was held a private ceremony at the Cathedral of St. John the divine.

This shamanic ritual was not held for 500 years in the same home for those who symbolized the ancient conquerors from their Inca ancestors. They shared with them their rituals and knowledge, not only with the interested Westerners to learn their customs, but also with the Dean of the great cathedral, linking symbolic and spiritually to the two continents of North America and of the South. According to an ancient prophecy, calling at this time of great mastay meeting, which means the reintegration of the peoples of the four cardinal points.