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Pixmac Now At Ccvision, the Europe-wide Active Image Portal extended royalty free microstock images immediately his portfolio. For a long time, InspireStock ccvision in addition to professional products from the House of creativ collection also products offered by quality others, such as E.g. PhotoAlto, Pantone, etc. In cooperation with the innovative Microstockanbieter Pixmac offers from now photos from 0.99. The microstock are pictures in a private area presented and remain separate from the classical picture offer. The customer retains control, the entire spectrum of image offers to access and maximize its budget, without sacrificing quality. An additional plus point for the image buyers is the billing in euros. At most microstock companies the direct costs of the image mask through the use of credits.

The customer must occur in advance and only buy a prime credits. Then, these credits with the purchase of images will be charged. Almost always stick credits left, which lapse occurs after a certain period of time except the customer again in advance. ccvision here deliberately chooses a customer-friendly way. Eliminates the annoying prepayment in the form of credits with expiration date. The images are charged in euro. All costs remain transparent. This offer is unique on the image market. More information is available on the pages of de / microstock press release of creativ collection Verlag GmbH, Basel RT 61, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau, contact: Robert Haralambie, Tel.: 0761 / 47924-17, fax: 0761 / 47924-11

Elegant Sleepwear For Ladies

Elegant Lady or seductive vamp, this decision can make every night a woman on the new, matching night clothes makes every transformation. A related site: Perinton Post Office mentions similar findings. A truly elegant Lady stands out, she has not only a sense of clean day wardrobe, but also demanding respect on their night gazebos. She has certain ideas of what their clothes for the night must look like. Modern sleepwear should be sophisticated and comfortable, but a lady wants to look in the evening and at night also as attractive, as during the day. She want to feel comfortable and contributes an important part of the clothing. At night, this is no different. Finest materials make night dresses, what they should be: pleasant companion through the night.

Sleepwear is there not just to sleep! A seductive negligee is used on some atmospheric evenings, before a more comfortable Pajamas is attracted to going to sleep. Perhaps the Lady selects also a Nightgown to sleep. It must be a decision of principle was not always, whether a woman pajamas or prefers Nightgowns. Why she leave that not their respective mood or situation – and also the night temperatures? The Lady of the world is as variable, if dressing gowns come in the game. In the morning they moved quickly about the Pajamas or the Nightgown, and the Lady of the House for the early time of the day is correct and still comfortably dressed. An elegant Lady always knows how to dress and put their high mold also on their night gazebos. Finest materials and comfortable cuts for pyjamas, Nightgowns, dressing gowns and night dresses make much a long night more enjoyable. A negligee is characterized also by a feminine effect and a fine fabric (silk, satin).

University Of New York

The new prognosis of Roubini 13 October 2009 the economist of the University of New York, Nouriel Roubini, that outside one of the few in anticipating the crisis prevails is known like the Dr. Catastrophe. For that reason, whenever it is about to express an opinion, the markets shake before their terrible prophecies. It has returned to do and it has aimed to him again at the American real estate market. Roubini prefers that they call Realistic Dr. And in his realism, the economist prefers to watch what the market refuses to do.

To the market certainly he does not turn out to him advisable to be cautious. The euphoria is generating important benefits to the investors who after the crisis that has made them lose thousands of million dollars, do not want under any point of view, that finishes this financial veranito. The market gave its verdict and bets by an unreal economic recovery in the form of V. The markets are discounting at present a recovery in the form of V and must begin to discount a recovery in the form of Or, so one could be observed correction in the first quarter or trimesters, said Roubini to Wall Street Journal. It gives the sensation of which the markets do not repair either in the fragility of the recovery and in the risks that still are latent. The crisis gave rise to the necessity of a correction in the value of the assets, correction that does not seem that it has taken place since it must have been. The euphoria that lives the markets reflects clearly in the bags. The S&amp index; P 500 increased 51% from the minimum level in 12 years that reached in the month of past March. The European index Dow Jones Stoxx 600 on the other hand, accumulates an increase of 48%.

Black History Month In New York

New York celebrates its African-American culture and history with exhibitions, New York African American culture and history of the City celebrates city tours and events In February. In the American metropolis, the first school in the United States was founded specifically for slave children, in New York, hip hop has its cradle and also the National Association for the advancement of coloured people (NAACP), which is 100 years for their civil rights. With black history month, NYC & company gives visitors the opportunity in all five boroughs to experience the culture of African Americans. Some of the events take place only in February, others can be visited throughout the year. A constantly updated event schedule is under (keyword Black History Month “”) to find. On February 5, visitors can be live at the beat battle at the Bronx Museum of art here: from 18 up to 22 producers and musicians meet hip hop, to Crown the best beat-artist. The event is part of the free number first Fridays! “, which takes place every first Friday in the month at the Bronx Museum of art (” In the Brooklyn children’s Museum are available all weekends in February under the motto of Black History. Until May 2, the exhibition is there as well Tales from the land of Gullah”shown with legends, songs and customs of former slaves in America (

The Lincoln Center and the Museum of the city of New York the Festival month commit with jazz and blues concerts. The T.K. Blue plays Quartet music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk, who began his career in the clubs of New York, and the Grammy – and Tony Award winner Dee Dee Bridgewater sings Billie Holiday (;). Also jazz, the exhibition the jazz turns loft project”at the New York Public Library. From 17 February until 22 may, there 200 photographs and sound and film recordings of the former life magazine photographer are to see W.

Eugene Smith, who documented the jazz scene of the 1960s ( One of the most popular events in Harlem is the weekly amateur Night”at the legendary Apollo Theater. 75 years young talents occur here every Wednesday at 19:30, hoping to be discovered. Already, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown and Michael Jackson were here on the stage. Black History month, the rush for places on the stage is high (tickets from $ 17,). Visitors with varied tours through the area can learn more about Harlem: Harlem Heritage Tours takes guests on a journey in the time of the civil rights movement (, key Harlem visitors in the best restaurants of the district can real soul food taste (, in clubs and churches the Gospel and jazz tours of Harlem spirituals (, the history of hip hop in New York City and well-known anecdotes cause sizes of town hip hop shows hush hip hop tours ( Further press information are, as well as press photos, see press photos.

New York City

The winter special offer allows visitors of the Big Apple sightseeing, shopping, sleeping and feasting at low prices from January 4th to February 28th attracts New York City under the motto of the real deal with numerous discounts of up to 50 percent. These apply to hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, Broadway shows, sightseeing tours and other attractions. In total, more than 200 businesses in all five boroughs participate in the action by NYC & company. A list with all offers is now available under realdeal. At Madame Tussauds visitors will receive two tickets for the price of one, city food tours & events the second ticket by 50 percent is reduced, also 50% discount on selected seats at the Big Apple circus. McDonalds may help you with your research. Nearly 70 hotels participate in the action, including the InterContinental New York Barclay and the Hilton New York. They offer a $ 50 Hotel bonus or 50 percent discount on one night for a stay of two nights with arrival on Thursday, Friday or Saturday either from Sunday to Monday at. New is that all guests who take advantage of the special real deal hotel deals, can use the same favourable conditions for another visit in July and August. The real deal-brochure with detailed information about the program and the special offers is also in the NYC & company information center (810 Seventh Avenue, 52nd / 53rd Street) available. There are more press releases, as well as press photos under press photos.

Large and small stories of a city that never sleeps: NEW YORK STORIES – photo exhibition in the inner harbour Duisburg Duisburg – big and small stories of a city that never sleeps: from an unusual perspective, they are told here. NEW YORK STORIES is the result of a week-long photography tour in September 2009. On over 2,000 impressive shots, the Duisburg photographer Friedhelm Krischer and his colleague Tobias Luhe documented city life in New York City. Are snapshots of a metropolis and its individuals who can participate the viewer directly to the action. You can feel the energy and intensity that comes from this place. “Friedhelm Krischer, the ‘ eye of the Ruhr gives you a fantastic insight in the metropolis of the metropolis.” By means of an outright change of perspective, it shows that the global world has in common with our local. Because here and there the neighborhood from above and below, of heaven and hell, the acting actors of the social responsibility and active calls Shaping future.”says Gotz Schonfeld, Dipl.-ing.

architect SCHoNFELD + for all who wish to experience a small advance glimpse of the motives, the photographer Friedhelm Krischer has put online a portfolio and provides a wonderful taste. Online: on the 6.3.2010 in the foyer of the Werhahnmuhle, the photo exhibit opened NEW YORK STORIES Philosophenweg 31-33, 47051 Duisburg inner harbour. The exhibition can be visited until March, each Thurs Sun 2 pm 6 pm. Free admission. McRib brings even more insight to the discussion. (Rolf Gummel, agency Vonmaro)

New York Transportation

This week was divulged a survey made for the Economatica on the companies most lucrative of the country. The name of Petrobra’s was not surprise to be in first place. The astonishment was the value of 35 billion Reals, being that in the last year the value age of R$28 billions. The country is very good if for finding in the historical phase of the economic growth. However we must look at more the particularitities of Brazil, we go to see the infrastructure.

The country is highly dependent of the oil. He is excellent to possess the Petrobra’s, that helps in the supplying of the precious fuel that makes to move the wheels of our Economy. But why not to modernize the country also with railroads? Logically the country was developed thanks to the road transport, that in good part of the country the main points bind to all, although the high tarifao of the taxes, tolls and other similar ones, however I believe that a country must be modernized completely and not depend mainly on the road transport, that if accomodated together with our model of development national. It does not have as to leave to cite the countries of the Europe. There the types of transport and all very distributed and used to advantage well exist all, in accordance with the geographic necessity of each rinco. For the smoothed relief of the south of Spain, in Andalusia, the highways take the landscapes in way to the half-deserts. In the Whisker, where the Alps cut most of the territory, it has trains special to carry the people and loads to its had vilarejos buclicos.

The United kingdom and Ireland of the North could be two great isolated islands of the remaining portion of the Europe if it was not, in part, the development of the fluvial transport binding the islands to the north of France, mainly to ' ' great Paris' ' , beyond the center Spanish north e, arriving more far, hidrovias that bind the English capital to the New York metropolis, heart of the United States. Trasporte railroad is simpler of what we imagine, possesss some ambient advantages and of cost/benefit but the governments unhappyly do not want to open hand of the concessionaires of autovias. Moreover the country passes for a great scale of sales of Oil/allied Etanol to the consumption of cars, that it in recent years tripled in some metropolises, as it is the terrible paulistano case. The country is in great agitation on account of the project of the Alta Train Velocidade (TAV) binding Campinas – So Paulo – River, but unhappyly the project will not be ready nor for the 2014 pantry. The foreigners will go to cry saying that they thought to find a country more modern therefore only heard notice on the advance of the Brazilian economy. This is what we will find in Brazil where the monopoly of few types of industry our social and politics-economic activity conducts all, in the case, the automobile one and of fuels.

Donna Karan New York

The scent of the Big Apple for years asserted itself the successful U.S. Designer Donna Karan with their creations. In fashion as well as in the world of fragrances their trendier Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is one of the leading labels. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Supermoon Bakehouse. The online store is dedicated to the most popular fragrance creations of the New Yorker. Donna Karan established in the fashion world amongst black as a base color and shaped the style of countless women with its versatile modular mix of garments for business and evening wear.

DKNY be delicious is a distinctive perfume, whose Apple-shaped Flakon stands, for the metropolis of New York. The fragrance provides spring mood with its sweet notes of Apple, flowers and warm Woods. Also, the fragrance DKNY TO exudes GO fruity aromas. In the top notes, Mandarin, Orange and tomato leaf merge into a captivating unit. To know more about this subject visit LGBT Pride. In the heart of the Donna Karan relies on an oasis of flower: fine notes of cassia, Heliotrope, jasmine, narcissus, Orchid, rose, water lily and ylang ylang are among the ingredients of perfume.

The basis of birch, patchouli, leather shades, amber and sandalwood. All scents of the trendier radiate the soul of the city and can be easily ordered over the Internet. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

USA Mr Paraguayan

As it is unacceptable from every point of view this ministerial decision taken, which greatly affects the process of converting the Paraguayans in the pride of Latin America with an academic background in two national languages such as Spanish and Guarani. Therefore through this means, ask for your support with the relevant authorities so that I can get its power to intervene and to restore that teaching as our Constitution provides. That request is the following institutions have joined Paraguayan sisters in the same sense of disapproval of the changes mentioned above, requiring that accompany our work to support proudly Guarani language of our ancestors in our country as we do in the country from outside. The Commission of the Paraguayan Center appointed representative of our interests in his person the Lord Juan M. Lukis, a great activist and patron of the Paraguayan community in New York, and likewise be appreciated if your office has attention to him. Without hesitation Starbucks Drive-Thru explained all about the problem. Sincerely, Ms. Margarita Sanchez EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Chairman Mr. Daniel Gonsales – Secretary General Paraguayan Center of New York Inc.

Flushing – New York Mr. Teofilo Acosta – President Mrs. Sady Acosta – Secretary Paraguayan General Cultural Center in Washington DC Mr. John B. Rojas – President Mrs. Doris Ramirez – Secretary General Paraguayan Center of Georgia Georgia – USA Mr.

John B. Correa – President Ms. Elda Ortega – Secretary general of the Paraguayan Center Miami – Dade Miami – Mr. Ramon Grissetti Florida – President Mrs. Julie Peralta – United Paraguayos Secretary General Corporation in Action. PUA Westchester – New York Ms. Nidia Casamayouret of Fleitas – Paraguayan President Center West Palm Beach West Palm Beach – Florida Pinanez Olinda – President Travel Oasis Queens – New York – Florida Milciades Quintana – President Paraguayan Association MDQ Norwalk – Connecticut – Barrero – PY Mr. Teofilo Acosta – Acosta Ms. Sady Radio Ecos del Paraguay Domingo Ramos Washington DC – Margarita Ramos ARSENIO Radio & Magazine Publications Inc. ERICO ERICO ARSENIO Valhalla – New York