SAP learning game for training, continuing education and training Dresden, July 7, 2008 SAP know-how can obtain more recently based on a board game. The new learning!Game!SAP by Poolix playful gives the business processes supported by SAP solutions. Both beginners and experienced SAP users can develop a deeper understanding of the process. The game is suitable for training, continuing education and training. The complexity of SAP solutions provides new users again face major challenges. Company-wide linked business processes require process expertise, which goes beyond the own desk or the Department. Learning this!Game!SAP”on the one hand General issues to the development of SAP solutions.

On the other hand there are the modules production, sales and distribution (SD), materials management (MM) an overview (PP), and finance (FI) and controlling (CO). It addressed the basic functions and master data in the individual modules. One to three players or team play here a concrete scenario after: the mini truck GmbH produces small trucks. The latest model is called Aquamax”and is already successfully launched: there are 10 orders. The nursery of judge is interested in the small truck. Dayton brings even more insight to the discussion. At the learning!Game!Players from the order of purchasing and production have to undergo to delivery including the procedures in accounting and controlling all processes SAP”.

Learned is first and foremost about the answering of questions. Click Jo Natauri for additional related pages. The answers are provided as options. In addition to the resolution, there are also explanations and background information for each question. Winner is who first the new model of Aquamax”at the nursery of judges delivers. But also those who have better understood the basics of SAP with fun. In addition to a better understanding of business processes, which promotes learning.Game!SAP”the professional exchange and communication in the Group and contributes to the formation of the team. It is especially recommended when employees from different departments play with each other. The dialogue across Department boundaries enables a better mutual understanding and leads to more efficient work processes. This makes the game not only inside of SAP user companies but also for customers and business partners. The game was developed by Frank Wolf from Dresden. The artist Jorg Mai drew the game plan. Learning this!Game!SAP”can be ordered for 69.00 Euro including VAT at Poolix business games. Press photos printable press photos (300 dpi) of the learning!Game!You can download SAP”at presse.htm. About Poolix Poolix has specialized in educational games for the training and education of adults. It is headquartered in Dresden. Frieder Wolf is Managing Director. Website and online ordering see contact for editors verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh Peter Verclas, Philipp Herold Gaisbergstrasse 16 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (6221) 58787-35-34 fax: + 49 (6221) 58787-39 Internet: E-Mail:,