study medicine at the University of Barcelona, where he graduated in 1861. After years in Vic exercise returned to Barcelona, where he focused on the gynecology and histopathological studies. He then moved to Valencia will soon be in the experimental group led by Amalia Gimeno and cabanas. He was professor of obstetrics and diseases of women and children from 1872 to 1889. This year he moved as professor to the University of Barcelona, died three years later. His numerous works made him one of the largest international level medical communicators of his time. Founded in 1877, the magazine La Cr nica M dica. He published over two hundred articles, in which apart from clinical cases with histopathological analysis, developed the study of the pathophysiology of menstruation, and puerperal sepsis, whose conditions and analyzed from the alleged prevention of medical microbiology.Their instrumental work is exhibited in the Museum historicom dico University of Valencia, next to doctors and other relevant Manuel Candela and Francisco Bonilla Marti.