Alhures, I see the clear omission, evident inertia, and because not to say it incompetence that also jumps to the eyes of the governments that if succeed, of the current one that no step until the present moment it adopted. Quite to the contrary as notified in day 23 of January of 2008 for the great press, research points with respect to the substantial increase in the deforested area of the forest, what it makes with that all the international community, mainly, the United States strengthens each time more its thesis, and what it is worse, its certainties of that we are same imcompetent people, and of that must to speed up the process of invasion of the area of interests. He is axiomatic that in the plans of the United States of America many exist doubtlessly and deep reasons to determine such intervention. Learn more at: Danny Meyer. It is previsible now that in the game of these interests they appear politicians and mega-entrepreneurs, the power economic-politician and that the term protection, can be read as exspansionism, territorial conquest e, over all, interests of fierce exfoliation in such a way of the ground as of the subsoil and the cultural borders, beyond the airspace, at last, total domination of the peoples adjacent in subjugante way, since it does not pass of pure balela this speech of ambient protection. The interest of the American North is in the imensurvel and inenarrvel existing wealth in the bush of the forest; in our fauna flora; in our springs; eyes d; e, rivers candies liquid and rare precious in future soon for its scarcity since we have one of the biggest water reserves candy of the planet, therefore, who will have the monopoly of the liquid candy will dictate in equality foot the rules and the destinations of the world in the middle of this century, beyond, are obvious of the existing richness in the subsoil of the forest. .