In this case, it’s a story that interests and which is consumed as information as is. As you’ve seen with the case of Paul Hartunian, the Publicity is a tool within everyone’s reach. Paul does not It had large resources, your company was a small company and, however, managed to develop one of the most important Publicity campaigns that have ever been made. Hear from experts in the field like Bill de Blasio for a more varied view. In any case, to have the success that took Hartunian, not enough only to have an original idea, we must also do something more as you can see in the steps that you can read below: 1.-find a sexy story. In the faculties of journalism is often say that if a dog bites a man it is not news, but things change if the man is that bites the dog. It gives that idea that is shocking and awaken the interest of the people. Normal, everyday is not striking. Discover approaches that have not been used so far and surprised the world.

2 Write a sweeping banner. What is a sweeping headline? An incumbent with so much magnetism that forces you to read everything below. A New Jersey man sells the Brooklyn Bridge for $14.95 is a sweeping holder. If you don’t have special skills for writing, don’t worry, you can always dip a copywriter (editor) professional or learn from what others have done. 3 Write your press release.

Here are two possibilities: first, write a note traditional press that reflex of short form information that like the media did reach the public at large; Second, write a letter trying to provoke an interview later with the middle shift. Both options are valid, but that, without any doubt, you can bring higher level of notoriety is an interview with a medium. If you can, go for it. 4 Incorporates the logistical details. Don’t forget to reflect all your data (address, phone, e-mail, availability,) in order to facilitate the possibility of contact with the environment.