Cupboards, cabinets or closet as they are called today, are a property built on various elements such as wood, metal and currently the tester; These are especially used to contain items or utensils such as clothes, tableware and jewelry among others, since its variety of designs allows to create spaces for different applications. In recent months, NY museums has been very successful. Cabinets history begins in ancient Rome and Greece, where the need to develop a building to contain items such as weapons, shields and armor was very necessary; This led to the invention of the first cabinets, which at the beginning were very rustic, without doors and composed of a single Chamber. At this time the cabinets were adapted for emperors, constructing them in sizes both small and large, in materials such as gold and silver with artistic engravings; This was done in order to safe guard personal items like jewelry and clothes of royalty. For the middle ages cabinets use was almost exclusively for royalty, as were those who possessed the materials and accessories to manufacture them, without commenting that they were individuals who possessed more articles at the time. Since then the construction of cabinets in wood became a practice very performed by persons in common, they also saw the need to preserve their personal items. We can say that the first samples of modern drawers and doors were invented at this stage. For the 16th and 17TH centuries the cabinets use various slightly with the appearance of new designs, which were focused on the conservation of paintings.

In the 18th and 19th century cabinets gave his big step; inclusion of mirrors became the most widely used at this time property, uncommented doors in glass manufacturing, showed to the cabinets as a useful element for the canning and marketing of other items such as food and clothing. It is proper to say that this since the invention of the showcase was shown as a good choice for the marketing of products. In the Today the invention of different types of cabinets, for wide fields has allowed that these are a useful element in everyday life any person. Some types of cabinets: kitchen cabinets or wardrobes: are designed for the sole purpose of storing kitchen items such as crockery and cutlery, usually these are located in the kitchen, there its name. Metal cabinets: are specifically designed for industries, since its strength make them ideal for contain elements of great weight, although nowadays its use is also very common in homes, thanks to its variety of designs. Bathroom Cabinets: these are lockers located in the bathrooms, in order to save them personal hygiene items, usually these have elements such as sliding doors and mirrors. Although there are many utilities that have the cabinets, these are the most prominent, as they are currently the most common.