Could not take the eye, but suddenly felt the pressure of a hand on her shoulder she turned and there was Mauro, so handsome and dashing as ever, Candela rose from his chair and embraced nostalgia, eyes closed, squeezing his cheeks with hard, sighed loudly, knew long ago that they were not so close and were enjoying the warmth of that contact. Candela’s eyes peered Mauro over the shoulder of the pass was opened and the waiter in front of their noses, stretched his neck and at one point was able to pronounce the words for several minutes will not be put off – Please double beer …. Mauro, what do you want to drink? … Serio, looked at the waiter and said, a tonic. A silence invaded their habitats, the situation became suddenly uncomfortable, awkward split and each one sat in a chair. – Are you okay? Mauro asked. A Candela had no time to answer, the waiter quickly arrived with drinks and interrupted the possible answer.

He took the giant glass and moved quickly to his lips, sipped and ingested almost half of the content. Mauro asked a couple of hamburgers, Candela said he was not hungry I did not want dinner, but he insisted. She prayed that the waiter had forgotten him and did not bring anything to eat, but it was not. I wanted to ease his mind with that rich beer, ordered another and then another and then another … thought that if he only drank beer does not get drunk and could not miss a moment of that evening.