It fishes It to summary artisan is characteristic a economic activity of the Amazonian population, which has with fish one of the main protein sources. This activity, practised for the members of the fishing community of the Mauazinho quarter, if unfolds in relations of work with proper characteristics, determined for ambient factors and with the constant attempt of intervention of the capitalist work. This article looks for to carry through the demonstration of the economic and social flow of the fished one extracted by this community, until the final consumer. Word-key: It fishes artisan; Mauazinho; profiteer. NYC Marathon understood the implications. Abstract Fishing is one of th economic activities related you the Amazonian population, which has the fish the animal major source of protein.

This activity, practiced by members from the fishing community of Mauazinho, is based in working relationship which has its own characteristics, determined by environmental factors and the constant attempts from the capitalist work intervention. This article tries you demosntrate the social and economic flows of fishing activities, from to their catch you the end to consumer. Keywords: Fishing; Mauazinho; Commercial middleman. Presentation In the resident community to the edges of the narrow river that takes name of the quarter the same, specifically, main the economic activity fishes is it artisan enters the May months the December, intercalated the diverse activities during the annual period of fenced season. The objective of this article is to display the social and economic relations of production of the fished one in this community, beyond the relation between work and capital that of them if it originates. In accordance with the proper fishing, its activities are characterized as it fishes artisan, a time that if use of equipment and simple tools, as the proper boats, nets and systems of fished storage of. It does not have occurrence, in the studied area, of activities of fishes industrial (with use of boats with refrigerating chambers, automatized nets, sonars of shoal of fish localization and modern systems of propulsion).