Example 5. “Stop wasting money! E-mail – advertising with guaranteed effect! We are so confident in their abilities that guarantee the quality! Now you do not have to ask Report on the work, etc. In addition, any statements can not guarantee that the work was done! We perfectly understand the concerns of many clients that they be thrown! So we offer for the first time the following conditions. Payment by the fact 50% discount. If you accept the quality of work, pay 50% of the actual price lists. Further work by the usual (our) cost. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, then you do not owe anything to us.

You understand that by giving such guarantees, we are confident that our work you enjoy. Prices range from our 250 USD up to $ 150 over one million recipients. It all depends on the amount of your order in a month. Not everyone is able to respond quickly because many orders – handle as income and opportunities – but if you become our customer, you can count on our efficiency and stable quality of our work. Write to us and we will call (as soon as possible). ” Here really can make a newsletter for a small number of addresses, to 50,000. You will see the effect of higher attendance.

And then … right, you again “be thrown”. All these methods are designed for a low price and your high expectations. Lord, assertion that the Internet can be achieved cheaply efficiency – is a myth! Today, companies are medium-sized businesses in industries with low competition, spend a month from 3000 to 5000 dollars to work in the web space, and competitive environment – from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars or more. Large companies are the budgets for the Internet, millions of dollars a year. In the auto trade, there are companies whose annual budget on the Internet more than 2 million dollars. And the trend is such that it is only the beginning. Each year, spending on advertising and promotion on the Internet will only grow. The specificity of virtual environments is that in a given industry leading companies 07.03 get 80% of all potential customers, and all other share of the remaining 20%. We were drawn to a lot of potential customers. The first thing that we start – find out their goals on the Internet and the budget that they are willing to invest in their achievement. If we see that the plans are unrealistic, and spent time and money is not repaid, we honestly talk about it. As a rule, we do not hear or did not want to hear … The result – a bitter experience and a very unpleasant experience of surfing the Internet. If you had to deal with fraud or dilettantes – please contact us, we try to give advice and help to avoid such mistakes in the future. Alexey Sobolev, Director of Commercial Internet Agency Artus This material first published online Internet Agency Artus. At full or partial quoting of materials reference to the site artus.