The successful travelling exhibition is now with new videos about the crimes of Psychiatry in Munich shows the Commission of violations of against human rights Germany e.V. (KVPM) psychiatry in Michael Schwanthaler str. 1 with the unique documentary about the history and present of Psychiatry harms billion fraud, the health system burdened with the Psychiatry and countless people and destroyed. The exhibition will be until April 29, 2008 in Munich and open daily from 10:00 22:00. The admission is free.

Initially 100,000 leaflets, posters, several thousand personal invitations and protest events members of KVPM will indicate that for two weeks in Munich the inhuman practices of Psychiatry. Psychiatry as a barbaric pseudoscience is revealed and condemned to 14 partitions with a poster area of over 100 square meters and with the help of 14 documentary films. Visitors can get the movies eight plasma screens. In the interviews a total of 160 experts have their say, including professors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, educators, as well as victims of Psychiatry. Board members the KVPM Germany e.V. will be on Monday at the official opening of the exhibition by the artist Carl W. Rohrig supports.

Rohrig was born in 1953 in Schwabing and lives in Hamburg. He is the founder of amazing naturalism. His international career began in 1971 in Munich in the Academy for graphic industry. In addition to first work for American animated films in the Bavaria film studios he is active in 1972 d.i.y. work at the National Theatre in Munich. Discovered by art connoisseurs in 1974, recorded Carl W. Rohrig first exhibitions in the Munich region. Today, more than 1600 delight people from Iceland to New Zealand his works anywhere in the world. Rohrig was awarded several national and international awards and recognitions. Among other things, NASA shows a permanent exhibition by him in Los Angeles. Bernd Trepping, President of KVPM Germany e.V.,. says: “even shrink itself now also in Germany publicly admit that psycho pills and injections do not heal, but have led to a significant increase in the death toll since its introduction. Such a declaration of bankruptcy must have consequences!” For more information: Commission for violations of against human rights e.V.