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The singer of Deloris was witness to a murder and is forced to then hide before the gangsters. Quickly, she decides to stay with the help of the Kommissares, in a convent. To Deloris maintain equation the two only the headmistress to reveal their true origin. Integrate as many difficulties, the monastic life, shines Deloris interpreted by Whoopie Goldberg in the monastery home totally on and lets the sister choir in new light will illuminate. As the Pope announces his visit to listen to the well known choir, Deloris is kidnapped. The nuns start a search squad and can finally save Deloris with the cooperation of the Commissioner out of the hands of the gangsters. In the role of Whoopie Goldberg as Deloris, staging Zodwa K.M.

Delele plays for the stage entertainment. The correspondent for English discovered within their course by Elton John for the role of Nehebka and had since then several large musical performances before it that was discovered by Whoopie Goldberg directly for sister Act the musical. Many good reasons to avoid this musical show by no means! Book tickets for sisters Act musical show in Germany already, for foreign it is advisable to reserve a cheap hotel in Hamburg Center. From your hotel in Hamburg City Centre, have You perfect connectivity to the theatre.