One of the techniques of dyeing in the wood is the use of potassium dichromate. These crystals orange, submerged in water, triggering a chemical reaction in wood causing the darkening of the color. It is a method especially with rich wood mahogany and tannic acid, such as oak, that this product takes on a reddish brown intensity. Since the 1830s, most of the furniture factory and stained, the Victorians loved this effect so colorful, but our eyes are too heavy pairece. Preparation of the dye. We only use the crystals in moderation and to enhance or darken parts, but never as general stain. Amount to a reddish brown tint an area of 12 m2, two tablespoons of potassium dichromate in 500 ml of hot water. Product application.

Wear gloves and mask. Protect your workplace with newspaper. To highlight the relief of the wood should moisten with a damp cloth, sand and remove dirt. Allow to dry for two to three hours. The dye will aspecito yellow at first, but when the reaction takes effect, it will oscurecienido to acquire a reddish brown hue. If, once dry, yellow crystals were formed on the surface, remove with a damp cloth. Using nitro dye nitro dyes, oil, but modified for use on all finishes, from paint to the lacquer celtzlosico, not pale, transparent, faiciles mixing and dry quickly.

Ideal for working large areas and are easily controlled by beginners in DIY. However, as with all dyes prefabricated basic range of colors looks unnatural and must have enough experience before applying. The mulitiple shades of brown from a wood vary between warm and cold, depending on the amount of which contain red or green, warm colors are in the red / yellow spectrum, while are in the extreme cold of the green / blue. Professionals often have reserves of red, yellow, green and black for their blends, but for fans it is advisable to buy a basic selection of premixed wood tones and test cuts mixed with the same wood. A few pieces of mahogany, oak canopy and a half, and walnut, along with a bottle of nitro solvent to dilute and lighten the color enough to be able to start dyeing. .