If you find out the personal history of these people it does not differ much from yours or mine. They had the same drawbacks, they made mistakes, also criticized them, they dismissed them, not they believed them and mocked up to any of them. does it sound familiar? With regard to the second question, that these people have for having achieved success? I answer: as I said, are equal to us, with strengths and weaknesses as we have all, but here if we could make a small exception, very probably more virtues than some of their peers. Now, that are the virtues? is it just some innate? The dictionary, among other things, says of virtue: strength, vigor, value; power or authority to act…and more. Enough, we have seen more importantly, mean that virtue is common to any person, excludes no one in particular. They are people just like anyone. Then, you’re on equal terms. The small difference, although remedied by the way, is that they, not spared work, dedication, tenacity, perseverance, research, and something more, effort and action.

There they make the difference; but this is not ajuno to you, also you can do it. They saw the possibility that is presented to them and do not let it escape; they did something better, transformed it into a challenge, so saw him and thus assumed, it was his personal challenge, and from that moment on, put all his passion into that challenge. do you know what it means to put all the passion? They chose that, they made the decision, they put together of patience, they pointed him to the first objective, then the next, then to another and thus until they arrived at the goal who wished. But from the start they knew where they wanted to go. Do you know where you want to go? Finally: As you can see, they are not super men, they are not elected, they are not special, they are nothing more than their peers, are just like us. Not is that you expect, not is that you doubt, you must only equate small details, but if you’re determined to equalize them with: work, dedication, tenacity, perseverance, research, effort and action, and all this you add pure passion, perhaps, in a close time, can see your name on this list, and in that moment you are filled with pride, doing what you love and helping others to achieve, like you, that both crave. Do not like to be part .that waits? Lots of luck!