Many people have such terms as cement, waterproofing, insulation, plaster, insulation, dry mixes, foam sealant, foam board floors, plaster, putty + plunge in horror, others injected into the stopper of an unfamiliar terms such as But many people do this, make the light conditions of your existence. These words do not need to know everything, they should simply be replaced by a more understandable words, but what can they determine what material should we choose that better for floors, for walls, for warmth and comfort? These issues we throws professionals who from a professional viewpoint we recommend. Cement. Styrofoam – it's insulating material consisting of foam polystyrene. The foam clean and healthy building material that can be effectively used in construction and other industries.

The foam used in the manufacture of multilayer panels used for the device heated sidewalks, access platforms, parking area, heat-sealing of communications, for pipe insulation and insulation of the foundations. Styrofoam plates also very well-behaved shown in the form of packaging for storage or to move. If you have no idea what it is, remember your ceilings, it is an example of a design approach. The foam has a high resistance to water, salt solutions, lime, alkalis, and much more, it almost does not absorb liquid. The foam has low thermal conductivity, so in some cases, the foam is used as insulating material. Why do you should choose this material? Because the use of foam in the repair work will reduce the cost of materials and reduce the cost of installation and adjustment boards.