That would be eight percent more than even in 2010. Hear from experts in the field like wendi murdoch for a more varied view. And above all the new trends, which nourish great expectations. A great importance to traditional colours and patterns. Strong, fresh tones today act as emotion. According to the fashion the colors used in the living area increasingly plum, lime, raspberry, Aubergine or lush green.

The natural colours such as beige, Brown, also the contrast of black and white are still popular. Generally, the patterns are more sophisticated. Fabric patterns range from floral decor strip any width up to the large flowers or geometry design. The patterns are more restrained than previously but generally Gracile and in the colour combination. Continue to the achievements from special applications may well become standards.

Such acoustic curtain fabrics or the Flammhemmendstoffen, which can be recycled too. Sustainability remains a trend, not only the manufacturers and Dealers of textiles is important or must be important. Since the trends in the organic segment will also be addressed today increasingly in the social Web. The new products should have more than a life today. Thus, new opportunities such as the ethical requirements will significantly change our interior design culture. The increasing individualisation of our society accordingly creates markets for identities, which is however seen as another chance for the industry. Sales clearly the dealer has the edge, which documented also the sales increase of almost 3% in 2011. About the dealers room dealers, retailers and furniture retailers are well over 40 percent of the home and home textiles volume by 10.1 billion to the consumer today deposed. However, the purchase / stores and shipper, are second distribution channel with a market share of less than 30 percent. On the craft of space equipment / projectors account for about 10 percent. The other distribution channels share the remaining portion including hardware stores. Not only the goods groups bedding, textile floor coverings are in the industry focus of House and home textiles”IFH research and subjected to curtains/decoration materials of a detailed analysis, but also a long-term forecast for the main distribution channels creates. The footprint of the press release is free of charge.