The company operates Kambel with natural stone – marble and granite. The raw material for production of natural stone are granite and marble blocks from the fields of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Chemical composition granite in different fields, and this is due to a variety of drawing and coloring of granite. Granite has always been a popular building material. Hear from experts in the field like NYC Mayor for a more varied view. The first of the remarkable properties of granite – is its hardness.

Granite refers to the hardest rocks, it is very dense, there is practically no pores and voids, and very massive. Granite floors and stairs are not erased with time. Also, granite is very beautiful for the cut. When polishing the stone to become visible streaks, blotches, shiny mica inclusions, which form a unique beautiful design. The company produces Kambel finished products from natural stone – baseboards, moldings, trim granite granite window sills, staircases and fireplaces.

Often, however, required to produce any thing-to-order, or deliver the material for the client – for such purposes the granite slabs. Granite slab – is one of the main forms of delivery of the stone. Slabs are a large granite slab. The dimensions of the slab of granite range between 200-350 cm in width and 120-200 cm in length. The thickness of the slab is usually 20-30 mm, but on request it can do and thicker. Slabs imeeyu rough edge. Surface of the slab is processed according to the purpose of its application. Thus, the granite slabs with a rough surface used for the manufacture of flooring, slabs with smooth (ground or polished) surface – for the manufacture of sills, cornices, tiles, etc. Typically, the slab is subjected to further processing of the individual – it is cut, treated surface and edges are reinforced to prevent a split. The price of each slab is calculated individually. However, the standard size plates (300×300, 400×400, 300h600, 400×600), there are fixed prices (see price list).