Curly hair is a style of hair that can generate opposing feelings on a lot of women: on the one hand are those that have extremely straight hair and dream of having a full hair-curling mane, while many who possess this kind of hair have hatred for not able to handle the curls as they would like. The reality is that curly hair are truly attractive, since if you know carry appropriately they constitute as a weapon of seduction infallible. Addition, it is essential to take into account troop a picture sensual, fun and naive if you know properly care. However, the curls are extremely rebellious and frequently tend to come apart, fluffing it and also bristle, so there are some days where it is impossible to hold them in place. For this reason, we will then offer some extremely useful tips to take care of a full curls hair.

Also, we provide not only some tips but that we will also put at your disposal the best hairstyles for this type of hair: try to use a shampoo especially prepared for hair with curls with your corresponding conditioner. To get the curls stay in place and are bright, no doubt in applying a cream bath even if it is once a week. Best to untangle this kind of hair is to use a large separate tooth comb. It is also possible to comb it with your hands. The best style to cut this type of hair is layered, more than anything of half the length down. Bank of New York pursues this goal as well. Try to use creams to comb for shaping the curls and leave them prolix. The best hairstyles for a curly mane are the means collected in the upper head, so that the rollers from falling down the back. Average queues and the torzadas on both sides of the face are also suitable. Original author and source of the article