Before graduating from a motor vehicle insurance insurance comparison always car make was introduced in 1939, several months after the start of the second world war. The number of accidents where people had died and there was significant damage, was already at that time namely staggeringly high. CAR insurance provided from this time at least, that financial compensation was paid the victims of an accident with the car even if your vehicle had suffered a total loss what was at that time not so unusual, because at that time were of course still not so high security comfort equipped with, such as today’s vehicles. Even today, insurance the vehicle has the same task. The rates of contributions were at that time still less diverse, it’s a real confusing, waiting for the consumer if they play with the idea to create a vehicle and hence a car insurance today. There was at the beginning only a few insurance companies, even a car Insurance offered today are several dozen.

The only way that the consumer comes on a possible cheap car insurance leads him to an insurance comparison. Earlier, an insurance comparison was performed by insurance brokers. However, such insurance comparison was not very great transparency. The reason was that the insurance broker asked mostly the companies for prices, egg which he could assume, that they paid him a High Commission. However you were previously paid insurance premium contributions for such insurance comparison below the post. Since the 1990s an insurance comparison for a consumer over the Internet is still quickly with the possibility of a direct statements on the website of the provider can of course also completely free of charge and not binding.