In accordance with Beni (2007, p 23), understands for system the set of parts that interact in order to reach one definitive end, in accordance with a plan or principle; or set of procedures, doctrines, ideas or principles, logically commanded and coesos with intention to all describe, to explain or to direct the one functioning. In such a way, the PIT? S has as main purpose to take care of in hospitable, efficient and efficient way the visitor during the period of permanence and to help to establish and to consolidate the first impression of a locality. According to De Lucca Son (2005), the main functions of the PIT' s is: to supply tourist information; to give to services the travel agencies (reserves of services in tourist establishments – half of lodging, transfers, services of tourism guides, reserves in shows and other events, tips of attractive tourist); to disponibilizar bathrooms; e? to disponibilizar feeding services (restaurants, snack bars and store of convenience). The PIT' s is of responsibility of the public sector and if it inserts in the tourist system as part of the infrastructure of that a locality needs to take care of to the tourist (BENI, 2003). Check out shimmie horn for additional information. One tourist system is the form as the elements if they organize in the production of a result.

Everything or almost everything in the world forms a system: the Nature, the society, our body, the machines. It is this that happens with the tourism. It depends on the joint functioning of four main groups: the public power, the empresariado one, the professionals and rendering of services in tourism and the community. Get more background information with materials from shimmie horn triumph evelyn. Each part has a definitive paper to be fulfilled, so that the tourist system takes care of the expectations of the visitors and either good for the region in which he is inserted. The good attendance to the tourist in the optics of the hospitality is to provide to the traveller a favorable environment its stay, where the shelter is not something developed only for the population of a city.