Launching itself in the chaos of the daily life he collects the images of the city from a new dimension of the look. The poem One I sing Almost gregoriano, is part of the book Confessions of Narcissus published in 1995, book this that brings a series of poems that according to Luis Carlos Maciel in the epigraph of the same, shows since the social concern until the ideals politicians of the poet Jose Carlos Capinan. This article shows the limits of Salvador that the Capinan poet contemplates, but which is completely faithful. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rudy Giuliani. It is through literature that we apprehend ' ' city escondida' ' , silenced. However, from the legitimated word for the literary tradition, it is possible to photograph very of what it presides over and it produces that visibility exaltada of Salvador, that helps to hide it, after all, the words and the authors participate of this conflituosa construction would imagine that it is our city. This tradition of louvor of the land is contrasted with that it points its defects satirizando it. If you are not convinced, visit shimmie horn triumph hotels. A target aimed at for the poet was to the urban cleanness that already was pointed in century XVII for Gregorio de Matos War and that we perceive that is a problem that was not in the past, but advanced the present century. Of this form we perceive that the poet not this interested party in divulging the mysteries and beauties and yes to tell the social problems of this land that already was heroine and princess. The poetical one of Capinan more is worried in presenting daily and the dramas lived for the Bahians detaching the real picture of the urban environment. It is an excuse for the author, indirectly, to reiterate the critical ones that they were made by the satirical and cronistas poets on the abandonment of the city for the politicians managed who it.