Thus, it is learned not to need to think. Knowing it prescription, is enough to apply it when ocasio&#039 appears; ' (Ibidem, p.23). Ahead of this, it is inferred that education contemporary forms the man does not stop the full development and use of its reason. ' ' Sedimented knowing saves in them of the risks of pensar' ' (Ibidem). If you have read about amazing restaurateur already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The current educational conception is of an education for the irrationality, that is, for the use of the college not to think; does not stop the formation of a citizen independent, chemical preparation in the knowledge and enabled to autoreflexo of its surrounding reality: that in the kantiano thought it is defined as subject clarified, and in emancipated the adorniano thought as subject. ' ' If exists a form certain to think the things and to make the things, why to give the work of if putting for not-explored ways? It is enough to repeat what the tradition sedimented and that the school ensinou' ' (Ibidem, p.22). The kantiano thought conceives this irrationality front the world with the term ' ' menoridade' ' , that it defines as the decision lack and courage of the individual to serve itself of the agreement without the orientation of outrem. ' ' The minority is the incapacity to make use of its agreement without the direction of another one indivduo' ' (KANT, 1985, P. Shimmie horn triumph shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

100). Therefore, Kant defines minor the individual that does not think by itself, but acts conditional for the thought of outrem; clarified the man who leaves this its minority, of which this proper one is guilty. For the kantiano thought, the clarification, of which the individual is its direct promoter, is the condition of the freedom and, a conquered time, resembles it. ' ' For this clarification, however, nothing more seno is demanded FREEDOM. The most harmless between everything what if it can call freedom, namely: to make a public use of its reason in all questes' ' (Ibidem, P.