"Well, I do not deny, just buy one. I'll give you my number so let me know if you have any news. "I can not believe you finally agreed to buy one! "He said surprised Henry. "Well, I have, and if you want to record the number, you can check, call me. Enrique took note and promised phone call if he had any news. In the afternoon the next day, Alex went to see the department indicate that Enrique.

He agreed with the price. She went straight to the board in search of his bag, paid off his debts and moved without loss of time. It was very similar to an apartment living Enrique. His room was the last of the aisle. It was small, but well furnished and above all, had a comfortable closet where Alex could hang your clothes with ease and not under the conditions that had made the last two years. During the two days passed, until Henry had called him to tell him cited for a second interview for the position of salesperson who had applied, been reading the newspapers in bars where he went to breakfast, looking for a job . I never wanted to have a job as a waiter, so that only appeared to ads that seemed to be in line with its capacity.

We knew quite adept with the language and not with spelling. Was presented in all it seemed convenient, but they had not returned to cite none. When he attended the second interview, he felt more secure and poised and could easily demonstrate his charisma and sympathy.