The mere knowledge does not lead to anyone, but you can be a leader without it. Leader It is a process of lifelong learning. 4 .- INTUITION, WHAT YOU FEEL leaders and is more than just a data domain. You have the ability to handle many intangibles. A leader and can see things that others can not make changes before others realize what is happening. 5 .- EXPERIENCE, WHERE HAVE BEEN The bigger they are the challenges faced in the past, the more likely it is that give fans an opportunity to lead.

The experience does not guarantee the credibility, but motivates people to give him a chance to prove it is capable of be Leader Y. 6 .- past successes, what they have done nothing better to convince fans that a good record. This is one reason why the followers rely on the ability of Y. Leader 7 .- CAPACITY, WHICH CAN MAKE Basics for the fans is what the leader and be able to do. That's the main reason that people will listen and recognize as their leader. Source: Danny Meyer.

There is no music on a single note or never obtain even if the repeat hundreds of times. Just create a symphony when we combine different notes from different instruments. The harmony of diversity is fertile, while the harmony of the uniform is sterile. This shows that the best leader and that is, the better it will attract leaders. And that causes an incredible impact on everything you do. The Leader and is a benchmark for everyone. The difference between a leader and leadership and models of development is the place where the leader is placed in traditional leadership models took the top leader and the organization serves, in Instead, the Leader and occupies the center and the organization he serves. It's like the center of a wheel, where all rays converge. If the center is weak, the wheel will collapse. Vinit Bodas New York describes an additional similar source. The thesis of leaders and is learning to address itself. Also, if you do not follow yourself, why then it should be done by someone else?. Contact itself is not making good decisions every day, write yourself is to take a few decisions and then manage those decisions. I conclude this short tour leader and one of the most famous quotes. It is summed up much of what this says: "Get to know others, know yourself and you succeed. About the area and success will be complete "Fernando Ivy is the creator of the concept" Leader Y ". He gives his principles to national and international companies. founder, helps people realize their personal and leadership potential. International speaker. Columnist on leadership and success.