However, if you have not parted by mutual consent, if one of you not sure if this is the right step, there is a chance to get by, that hurt can make amends, and conflict is exhausted, the friendship will not work. Will be continuous waiting for the right moment and winding nerves. Myself and partner. And yet, more often the case that the notorious phrase: "Let's be friends" no more than a phrase. Or statement of the sad fact that it's over, and nothing but fresh friendly hugs, you are no longer shines. More friends may work colleagues, associates, comrades in the party, as earlier mentioned. They make common cause, not see each other as sexual objects, and just by chance found themselves in the same boat. But there is always a chance that this is only for the time being.

Otherwise would not have been so frequent office romances. You are together constantly, you see each other's weary and full of energy, broken and spiritual, sad and full of creative ideas. You sympathize with each other,'re each other's soul. And one day may come when you look at each other in other eyes and see this from what dizzy and my heart clogged. A friendship turns into something more. However, we have already once wrote in our newspaper. And it also happens that only one friend. The second one is hopelessly in love, devotedly loyal and never betray.

Loyal Knight from the school or its board of guy – a neighbor's party. This man, of course, be a good friend: will always be there, on the first call will provide a shoulder or a vest – cry. Rather, it is a game with only one goal, one-way street. Adoring side meekly waiting for cases to be able to open your heart, hoping for reciprocity, even in the misty future. However, this situation can last for many years, and this situation can arrange both. Only here about whether this friendship is it? How do you say So it turns out that he was very friendly terms with each other in the full sense of the word may, perhaps, only people are gay. Or those who do not cheat yourself and others, realize that friends with a representative of the other sex. And therefore their relationships are building a special way, given this undeniable fact, and not trying to reduce it to nothing. Other materials on whether friendship between and a woman? "The friendship between man and woman