Dealing with documents more cumbersome than necessary according to survey ‘Scanning or race?’ Wetzlar, 08 November 2011 the handling of documents in German companies is more complicated than necessary, revealed a recent user survey of notable solutions, Inc. (NSi) about the practice in the collection of paper documents. Although modern multi-function devices (MFPs) are today in almost all offices, but their scope is not nearly exhausted: as a result of the study is scanning or race? “, which the software manufacturer NSi recently carried out.” Because although over 90% of respondents to the MFP scan daily important documents such as invoices, delivery notes and logs, only a third of their intelligent features uses for capture and workflow. With the consequence that the processing and forwarding of data, complicated runs as needed. Up to 80 minutes a day spend most with digitizing. Send for example a scanned image in the own workplace and all further steps for processing and File manually from instead of to streamline repetitive processes. Wasted resources more effectively, you can use this “, Enno Luckel, Managing Director of the German subsidiary NSi Europe GmbH in Wetzlar said.

NSi is one of the leading providers of solutions for the collection of information and their automated processing workflows. Function as an app can be activated that employees get unnecessarily heavy Office life, depends on less to lack technology or more complicated operation: because classical tasks like OCR capture, indexing, conversion and data transfer is similar to how an app via activated icons directly on the MFP LCD initiate and run then automatically in the background drain. Instead have implemented two-thirds of the companies so far purely and simply not such processes. That surprised us very, because one can define workflows without narrowing the scope of an employee. And you don’t need special knowledge”, Enno Luckel says. Da are we asked to alert users to the untapped potential of their MFPs as a software manufacturer of such functions but also the retailers.” Free download