The event, held at the Expocentre, presented medical furniture, vehicles, equipment and supplies, and innovative solutions for medicine, dentistry, cosmetology, information systems for consumers Health and much more. The exhibition “Health 2010” – this international event, which was attended by the major manufacturers of equipment and medicines, as well as companies providing various services to the medical sphere. This year the project was implemented with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Moscow Government, the Public Chamber, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce RF.Kompaniya “1C: Accounting and Trade” (BIT) showcased the complete solution for automation of healthcare companies. Learn more at this site: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. BIT specialists have developed specialized software for the successful management of health centers, clinics, beauty salons and pharmacies. On the stand companies were represented by BIT systems to manage medical facility with the technology bar coding. It uses a certain set of contemporary programs and oborudovaniya.Hochetsya noted that in the West, most clinics and laboratories use automated systems and technology, bar coding to keep track of card customers, their histories, samples in the laboratory, etc. It greatly facilitates the work of staff and virtually eliminates the possibility of errors in prescribing or test results. The exhibition of 1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE) presented: Product “ICE: Managing Medical Center 8” is designed to automate the managerial and operational records of the health centers, specialized medical care (dental and Ophthalmic Hospital), beauty salons, clinics and other healthcare industry organizations.

The solution helps to organize the automated system by connecting it to the modern equipment that will effectively keep track of materials, equipment, tools, case histories of patients, etc. The system of “ICE: Beauty 8” helps keep a single information space management, regimented and operative accounting. Program “BIT: Drugstore 8 automates retails medicines. Solution designed as integrated addition typical system 1C: Retail 8. Modern equipment for medical institutions in technology-based bar-coding, which allows faster customer service, reduce staff time and avoid mistakes caused by human factor.