Those visiting Morocco can see that this country has many cities that are clear witnesses to the rich history of Morocco. Marrakech is an excellent example of these old cities, which will have the opportunity to discover the many faces of Moroccan civilization. In this article, I invite you to explore some of the most famous historical monuments of the City Ocre and some of its fantastic natural areas. a Marrakech is the best destination for exploring the history of Morocco, especially because there are many exceptional monuments and a host of attractions waiting for them. First, find in Marrakech’s famous Jemaa el Fna, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, about which you will find a wealth of beautiful and luxurious riads Marrakech typical. In this amazing place you can enjoy the rich popular culture of Morocco, which bloom spectacularly in many areas, such as music or folklore (gnawa, issawa, Dekka El Marrakchi, ahwach, rways, the Halka, etc.) or cooking (tajin, couscous, Tanjia, etc.). The city also hosts a multitude of markets, called a swaksa , where you can enjoy the variety and plentiful supply of traditional products, which reflects the expertise and know-how of local craftsmen. The most spectacular hotels in Marrakech riads are also one step away from these wonderful souks and will advise on what, how and where to buy what they need.

In Marrakech, they will also visit several palaces and numerous riads that will transport you back to the magical days of Oriental life. In these palaces and riads in Marrakech, no doubt they will touch the stunning elegance and great skill of local craftsmen, who have greatly contributed to making them a true architectural masterpieces. Marrakech is also packed with exciting natural spaces, such as Oukaimeden, an impressive season mountain where you can practice many sports and mountain heights, where you can stay in several hotels exceptional. There is also the Ourika Valley, one of the most beautiful and attractive valleys in Morocco thanks to its excellent location, just 15 km from Marrakech and offers a breathtaking natural passage to the famous town Siti Fatma, Asni Valley, the Lake Lalla Takerkoust and Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. a To summarize, Marrakech is the best destination to get a clear picture of Moroccan culture, history and natural beauty. The best, like Riad Al Rimal, a charming and luxurious, shall make available to its many resources to make your vacation in this city, also called a Mdint The Bahjaa or a The City of Felicidada , an experience memorable.