As the author, the society human being, as he is, is unsustainable. Although the technological advances that the society in some sectors benefits, the humanity this in an increasing fight, not only for ground, but also for water and air, in a hostile environment that it retakes to an age of conflicts. It is foreseen barbarity of the urban and agricultural violence around the natural resources gifts in the planet. However so that these acts do not happen, the sustainable development, based in the current standards of use of the natural resources for the human beings and in the population growth, is not even conceivable. To leave this situation, the promotion of the sustainable development must jump of the utopia to assume the role of strategy for the survival of the species human being, a development of conscientious form through efficient actions that favor the preservation of the environment and the ambient education starts to represent an important component of this strategy, in search of a new paradigm. According to Mikhail Gorbachev (1997, P.

137): The biggest challenge, as much of our time as of the next century, is to save the planet of the destruction. This goes to demand a change in the proper beddings of modern civilization the relationship of the human beings with the nature. In accordance with that it affirms Mikhail Gorbachev the economic development and the quality of life of the human being needs the resources of the Land. The sustainable development is impossible to happen will have been allowed that the ambient degradation continues of the form that comes occurring. The natural resources of the land are enough to take care of to the necessities of all the beings livings creature of the planet will have been usufructed of efficient form and supported. The economic development and the care with the environment are essential, interdependent and necessary.