The business corner in Linz-Urfahr probably the best workplace an upper Austrian could wish. While outside the upper individual office towers competitive stretch Austrian cities in the sky, fine projects, see the new business corner in the capital of Culture Linz, which maximize the available space, newly inspired by the surroundings and provide a bright, pleasant atmosphere and the people working there are in the city. The business corner in Linz-Urfahr probably the best workplace an upper Austrian could wish. But the building has to offer more than appealing architecture and efficient land use. Latest Home technology is their place: a unique air conditioning was of course attention. Chaired by the team of architects designed Zellinger-Landrichtinger SAK colossal building with approximately 8,000 m2 residential and commercial space is a two-storey underground car park with a total of 137 pitches.

Public transport is new residential and business construction by Pleschinger Lake, the bus lines 33 and 38 / Hunter in the Valley of the LINZ lines optimally connected. The stops are located right on the doorstep. On the ground floor is the placement of three businesses, including a target point is, this is a food providers, Concord mattresses and an Asian restaurant. On the first floor of well-known companies are hired a, for example the successful Linz company, blue vest equity financial management only one expected many companies to name a few, in this building, even in economically precarious times, a great future. The company blue vest equity is very committed to creating a great workplace and consulting room, in which you can feel comfortable your employees and customers. Previously, the blue vest equity was in the Ferihumerstrasse and a further branch in the nearby Peuerbachstrasse. In recent years, the company grew so rapidly that it needed a bigger Office.