While the collective one of the humanity stops its war without limits against ATWA, our brothers and sisters in harmony with the will of God, in defense and preparation for the future counterattack, if they organize with the weapons provided for the intelligence that said the laws of the survival. The hawk gerifalte is plus an example of the ATWA resistance. Gerifalte is a species of hawk that lives in the Arctic coast and the islands of the North America, Europe and Asia. The species of hawk are the greater of all. Being adapted well to the cold climate, gerifalte has thick plumage and white, characteristic penalties that they guarantee its protection in the Arctic environment. A recent study it very discovered an original characteristic that this species possesss. It is the only bird of robbery (predatory) terrestrial that she makes its home in icebergs floating on the oceans.

The transmitting study gerifaltes tracked the sazonal movement of 48 using saw radio. The researchers had discovered that some of the birds had passed the majority of the winter months on the ocean, using ice marine and icebergs as bases for planning of attacks. One is about an unknown fact with regard to birds predators, that are not adapted to the life in the water. The hawk does not possess adaptations of maritime birds as gulls, gannets, swallows and ducks. Also they do not have feet adapted I swim for it, nor oily covering in its penalty to keep the dry body.

What gerifalte has is strong claws, high speed, and an impressive capacity to capture flying canine tooth. Because it hunts other birds, it is not necessary to dive in the water. The hawk flies above of the waves and, using its speed, it captures sea birds and it takes them to its iceberg for feeding. It has much time that gerifaltes the human beings with its domain of skies have impressed. The bird still is today represented in the blazon of weapons of Iceland. During the medieval time, a real in all was considered the Europe, Asia and even though in Egypt, so distant bird of Arctic lands. One is about one true phenomenon of the adaptation of life.