The reason why, in all the pertinent studies, if emphasize the importance of one balanced distribution of incomes, mainly of prescriptions taxes, that not desnature the federalism for the economic subjection of the State-members to the Union. In the second part of the book, the master demonstrates with certainty and great knowledge of the historical context of the federalism, that throughout little more than two centuries was modified the conformation of the Federal State in its native land of origin, was transferred to call it dual or cooperative federalism. In this direction, the distribution of abilities in the Federal State is the decentralization in greater or minor degree; to be able them that they had not been delegated to the United States for the Constitution and they had not been forbidden for section to the States will be private, respectively, to the States or the people, what it prevailed in the jurisprudence, orientation that the tenth emendation privileged constitutional American, from there, in the United States, the sprouting of new version of the federalism said cooperative, marked for accented interference of the federal power in exclusive sphere of attributions before considered of the States. The alterations of the relations between Union and States in the North American Federacy that had occurred between 1918 and 1941, for way of rulling wire accurately the addition of the abilities of the Union. In Brazil to the time of the empire, the Brazilian federacy that arrived with the Republic, shaped it the image and similarity of the North American matrix, with the dual federalism with ability sphere stanches enumerated of the Union, remainders of the States, the central power abstaining to intervene with the State subjects. Thus in Brazil the state autonomy in all was exerted widely its consequences, in regards to auto-organization college, the adoption of solution differentiated in the Constitutions of the States and even though how much to the project of separation of powers, the horizontal distribution of the power tributary also delimited the sources of federal and state ingressions, transmudou in cooperative our federative one, basically from the Constitution of 1934, with the addition of the ability of the Union, constitutional emendation n 01/69, restriction of the state ability, constitutional recognition of a field of autonomy to the Cities for the constitutional order of 67/69.