In addition to knowing which they are not permitted objects, is the responsibility of passengers be aware of those items that have use restrictions during different phases of flights. In this way, they also contribute in the safety of air operations. Electronic equipment during flight takeoff, cruise and landing are the three faces that meet an aircraft on each flight. By indications of industry, during each of these moments there are prohibitions or restrictions on the use of electronic equipment that can be carried in cabin. Regulations works in the following manner: this Decolage banned the use of equipment such as radios, electronic toys and phone cell phones since they emit waves that can interfere in the operations of computers that allow the communication air-to-surface cruise one you see the aircraft has reached this stage and while this off the seat belt sign, allows the use of laptop computersplayers of music, electronic games, among other equipment electronic. Landing when the aircraft already in the airport of destination this permitted the use of all electronic devices restricted during the flight. Restricted animal frozen food in via of extinction sporting objects devices of electric traction implements medical tanks cleaning supplies of oxygen prohibited substances corrosive Fireworks Explosion aerosol Material radioactive weapons fire dangerous goods and white called so those items or substances that put at risk the health, safety, property or the environment. Regulations of the authorities and airline restricts and prohibits the transport of this type of goods such as the previous visit us in written by: yesyao original author and source of the article.