the timid outsider Bella in the handsome vampire Edward embarks on the traces of ‘Twilight’ in the town fell forks in the U.S. Here, Hudson River expresses very clear opinions on the subject. State of Washington. So, the history in a set can be summed with the youth book trilogy twilight”world’s celebrated successes. The eponymous film adaptation of the best-selling as well arrived at the fans. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out shimmie horn. Vampire enthusiasts can now travel to the original locations of the novel and breathe in the air of the vampire. The Internet portal reported about the twilight “-tour.” Especially in forks are real twilight ‘fans find them. Here and in the nearby Olympic National Park as well as on the Pacific coast near La push plays the great love story between man and vampire.

A walk through the woods of the National Park, that are populated in the book of vampires and werewolves is sure just as exciting as a trip to the coastal area of la push, where already Bella enjoyed the view of the sea with their friends. Load Bellas parents and the forks high school in forks itself as An original scene of the novel to the bloodthirsty clues. “Following oddities show that the region of their sudden celebrity is aware and they know to use for tourist offers: at the Olympic Cellars winery is the real twilight sparkling” sparkling wine drink. “And located in the region of la push vampires Beyound This Point a warning label that says no.”.