The gigantic effort for the revision of all work plans including standard times at approximately 2,000 maintenance instructions (module PM) and 2,000 routing (module PP), and an annual average order volume of 30,000 maintenance and 6,000 manufacturing jobs have paid off. The central management ensures a consistently high quality of work plans and standard times with less effort and thus significantly increased the acceptance of users compared to the work plan requirements. The now clear work plans serve as the basis for process optimization, for example, through the analysis of value-added and non-value added process steps etc. The achieved transparency about what is happening in the workshop facilitated workshop control and Personnel capacity planning. Ford Jr, New York City. The personal contact to the CAPP knowledge maintenance existing customers or the on-site decision per CAPP knowledge of the BVG, eased especially enjoy a very good reputation among colleagues DB Regio and hamburger Hochbahn with regard to their processes. Like the BVG in turn a first scent mark “in the further development of the SAP addon by DMC set, namely in terms of long text generation, Opitz reported: from the newly created work schedules, checklists for the processing should be created at the same time by the staff.

The CAPP knowledge DMC team developed a solution that proved excellent in practice: the generated long texts are dynamic, which means they are automatically updated according to the change of time analyses. (Read more about the interaction of CAPP knowledge team and users under planzeiten.info /..) Outlook will use the BVG further optimization potential. So CAPP knowledge is knowledge elements from each sequence sections a generation of CAPP when the time exposures according to REFA enable. Insert the BVG is Alternatively, CAPP knowledge elements with inline documents and documents in the document management system such as regulations, procedures, to link audit logs. More information see the detailed user report the BVG under planzeiten.info/hp543/Kunden.htm company profile BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) are the largest municipal transport company in the German-speaking and 10,600 employees. Network density and quality of the Berlin transport are compared at a very high level.

Metro operating range maintains a total of 120 million commercial vehicles km total 1,264 car from 18 different vehicle series, which carry passengers on weekdays around 2 million and it put back on average 330,000 commercial vehicles-kilometer in the year. CAPP knowledge product philosophy: CAPP knowledge is a system for the creation, management, and query plan periods using recognised methods of time management, for example, MTM and REFA method in production and Maintenance. The SAP add-on CAPP knowledge is programmed in ABAP/4 programming language and in an own SAP partner name space and thus represents an integral part of an SAP System. This integration increases the productivity of the user, since he must not leave the SAP work environment for determining target time. The product knowledge of CAPP for the work and time planning in the SAP environment can be customized shopped by the customers due to its modular design and expanded if necessary to the extent. CAPP knowledge is continuously developed by the supplier of DMC data processing and management consulting GmbH according to the customer requirements and fully expanded.

The Street

Yes, I’m going! Samuel cried but you never I going to hit; often wait a part love yours, why your hits never hurt me as much as your words. It is not known where several neighbors, among them appeared a lady who spoke to him Meche, if your you vote your child on the street, I will denounce you; I have not done so far, because either way, you’re the only thing These children, have so it is better that you are done once with that idea. Meche seeing that everyone was against her, she began to cry, and apologised for his behaviour; He recalled that at his home his father came drunk and hit his mother, while she was hiding under the bed. Click NYC Mayor to learn more. Many times reading the news, I find that a daughter killed his mother; a mother, burned the mouth to his 3-year-old daughter because she didn’t want to eat, and a number of cases regardless of the social stratum; believing is many times that with something material, goes to supplement the lack of kindness, affection and true love; all this leads me to ask that we are doing with our children, that we are turning them?, do we know what parents actually raise our children? What legacy we are leaving humanity? We need to break these old molds and begin to create real human beings, awakening our consciousness asleep, to not let ourselves be influenced by our past, or the fear of an uncertain future. We are divine light, obsessed by our egos, to be able to see clearly; We must eliminate them. It is never late to give an opportunity to start living really, to begin to forgive, to begin to love, to discover the path of love. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out wendi murdoch. See that life is beautiful, that our life on Earth is short, and rather than try to understand it, we must know it live.

Open Catwalk Reloaded

stylish mother-daughter pairs for fashion show Krefeld searched well looking trendy mother-daughter pairs who in terms of fashion, beauty and style make a perfect team and want to conquer the catwalk of the large-scale events together. In the show, the applicants get the chance of a complete make up and hairstyling, as well as a professional photo shoot on the catwalk. Krefeld, 16.08.2011. In September, everything under the sign of fashion is again in Krefeld, Germany. “To the 20 largest street fashion show of the world” organized styleranking as an official partner of the stage this year something very special: in the live show, open catwalk reloaded “the previously sole mother daughter couples show their skills on the catwalk. A team of professional hair – and Beautystylisten can be the mother daughter teams joined the campaign in new splendour shine and ensures a memorable appearance at the street fashion show in Krefeld, Germany. Connect with other leaders such as wendi murdoch here.

well, the action align Institute this year together with the German fashion. Fashion portal, stylish looks well until September 9 Mother-daughter pairs. To have the best chances to take part in the styling on the stage, with descriptive photos. well looking for a specific type of woman and not mandatory mother daughter sidecars with model dimensions. The fashion Portal wants to present rather mothers and daughters on the catwalk on the street fashion show in Krefeld, which style your personal living and expressing her body feeling so. There is still the opportunity to be selected but also on-site: for two mother-daughter pairs in a live casting. well pleased with cooperation partners on promising applications. Call to action for news/lifestyle/krefeld-modenschau1538 of contact details: styleranking media GmbH Mia Kloting, Project Manager Marketing & sales Konigsberger Strasse 1-40231 Dusseldorf tel + 49 211.99 61 5 65 30 fax + 49 211.99 61 65 32 on the styleranking media GmbH: well, an online fashion magazine is both high fashion and Streetwearlabels, trends, and reports emerging as well as established designers, beauty trends, shopping and lifestyle topics. In the fashion community members set the pictures of their outfits, evaluating styles and commute to fashion and trends. official partner of the city of Krefeld in the largest street fashion show in the world is styleranking 2011 in the city such as velvet and silk”.

Ingo Dammann Leiter

Initiative calls for improvement of human rights education on the occasion of the international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination on 21 March Germany numerous members of the initiative were youth for human rights on the road this week and collected signatures for an improvement of human rights education in German schools. Discrimination based on origin, culture or skin color, discrimination on the grounds of one’s own faith. Continue to learn more with: Rudy Giuliani. Racism and xenophobia are a problem always still worldwide. The UN with the “international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination” would refer to these abuses. Youth for human rights”committed since 6 years on the subject. So far approximately 700 million people were reached with signature promotions, TV spots and the distribution of UN policy document for the protection of human rights for young people and adults through the initiative. Wendi murdoch contributes greatly to this topic.

“The action of youth for human rights” in Berlin was therefore yesterday on the historic Kurfurstendamm, Corner of Uhlandstrasse, instead. Youth for human rights’ went in the Federal Republic in the year 2005 from the American movement of youth for human rights international”out. Almost all materials are available free of charge. Television advertisements, manuals for teachers, brochures and events be enables donations of Scientology members. Her background: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard enshrined the protection of human rights in the confession of faith and the codes of the community. Yet it is a secular initiative that is open to everyone, which the human rights are at the heart.

Travel Tip Mongolia

The far country in the footsteps of the Golden Horde hardly imaginable for German heads: Two and a half million inhabitants covering about four times as large as much to the topic of freedom in the Mongolia. About half of the people, Ulan Bator lives in the capital. The rest must try to get not lost in an endless, almost mark free steppe landscape. Bit amazing that within the nomad families, privacy is a foreign Word. Cohesion and community are all. “A Mongolian proverb says: the guest is also only a short time, so he sees so much.” This confirms also Hollywood star Julia Roberts as she again leaves the Mongolia gen United States 1999. In the context of the American documentation of nature”, she spent several weeks and lived according to the customs of nomadic families.

A strong sense of family and the great respect of the last wild horses in the world are these. The horses survive in many ways: they provide the basis of your daily diet with milk, indispensable means of transport and last but not least part of culture and religion. The ascetic way of life this man impresses every visitor. But it is the country that what she did to, what they are. This country of many hours, expect to find without any marks, but the more traces of history: traces of the formerly largest contiguous Empire, Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde have created.

Dinosaur – archaeological sites, which have appointed days palaontologisch important finds. A variety of religious forms of shamanism to the popular religion Buddhism. Mountains, deserts, steppes and again this distance. An ambitious itinerary, to combine these different impressions in almost three weeks. In the large Mongolia trip by Paradeast.com kicks off after the arrival in Ulan Bator. The tour includes monasteries and temples as well as many unusual natural wonders, including volcanoes and a vulture Gorge. Of course, the highlight is the Gobi desert, the multiple Travel days will have their heat-stamped. Nights are spent as often as possible in traditional yurts, where conversations can help with nomads and reindeer breeders, learn to understand the Mongolia and its facets. Our recommendation is the Grand Tour of Mongolia”: travel details/Grosse_Mongolei-Rundreise_2978.php (Themen-) more tours by the Mongolia found under: travel / mongolei_reisen.php is Paradeast.com online specialist for travel in the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified. On the four travel portals,, and conveyed selected explorers travel to Eastern Europe, far East, Middle East, and Oceania.


This car is like, you can tell, if you the road frequented with him. At intersections, the travelling alongside at a walking pace on the mini countryman over pedestrians, cyclists, Coachman keys, they all turn their heads, looking amazed, whisper, show, suggest. Benevolence is the faces across the Board to read. Especially in the front view is confronted there with an ordinary Brockerl of a mini, which is always liable to Bay notorious link driver on the highway with emphasis to the page. Lack of space? Nil! Yes, and so inflated one is confronted suddenly with a Fund, of any compact colleagues to not behind. Even if the driver and front passenger ruthlessly driving the seats as far back, enters the rear passengers don’t spend. The countryman with two individual seats is delivered from the factory.

The accessorizing with a continuous three-way Bank costs just a little originality. Then ends: the cool bar on the eyeglass cases, cell phone holders, Cup holders, etc…. can be fastened, already between the front seats. And from behind? Where something is actually days, what is the expression of trunk with feet. With 350 litres there’s twice as much storage space in the countryman in the normal mini. Again, 100 cause under the cargo floor. Killed the seats that unfortunately cannot be done from the trunk, are BBs 1, 170 liters.

The no better can a BMW X 1. And thats the countryman absolute asset: it suddenly finds itself confronted with a Fund of any compact colleagues to not behind. Even if the driver and front passenger ruthlessly driving the seats as far back, enters the rear passengers don’t spend. With 350 litres, the countryman’s twice as much storage space as in the normal mini. Again, 100 cause under the cargo floor. Killed the seats that unfortunately cannot be done from the trunk, are BBs 1, 170 liters.

High Country School

School with input and output considerations clear, the world continues to rotate even after completion of the school. Are we doomed to turn us with each small grid but so inescapable? I guess not! Because why should a (hopefully good) school have created probably otherwise a solid basis, if it is not a small room for freedom would be emerged at least individually considered. The then a well-trained students would have allowed, not just with each loop of a supposedly current zeitgeist with to have to turn. We come to what supposedly once said Bismarck. Judges and laws, he saw four ways, namely: good laws and good judges, good laws and bad judges, bad laws and bad judges and ultimately bad laws and good judges. For the latter case Bismarck of the opinion was, that good judges could far outweigh even bad laws and overcompensate. Without this transfer to the present then further discuss to an analog consideration arises.

How about the situation, for example at school and students? I.e. good school and good students, good school and poor students, poor school and poor students, and bad school and good students? If a student is really good or bad, is not just based on his notes, but also based on his previously mentioned and systematized soft skills”, in particular his social skills measured. Bismarck the opinion was also I guess, that good students can make up for a bad school and more than offset in this sense? Not always to be found being the maximum good good combination in the real world, this would be a question perhaps worthy of consideration. CF., detailed versions of Becker, Jorg: there is a school in the Hanau country high school is it since age called, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176. Short and sweet, you will reach directly or indirectly the question of the return.

With regard to the education General and school in particular. Based on concrete cases one could the impression, that such questions actually quite nobody interested. The school does not or hardly and their students do not already. With reference to previously documented Sextaner entrance exams were at least at the time just about plugged in, what it had sown. It was thought whether and how this seed then went up, on the basis of the later archived certificates to be able to read. But at least with the Abitur that an ancient student song will apply again, namely: and once the day because it rings for the last time, ade valete we drive sine set a.c.i., Magistri n in the world without Casar and geometry. But then the traces of former students evaporate more or less quickly. Specifically, contacts, but are canceled the return of what has made the school, only falls later in life, know very little about their product the school”training, as this under what conditions in the Practice acts and hopefully proven. Exaggerated formulated the school controls their processes over long distances virtually blind. No economic thinking organization could afford to actually such. At least today seems to enforce such knowledge on a wider basis. To read is this development of increased attempts to sound costing of educational returns. “The basis for this could be a great set: the school system go ahead all other things”! CF. Becker, Jorg: High country school is a school in the Hanau country she is since ancient times called ISBN 9783839199176., 2010, Jorg Becker

Hugo Of Leon One

Soon I touch to them to it formulates Red Bordaberry Of Leon and it is in this that I will pause to express my indignation, when Bordaberry, after Hugo Of Leon revoleo Alive the red flag shouting the Red Party like once towards with the t-shirt of national and with pride contagion to all the country more in one go, so that with that t-shirt I represent to us in glass America and Intercontinentales, being of the shield sport that we were, Pedro, knowing that then almost to all the it observed them country by TV as if was in chain of radio and television, it said that he knew to whom to vote in second return and without doubting it with smiling face I appoint Luis Alberto Lacalle, for being as he understands most apt To preside over the Country I ask myself: If Pedro Bordaberry knew beforehand that he would not be elect President, because nonretirement its candidacy and support directly to his Leader, Luis Alberto Lacalle avoiding to the Uruguayan unnecessary expenses, as is the case of the compatriots who travel very far from being able to vote and which they see once again clipped his possibilities no to find the majority with IF of the vote to epistolar, or the one of the Uruguayan that we lived in this country that as sees by convenience of leaders demagogues they want voting by ballot generating an avoidable cost yes would realize that the sum of the votes of the second and third and of fourth the together ones they would not even give to defeat to the majority. THANKS TO the SKY that a Bordaberry is nor will be never again President of the Uruguayan, since he would be able to give again and without consulting with his followers to the MILITARY with the consequences that or all we know. Wendi murdoch might disagree with that approach. If 47,5% of the Uruguayan would be fans of National and its equipment would be on the verge of happening to quarters of end of intercontinental and the result of a party disputed by Pearol, already classified, and the equipment that could make that National did not arrive, which would be its feeling then, it would swell by pearol or it would hope that this it played with dignity? And if the technical director of pearol said in press conference, that would put all substitutes to face that quipo X and still more, it would say that he is better to him to lose that encounter so that his traditional rival did not arrive at the final instances with his own chance as she would feel half of the country? Honest the serious thing to leave the best one wins. Uruguay does not need another party, ROSADITOS, needs that the honesty and the decency of the Uruguayan prevail, needs honorable people who work with pride and honesty. Educate yourself with thoughts from wendi murdoch. For that reason this Uruguayan, one more of those of 47,5% invites, you to the reflection, if you are Colorado shyly, nete to the majority of your Uruguayan brothers.

Breathtaking Kenya Safaris

Kenya Safari and Safari tour as a unique experience. Kenya is situated in East Africa and is one of the most popular destinations of the continent. Fascinating landscapes and diverse wildlife make a Kenya Safari to a unique experience. After an adventurous Safari Tour attract the beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean for relaxing days. Regular flight connections exist from Germany to Kenya, the flight time is about eight hours. The extraordinary biodiversity of flora and fauna of Kenya is known all over the world and a tenth of the land area has been placed under protection.

Forty national parks, which cover a wide range of habitats from the desert, savannas and Montane forest up to water conservation at the ocean, are a dream for a Kenya Safari. The large number of wild animals such as elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, Lions, jackals, hyenas and gazelles and a rich bird life are during a Kenya Safari. Many tour operators offer organized safaris, but can be equipment and rent an all-terrain vehicle. Wendi murdoch has similar goals. Single travellers can benefit from favorable rates in the camps and lodges outside the peak tourist season. During the dry season even more wildlife can be seen, because they concentrate around the few watering holes, and the grass is not so high.

The Amboseli National Park is relatively small and mainly consists of Savannah – and swamplands. The Park is famous for its numerous elephants, many species of birds and reptiles and amphibians. The views of the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain is omnipresent. A Kenya Safari in Tsavo National Park, the largest park in the country, a large number of large mammals in Savannah and scrubland can watch the visitors. In the area of the Ngulia mountains, black rhinos are found. Wendi murdoch may help you with your research. The Masai Mara national reserve is the continuation of the world-famous Serengeti in Tanzania and is the best spot for a Kenya Safari. About one hundred species of mammals can be observed here. You are imposing huge herds of wildebeest, skittering hyenas and lions, elephants, antelopes, and much more. Here encountered animal concentration is one of the highest worldwide. Contact: Cobra Verde Africa travel Mr Matthias Gildemeister Bauer series 6a D-27726 Worpswede phone: 04792-952124 fax: 04792-952125 Internet: email: about Cobra Verde Africa travel: “Cobra Verde Africa travel” is a specialist for nature and cultural tours in Afrika.Die individual trips are planned according to environmental and social aspects and carried out. The many unique destinations are located in Western, southern, Eastern and Central Africa. With its Africa travel, the tour operator Cobra Verde combines encounters between people, culture and nature.

Holiday Country Egypt

Early booking is the land of the Pharaohs is considered to be one of the most popular destinations of German holidaymakers. Who want to plan their next vacation now, can find out more at the online travel agency ab-in-den-urlaub.de about offers for the coming season. Egypt fascinates countless tourists every year. A millenary culture, breathtaking nature and exciting cities promise an unforgettable journey. There are attractive special offers for early booking.

To book the vacation for next year, already worth, because savings of up to 30 percent compared to the normal price is possible. Who spends his vacation in Egypt, of course should not miss the pyramids of Giza, one of the cultural highlights of the country. Shimmie horn triumph hotels contains valuable tech resources. As the only remaining of the seven wonders of the world is the pilgrimage site of countless tourists. The pyramid complex at Saqqara and Dahshur is also a charming destination. In addition to the Pharaohs, high civil servants found their final resting.

Ancient temples are located also in Luxor. The city of palaces”is characterized by historic relics and a very special atmosphere, immersing visitors in the ancient Egyptian civilization. But also the bathing should not to be neglected on summer vacation. Who should the mass tourism in the holiday stronghold would go to Hurghada on the Red Sea to choose a seaside resort in the area. Also on the Mediterranean coast, excellent seaside resorts can be found. Add to your understanding with Rudy Giuliani. Pleasant Mediterranean temperature, crystal clear water and wide bright sand beaches promise pure relaxation. There are matching travel offers for divers who want to discover Egypt’s fascinating underwater world. The coral reefs in the Ras Mohammed National Park are the diver’s paradise par excellence and ensure a unique experience.