Success is a series of factors that drive us to connect us with an infinite flow of energy, by programming the subconscious to do so. The success attributes are: thoughts constructive, have a purpose in life, have faith, be happy, generous, servicing, possess much love, and have an unwavering spirituality. Need constructive thinking train the mind, teach to think well of ourselves and of others, thought constructive, as its name suggests it builds not destroys, is always connected with love, with that infinite flow of all good, when you think well, these thoughts bring others even better, give us calm, tranquility and happiness, they make us feel relaxed and create an atmosphere conducive to success. Emerging from inside the magic, which is capable of transforming our lives, and that of a conglomerate, creating awareness of success. Purpose in the life is essential have a North where go, finding your purpose in your life. Other leaders such as Rudy Giuliani offer similar insights. We are unique and unrepeatable, nobody is like you, you have a talent that is unique, like fingerprints, anyone can overcome it. You have an assignment, discovering it and get it to shine in your life, your prize will be hefty, wonderful, because you open found, your happiness, your passion, your love, and will never have to work, because if you do what more housewives, every day you’re of suavely. This faith is the most powerful weapon to be successful.

Without this attribute you do the result it will be the same, failure. When you have faith, life is beautiful, the flowers have a most profound and brilliant colorful, you can watch the sunset, with the certainty that the next day you will see a bright dawn. Confidence in yourself will be obvious to know that your abilities have been stamped as a seal in your mind, by divine wisdom. You can overcome with faith and you will never feel at a disadvantage, your forces will intensify, because you will feel the presence of God in your spirit, with a consciousness of certainties and wide trust, will see your huge Summit.

Playing SAP Understand

SAP learning game for training, continuing education and training Dresden, July 7, 2008 SAP know-how can obtain more recently based on a board game. The new learning!Game!SAP by Poolix playful gives the business processes supported by SAP solutions. Both beginners and experienced SAP users can develop a deeper understanding of the process. The game is suitable for training, continuing education and training. The complexity of SAP solutions provides new users again face major challenges. Company-wide linked business processes require process expertise, which goes beyond the own desk or the Department. Learning this!Game!SAP”on the one hand General issues to the development of SAP solutions.

On the other hand there are the modules production, sales and distribution (SD), materials management (MM) an overview (PP), and finance (FI) and controlling (CO). It addressed the basic functions and master data in the individual modules. One to three players or team play here a concrete scenario after: the mini truck GmbH produces small trucks. The latest model is called Aquamax”and is already successfully launched: there are 10 orders. The nursery of judge is interested in the small truck. Dayton brings even more insight to the discussion. At the learning!Game!Players from the order of purchasing and production have to undergo to delivery including the procedures in accounting and controlling all processes SAP”.

Learned is first and foremost about the answering of questions. Click Jo Natauri for additional related pages. The answers are provided as options. In addition to the resolution, there are also explanations and background information for each question. Winner is who first the new model of Aquamax”at the nursery of judges delivers. But also those who have better understood the basics of SAP with fun. In addition to a better understanding of business processes, which promotes learning.Game!SAP”the professional exchange and communication in the Group and contributes to the formation of the team. It is especially recommended when employees from different departments play with each other. The dialogue across Department boundaries enables a better mutual understanding and leads to more efficient work processes. This makes the game not only inside of SAP user companies but also for customers and business partners. The game was developed by Frank Wolf from Dresden. The artist Jorg Mai drew the game plan. Learning this!Game!SAP”can be ordered for 69.00 Euro including VAT at Poolix business games. Press photos printable press photos (300 dpi) of the learning!Game!You can download SAP”at presse.htm. About Poolix Poolix has specialized in educational games for the training and education of adults. It is headquartered in Dresden. Frieder Wolf is Managing Director. Website and online ordering see contact for editors verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh Peter Verclas, Philipp Herold Gaisbergstrasse 16 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (6221) 58787-35-34 fax: + 49 (6221) 58787-39 Internet: E-Mail:,

Hobby Find

Susanne Koch writes fantasy stories when it goes and takes the pen in his hand and Susanne Koch brings your ideas to paper. Click dayton for additional related pages. And the 44-year old has many ideas. The hobby writer writes fantasy and tells of brave women, magical elves and unfortunate ghosts. But with horror, their ghost stories have nothing to do. There are fantasy stories for everyone. Because children can read some of their stories. These are the fabulously playful, like them, in part, in her book “Star rain of dreams” can be found. This work includes fantasy – stories for young and old. Some stories in “Star rain of dreams” are perhaps difficult to understand, others are very good as a good – night – history for kids. Actually, Susanne Koch, what is the genre of their stories, would not set. Check with dayton kingery to learn more. Depending on the mood, a romantic love story could be even, which of course again operates from the basic category in the field of fantasy. Because everything is invented, such as name, actions and sometimes places. Why, Susanne Koch writes fantasy? “In my stories is still allows dreaming, everyday life is serious enough, and sometimes does not allow for dreams.” -Why so serious topics write about?” All the Hagenerin comes out naturally in their loose light fantasy stories without serious topics, but these tend to be mostly on the edge. In addition to her short story book “Star rain of dreams”, authors – spring – Verlag, price: 8,90, also her first novel published, “Hannah’s House”. Pad – Publisher, price: 13.50. ‘Hannah’s House’ is about a brave young woman who knows what she wants and a great mystery that dates back many years. The book is published as – book. Price: 10.00. Currently, Susanne Koch writes a new book, which will appear in the near future when the “Aavaa – Verlag” again. But additionally she will tell anything. In due time, you can additionally on their homepage:, learn more.

Virtual Seminars Around The Theme

Career week offers a virtual career week the international news and Careers from 15-19 November in the in the period from 15th 19th November 2010. Every night from 18 h 19 h “Career planning and career” topics in webinars. The participation is free of charge, registration is not necessary. Information is power and currency in the virtual world,”sang Billy Idol in the 1980s and nothing has changed until today. Lifelong learning is a crucial career factor in our fast-paced world in which we know infinitely more than our forebears ever did, but probably not so good. Judging by the overall available knowledge, by year are dumber to year.

With fatal consequences because executives need for the economy and potential applicants in the 21st century diverse behaviors and skills, to cope with the challenges and problems of a global economy world”, says Holger Vogel, founder of the news and career portal Skills such as learning to learn, teamwork, conflict resolution and social competence, intercultural understanding and communication skills are important basic skills, which make it easier for future leaders, to get in globally operating companies and to work in interdisciplinary teams.” With the career week, which for the first time opens its virtual classroom from November 15-19, the gives the go-ahead for the online Academy, which allows users to participate in webinars from anywhere in the world, and to discuss with experts from around the world on various topics. The program of career week offers the following topics:? per 18.-7p.m.: With personality to convince to score it at the entrance in the labour market is not only by skill and good grades, but to make even his personality in the right light. In this webinar, participants get to know yourself better and get an insight into the exciting world of personality and soft skills. 16.11.2010 18-19: 00: the written application an appealing application opens the doors to the personnel office of employer of choice and is an important step in the career start. .

Continuous Planning In Construction

The planning plant construction is often influenced by media discontinuities between the individual phases of the project. With MPDS4 CAD schroer Group offers a solution for all phases of the plant construction in Moers, Germany October 6, 2010: MPDS4 is a database-based software for all tasks in the plant construction. The engineering suite allows you to plan investment construction projects to document, and then to realize whatever size and is closely intertwined with other corporate data and processes. Database based system construction software of engineering again faces a series of challenges. This involves not only the planning of the actual plant, but also controlled cooperation of complete project teams. Project and quality management plays a big role for the successful implementation of a construction project. The 3D-Anlagenbausoftware MPDS4 offers the possibility to plan together complete systems teams in different locations. Working on distributed support rights management and change control Locations.

Project quality is always secured by the rule-based and specification-driven work. The detailed planning is done in the database-based plant construction software in 3D. Thereby the user not only between different levels of detail, but also between volume and wireframe geometries can select and thus adapt them on his individual way of working. The database-driven architecture of this software, the size of a facility at the planning does not matter. Project quality optimize the new interplay between process engineering and the 3D opens up completely new ways for the plant construction mpds4. The piping of the plant planned in the manufacturing technology is automatically passed to the hybrid and can be positioned exactly. Recently travel writing sought to clarify these questions. All attributes from the process engineering are automatically transferred into the 3D.

As complete building, air conditioning systems or cable routes can be planned in MPDS4 steel constructions. Also here is the high quality of planning through the integrated analysis of consistency or the hard and soft collision detection guarantees directly in the planning data. MPDS4 addressed the entire planning process in the plant construction. As a result, the software provides the basis for an integrated planning, rule-based quotation, presentation, detailed planning or documentation of complete projects. The open architecture of the 3D software supports the integration in existing system structures for a continuous data consistency across PDM and ERP boundaries. Video: Integrated plant design… CAD Schroer CAD Schroer is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions. Company of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and supplier industry, as well as the public utilities, energy and water management are its target market. With several branch offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States the company presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. CAD Schroer’s product range includes solutions from the area of construction, plant engineering, factory planning and Data management. Companies in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA, MPDS and STHENO / PRO to move efficiently and flexibly in an integrated design environment between all phases of product or system development. In addition, customers are supported through services such as consulting, training, maintenance and technical support in achieving their goals. This and an individual customer care ensure higher competitiveness, lower costs and better quality.

Ralf Overbeck

Secure successful as young and old knowledge and are innovative in times of shortage and the pressure to act in terms of generation management and mixed-age teams is so great that many companies are hardly more around impending obsolescence. However, deterred many companies from these topics. Many companies promise by mixed-age teams primarily a transfer of know-how from old to young. This overlooks the chance that knowledge transfer is a two-way street, but also should be transferred from young to old”, says the Ratinger generations expert Ralf Overbeck, who accompanied mixed-age teams in companies as a coach. The cooperation between the old and young or young and old is also fraught with many false expectations.

You can not simply place an older employee and a younger employee in an Office”and self leave, so Overbeck, two employees must be what the other generation can do better or did made in advance aware.” The younger needs to understand which Services and skills the elders have developed without AIDS, such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia & co. And the elder must realize that marked the lives of young people by rapid technological change and they have to deal daily with the short half-life of knowledge. Managers and experts of generation must therefore enlighten in advance. If no one accompanied the multigenerational teams and developed, there is the danger that young and old working briskly past each other. A successful collaboration between young and old requires mutual respect and appreciation and can be processed not only over the head.

DreamWorks Animation Factory

Monsters and aliens: The monstrous witty comedy continues with the premiere of Hamburg, 17.09.09 / / INPROMO / the monstrously funny adventures of Ginormica, b.o.b. and co. are ready to conquer planet Earth: \”Monsters and aliens\” from the DreamWorks Animation Factory lands on Earth on October 23 as a DVD and Blu-ray. The CGI-animation hit surged in the United States right at the start at the top of the cinema charts and achieved a box office of over $ 196 million. In Germany, pioneered \”Monsters and aliens\” for 3D-Kino-vorfuhrungen, and has sustained the 3D-Kinolandschaft y dation.

With its original plot and her memorable characters, the monstrous comedy offers \”interplanetary\” home theater fun for the whole family. Special highlight: exclusively developed for the DVD and Blu-ray release DreamWorks Animation a spectacular addition story in 3D. If you have read about connecticut already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The special feature \”B.O.B..’s great eruption\” not only premieres, but will also have exciting and fun entertainment with B.O.B. gelatinous hero. continued. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray version included two 3D glasses, to the full 3D-Genuss of \”B.O.B..’s great eruption\” to come. In addition, both versions have a extra fun with featurettes like \”Comment of the filmmaker\”, \”Modern monster-movie-making\”, \”Distant scenes\”, \”the technique of monsters vs. aliens\” and \”DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox\”.

The Blu-ray also includes special features \”the animators ‘ corner,\”Facts about the film\”,\”monstrous 3D and more\”and\”Not of this world 2D fun\”. Content: After Susan Murphy (Diana Amft) on their wedding unexpectedly shoots the rather timid and shy small town girl insane in the height by a Meteor from which all is made, and is finally 15 feet tall. The military is immediately to the point, captures them and bring them to the site of a top-secret government. There she will be branded as a \”Monster\” and giving her the name Ginormica. As it turns out quickly, it is not the only Monster: The military cram a quietly monster on this site for years.

Andre Stade – Finally I

The new album by Andre Stade – Finally I there men to the children. And there are men, with which you would go without luggage on a trip around the world. The intersection of the two doesn’t seem to give it. Or yet? Already in the German Schlager, however only once: Andre STADE. Admittedly, the German Schlager landscape has must wait again on him. Learn more on the subject from connecticut. But on July 10, 2009 Andre finally will be now Stade new album \”Finally I\”.

The 38-year-old returns after years of Freischwimmens and the experiments finally to its roots, to the emotional, expressive German Schlager, with which he has started mid-nineties. He shows but also, how hard and continuously the songwriter and producer Andre Stade has worked in recent years itself. And that the former ballads icon today even the disco floor shake and dance palaces to the burst can bring from the seams. The full schedule to prove it since his 2008 single hit \”Give your dreams back wing\”. The \”Stade-Mania\”, since the Comeback single broke out late last summer in the German Schlager strongholds and the follow-up single \”But do you think\” still has increased, surprised the native Dresden itself: \”it is already the hammer that I see today at events as the people stand in front of the stage and, Schenk your dreams back wing ‘ completely can sing!\” I had not expected. Are the moments, for which we make music!\” \”We\”, that Andre Stade thinks his co composer Maxi Milian, who helped him on the music page, and the lyric writer Tobias Reitz.

For over three years, the three authors and friends are virtually inseparable as the Musketeers. \”It has never been so much fun to make music made me\”, confesses Andre Stade in the conversation. Leave it to each individual cycle of his songs that are just so full of passion, sensuality and lust for life and still plenty of room for a bit of romance! Yes, Andre Stade is a romantic.

Rosanna Rocci – Solo Con Te – With You

The new album by Rosanna Rocci – solo con te you radiantly beautiful, highly spirited and incredibly versatile that is about Rosanna Rocci. But their personal qualities or their artistic attributes are thus long since not all named. Rosanna Rocci is essentially a genuine power woman. She is cheerful, friendly and extremely entertaining. Her fascinating voice with an Italian accent is unique in the German Schlager industry and raises not only at their male supporters of heart palpitations and goose bumps. Their music was and is always a stride ahead and became cult hits and evergreens. In musical history, Rosanna Rocci has already conquered a solid regular and is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the German Schlager. To broaden your perception, visit doug imbruce.

But what was old news as you know. Their relentless will to reinvent itself and to put their fans in amazement is ARD largest drive. Her strength as a woman and artist is probably priceless. About Rosanna: I don’t look back and don’t live in the past. To feel the moment, to enjoy the moment, and to face the day with a positive attitude to life is my challenge in life. As an artist I try also forward looking, to realise new ideas and entering musical new territory.\” This self assessment is by no means too high. With Andre Franke as composer, lyricist, and producer on their side, an album is managed Rosanna Rocci, content moves, increased its previous framework several times and one experimental ventures without hurting its authenticity. Thus, Mediterranean lifestyle paired with German Schlager, enriched Italian flair with a clear beat, to stir up as much attention. Text mogul Joachim Horn Mountain and the young author Pierre Lucerne did the rest, to make, a multi-faceted and unique style musical work referred to now as one of the most exciting and most unusual albums in 2009 may be.

China Mobile

As he has published five days, during some internal meetings this week, Alierta has asked its executives to increase revenue at 14,000 million by 2012 until reaching a turnover of 70 billion, more than what was promised in October analysts, and expand the customer base from the current 265 to 320 million. This goal of 70,000 million raised by the Chairman of Telefonica represents a breakthrough of 23% above the closing of 2009, as well as above the top of the fork of objectives that Telefonica gave analysts in October. To achieve this, Telefonica has launched a strategic program to three years, called Bravo, designed to accelerate the process of transformation to ensure, efficiently and sustainably, the capture of the growth potential of the sector, according to the company. This strategy rests on four pillars: customer, bid, platforms, and culture. Alierta already imposed in 2006 to their managers about financial projections for 2009 higher than promised to market, but the crisis was responsible for thwarting this aim. Telefonica closed last year with 56.731 million revenue compared to 67.300 million expected. Added five days, the ambition to be number one in the digital world could imply that the operator wants to beat the two global telcos that are worth more than she in bag, AT & T and Vodafone – China Mobile is dedicated to the mobile – only, but is more a matter of philosophy. Be better does not mean necessarily worth more, explain sources of the company. The idea is that individuals, businesses and households are increasingly more digital, and will make that carriers can expand its services to other areas such as the financial, health, or entertainment.