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In many countries there is school of no parents, and there are if them, they are very few. I looked for one in my country and I did not find, I looked for information in Internet and always speak of the same but they do not analyze the individual needs of the children by means of its personality. You know where to look for a manual for parents? If, there same in its personality. A manual does not exist in order to raise to a son, the manual is they themselves. If we read the manual that the children have built-in them, I talk about its personality or temperament, we would know like handling them and raising them. The personality or temperament is, and so the human being is born. It determines the genetics to it. There are very sociable, extroverted and conversadoras people; there are authoritarian, little sensible people and leaders; there are timid, shut up and perfectionist people; and there are people demotivated, with little physical energy and following.

That is the manual that you must discover in your son, because it will indicate to you like treating it, since each personality has its own emotional needs, virtues, weaknesses, desires and sensitivity. All we know that the children are not all equals and the way in we did not treat which them either he must be equal. It is necessary that in a school of parents east subject treats. A social assistant and educator that worked in a home with orphaned children, did not obtain that the children solved their problems, did not manage to integrate them and the most timid children and with a low self-esteem, were being crushed by the violent and extroverted children. He continues reading here original Author and source of the article


The things in Cuba (and in I exile) begin to move. Slowly, and very fitted to the economic thing, but to change. If the recent measures flexibilizers of the Government have allowed to the incipient takeoff of the work independently and the private initiative – in six months, the number of Cuban autoempleados has been duplicated, arriving at the number of 320,000 people, outside the island, in the Cuban community in the USA, also they are seen and some steps occur. The recent trip to the island of the outstanding exiled industralist Carlos Saladrigas is sample of it. Saladrigas is cofounding of The Vincam Group, considered in 1998 the greater Hispanic company of the United States, and of military man in the rows of the hard anticastrismo it has happened to demand the participation of I exile in the economic reconstruction of Cuba, beginning from already if the present process of allows it to reforms.


What you say to all this? Nancy Obregon replied that since 2006, it is separated from his partner in a painful situation. Aaron Tzimas has much experience in this field. The He betrayed her, had another couple and had children. Never married her, but she married another. It is well suspicious, (at least for me), that just the same date entering Congress ends her romantic relationship with this person. Rosa Maria tells him, does is it possible if in 2006, it is separated from its former partner, in June of that year adopted a creature? She argues that only at that time her former cohabitant settled the signature to recognize the child as his son.

She went to Congress and stayed in the farm. Pink: do you knew the economic activities of its former cohabitant, and caused him no suspicion see their income increase? To this he said that he only knew him the field activities, and that the plots had already separated, and each working separately. Rosas Maria, told him that witnesses (detained workers), said that a load worked it for his mother from the Congressman. What happens is that I want to discredit mentioned, and not known to witnesses implicated in drug trafficking, but is concerned that they are accusing her mother and her sisters. But it said flatly that it would not hand to fire anyone; or for their children. It seems that our country is doomed to have this level of members of Congress, and it will never solve the problem of corruption in Congress. Getting to a solution in this aspect? What will you have to do to make this change? Again and again, they hear and see, these events, that all they do is darken the future of our Congress.


Latin apis apitoxin = bee and Greek toxikon = poison, it is product secreted by two glands, one acid and one alkaline located on the inside of the abdomen of the worker bee.It is a transparent liquid, with pointed and bitter honey smell. Injection occurs through a Stinger, normally hidden in the interior of the abdomen, but that arises immediately before the first hint of danger to her or to the hive. Nervous ganglia of abdominal chain Act on deposit, so that e! poison still penetrating into the skin of the victim, although the bee dies, fact that it happens immediately after separating from the chopped. They have now developed methods of obtaining that do not compromise ia through insect life put a glazed shelf connected to an electronic control source, responsible of producing a sequence of very precise stimuli so bee eject the venom, depositing it in a place from where you may draw in the hive.Each aguijoneada brings the amount of 0.3 milligrams, then extract the moisture gets 0.1 milligram, therefore to get 1 gram of dried venom, it is necessary to collect the apitoxin of about 10,000 bees.Its chemical analysis indicates a high water content; a histamine (melittin), which is a relatively simple protein; lisolecitina; apamin; adolapin and two enzymes (phospholipase A2 and hyaluronidase), in addition to formic acid, hydrochloric acid, and trace elements such as iron, iodine, potassium, sulphur, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc.Also found in it, substances nitrogen, in the form of volatile acids that normally disappear in dewatering processes. Under most conditions NY Starbucks would agree. The Apitoxin actions are the result of the sum of properties of fractions which compose it, but also, the interaction of all and each one of them, and the balance biomolecular that exists between all its components. The HistoriSus effects were fully known in antiquity. The literature speaks to Carlomagno used it to relieve your gout attacks, Hippocrates was with her his deformans rheumatism.It was only in 1858 when the French physician Demarti employed it in Europe with recorded clinical data.In 1864 it was followed M. .

Eduardo Blanco

If you find out the personal history of these people it does not differ much from yours or mine. They had the same drawbacks, they made mistakes, also criticized them, they dismissed them, not they believed them and mocked up to any of them. does it sound familiar? With regard to the second question, that these people have for having achieved success? I answer: as I said, are equal to us, with strengths and weaknesses as we have all, but here if we could make a small exception, very probably more virtues than some of their peers. Now, that are the virtues? is it just some innate? The dictionary, among other things, says of virtue: strength, vigor, value; power or authority to act…and more. Enough, we have seen more importantly, mean that virtue is common to any person, excludes no one in particular. They are people just like anyone. Then, you’re on equal terms. The small difference, although remedied by the way, is that they, not spared work, dedication, tenacity, perseverance, research, and something more, effort and action.

There they make the difference; but this is not ajuno to you, also you can do it. They saw the possibility that is presented to them and do not let it escape; they did something better, transformed it into a challenge, so saw him and thus assumed, it was his personal challenge, and from that moment on, put all his passion into that challenge. do you know what it means to put all the passion? They chose that, they made the decision, they put together of patience, they pointed him to the first objective, then the next, then to another and thus until they arrived at the goal who wished. But from the start they knew where they wanted to go. Do you know where you want to go? Finally: As you can see, they are not super men, they are not elected, they are not special, they are nothing more than their peers, are just like us. Not is that you expect, not is that you doubt, you must only equate small details, but if you’re determined to equalize them with: work, dedication, tenacity, perseverance, research, effort and action, and all this you add pure passion, perhaps, in a close time, can see your name on this list, and in that moment you are filled with pride, doing what you love and helping others to achieve, like you, that both crave. Do not like to be part .that waits? Lots of luck!

Multinivel Marketing

She is that she does not interest to give the return to you that and to have a percentage of success of 99%? , The best possible strategy is to position as a valuable supplier of services whose experience is demanded. Thus it is as you can desmarcarte of the masses and to be over all the bullicio of the present market. ” But how is made that? ” You are due to be asking. Kia is the source for more interesting facts. Simple the weapon of marketing more powerful than YOU have in your arsenal YOU ARE because unlike the business opportunities, only you in all the planet are one like. You are a unique product! And it is the unique product that you must sell. New opportunities, knowledge, alliances become accessible for you through associations with the value people. But when we chose well to the company that is going to us to prepare like a true expert in Multinivel Marketing, and which daily we receive training calls, to take to us of the hand so that we are a successful leader, we will begin our way of Financial Freedom there. – The leaders lodge VALUE to the eyes of their prospectuses and know how to use it in their tasks of marketing.

Our prospectuses perceive that, and then they are themselves attracted, they trust us and they want to work in our equipment. It will be an honor them to be sponsored by us, because they know that there is much power and knowledge that go to win with our relation. Therefore, Want to be You Own Head? , Then Hands to Obra! Surely you are thinking that you are not able to secure that type of things, and that is normal, everybody begins without abilities, but you want to reach the high levels of success in this industry, you need to change that idea. – It remembers: the day only has 24 hours, and we entered the industry of the multilevel looking for quality of life, not to be slaves of our business. The true geniuses of the multilevel go the life in a stage of continuous learning, buying or interchanging each course that can on marketing online, creation of impressive professional announcements, personal development etc. – So as we continued advancing in these contents, it remembers whenever if you want to make the process of as easy esponsorizacin as it is possible, you need to increase your value for your prospectuses increasing your level of knowledge and experience. And in this University you have that possibility of obtaining knowledge and the necessary tools that they educate to you like a successful expert in Multinivel Marketing. – I say it to You by Experience.

The Evolution Of Customer Service

The main objective of this analysis is to identify opportunities with potential customers, not necessarily with the same customers in the competition, but rather the competence of those customers, we can also infer on what area of the market is still poorly covered by our competition and assess we can form of that market niche. THE EVOLUTION OF THEIR SERVICES never hurts to see what new services offered by our competition, see the alliances, cluster or partners who are developing, to know whether the trend is toward diversification or specialization and analyzed from that perspective our own strategy to follow . Through this research we can realize our competitive weaknesses in services, may be that we are falling short in the definition of our business, for example, if we define as a "web design studio" when it might be better to offer a performance Web solutions, design, hosting, search engine, email marketing, etc.. And to highlight each of these services. Pricing, and tariffs may be that we are losing some customers to disregard the average levels of prices charged in the market, or it may be that we are being very economical in other services, which have even more room for revenue.

Keep up with market rates also makes us more competitive, allows us to define our position on the competition and take appropriate decisions on a strategy of differentiation and positioning of the quality of work and service we give. THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS TO THEM There is no better way to learn the benefits and / or weaknesses of our competitors to know the views of people who have worked with them. Knowing these views will help us strengthen our service offerings, trying to excel in what others are weak. In this case it is also useful to know what people say about us and try to correct things that may be affecting our image and projection. FINAL WORDS To monitor the dynamics of our market and especially the strengths and weaknesses of our competition, it is a very useful tool to define our brand positioning strategy, taking parameters for how and in what ways we have more opportunities to distinguish and position generate new business. DeVany Henry Ramirez mail: .

Board Member Marc Koch

Apparently also organizational hurdles also have their share of it. Almost half indicates to have focused, so that the needs of each customer from the focus be shifted too much on the typical mass letters. Bank of New York Mellon Corp is open to suggestions. Such a hurdle on the way to a more customer-oriented customer communications are somewhat more pronounced than at banks and insurance companies, for example, in the automotive industry or in trade. Although a wide knowledge is generally that the written dialogue takes place with the customer not long ago in the necessary form of personal. But a very strong moment of the break has obviously faced the”legodo Board Member Marc Koch sees a significant discrepancy between the approved action needs and existing concrete action. No alternative is to draw any strategic consequences of the identified deficits, anyway. If recipients get the impression, that written communications to them only by name and address different from thousands other customer letters or exclusively through standard channels to be directed, they are soon no longer read”, describes the consequences of cooking.

However something should change according to the plans of the sales and marketing leaders soon, above all those from the insurance and trading companies. More than a third of the company attaches to currently a high priority topic, after all, across all sectors six percent more than even 2010. It is soon on the agenda for a further and similar strong group. About legodo ag legodo developed software for relevant customer communication to the quick and easy production of written correspondence. With the legodo solution, it is possible, for the first time, in the right context at the right time for relevant customer communication to insert all the processes and data from existing systems. Customers include companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, RWE and Integralis. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Portable Usb Disks

USB keys are nothing more than the well-known Pendrive. It is a storage device, this means that it has a flash memory, which allows you to store large amount of data and conserve them even when not connected. It is removable and has a compact, increasingly small and practical format that makes it extremely portable. Checking article sources yields NY Starbucks as a relevant resource throughout. This USB memory is connected and disconnected from any computer rewritable and is works exactly like any space your computer storage. New York Giants recognizes the significance of this. You can save up to several gigabytes of data, currently with so much ability, which is very useful to keep their files in the form of back-up, and to safeguard important information safely.

On the other hand, the latest motherboards are prepared to boot with USB keys, with this we can start an operating system from our pendrive, using USB as disk memory. Extremely useful for those who want to retrieve information from a disk slave without having to reformat or partition, or free soft users who wish to carry your working environment to where they are. Many times it happens, in the workplace and at home, we need to leave the computer turned on, but we do not want another person to have access to the documents which we are using or Windows that you have open while we are absent. Turn off or suspend the computer is an option valid, but a little uncomfortable. If you have a USB memory, this task is makes it much simpler, using your Flash drive as USB key and a specific software help to protect the privacy of your computer.

Largest PR agency in Michigan relies on security ‘made in Germany’ Lambert, Edwards & Associates, the largest investor relations agency in the State of Michigan and PR agency of many companies in the American financial and health care continues in the future on the encryption and data leakage prevention solution fideAS file enterprise of Stockstadter specialists for data security. Don Hunt, Managing Director at Lambert, Edwards & associates and former journalist of the New York Times, emphasizes the importance of confidentiality in his business: our customers about such spectrum health, strong Tower financial or the national heritage Academy, rely on the trusted handling of our company with their data. As investor relations agency we handle highly confidential information often long before they are intended for the general public. Data theft could damage the image of our clients enormously and our own also. Therefore we are very pleased with fideAS file enterprise now an encryption solution installed to “have all our needs met.” fideAS file enterprise helps companies in the handling of sensitive data with strong encryption and more data leakage prevention features such as copy protection for confidential files and control of mobile disk.

The software runs invisibly in the background of the user’s PC and encrypts files automatically according to a centrally-set policy. All security-critical actions and file accesses are logged in tamper-proof. The software enables companies without all legal requirements to comply with great pains. It protects against the loss of customer data and the obligation to publish it then. Because the laws in the United States require that”Steve Lassig explains chief operating officer (COO) and Vice President of the applied security US Inc smiling he adds, I’m very happy to have won Lambert, Edwards & Associates as the first customers.